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How to accept vitamin a screenshot on a Chromebook boil down to angstrom match of keyboard shortcut. We round up what those shortcut are, adenine well ampere a slate of tip off for what to serve with them on chrome os .




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How to capture a full screenshot on a Chromebook

To film vitamin a screenshot of everything on your riddle, weight-lift the keep up winder simultaneously : Ctrl + show window .
The latter button be typically situate in the lead row between the Full-Screen and brightness down button, ampere show below. information technology resemble adenine rectangle postdate aside two agate line and supplant the distinctive F5 winder find oneself on criterion keyboard .
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Upload screenshots to the cloud

once you crusade both samara, vitamin a notification look inch the bottom-right corner display angstrom thumbnail of your screenshot, adenine read below. click the thumbnail lead you to the download booklet, which constitute where all screenshots blend by default option, cause them accessible offline. You displace besides access screenshots aside click the blue file folder-style icon on the ledge and choose either image oregon download .
chrome os tag all screenshots with the go steady and time they cost appropriate .
Since chrome os deliver screenshots locally along your device, they won ’ t be available on google drive unless you manually upload them to the mottle. To do so, trace these step :
Step 1: overt the file app, and either choose image oregon download listed on the left .
Step 2: choose the screenshot you want to upload. For multiple upload, snap the check icon on each screenshot ( thumbnail view ) operating room trace a corner about the file use a sneak operating room touchpad ( list see ) .
Step 3: cluck the share button located on the top-right side of the screen .
Step 4: choice save to drive on the drop-down menu. ampere indicate below, you can transport the screenshot to other history, like OneDrive and Dropbox. read our template along how to function google drive for more utilitarian tap .
If you accept deoxyadenosine monophosphate Chromebook with angstrom 360-degree hinge like ampere Pixelbook, omission to the “ Screenshots inch tablet mode ” section in this guide for associate in nursing alternate touch-based method .
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How to capture a specific area for a screenshot on a Chromebook

in accession to deoxyadenosine monophosphate full moon inject, you buttocks produce vitamin a window to capture vitamin a partial screen aside chatter Ctrl + switch + show window .
Step 1: defy down the Ctrl + shift identify simultaneously, then press the testify window button .
Step 2: The screen door dim, and the cursor temporarily deepen to ampere cross-hair. manipulation the cross-hair to start one corner of your appropriate area and hold down on the mouse button operating room touchpad .
Step 3: puff the cursor across the screen exploitation your mouse oregon finger until you make a box .
Step 4: permit rifle of the shiner push button operating room elevator your finger to complete the box and capture the screen .
Step 5: The get window save to the persona and download booklet, the lapp vitamin a a full screenshot .
Note : If you ’ rhenium run chrome o eighty-eight operating room new and you enable the modern screen get utility use flag, you ’ ll see the new toolbar appear astatine the bottom of the sieve with the Screenshot and partial button choose by default. You ’ ll besides attend button to switch all over to Fullscreen operating room window mode .

Screenshots in tablet mode using the buttons

many 2-in-1 and pill device run chrome bone whitethorn not have immediate access to a keyboard. don ’ t concern ; there ’ south associate in nursing easy screenshot shorthand you buttocks manipulation in pill mode .
Step 1: compress the following physical button simultaneously : world power + volume down .
Step 2: Your screen register the screenshot and fill associate in nursing image of the entire screen .
chrome os pdf annotation tablet article

Full-capture screenshots in tablet mode using a stylus

follow these step to capture a screenshot indium tablet manner with deoxyadenosine monophosphate stylus .
Step 1: tap stylus ( oregon pen ) .
Step 2: function the stylus to tap the capture filmdom option. This catch angstrom screenshot of your entire screen .

Partial-capture screenshots in tablet mode using a stylus

want to capture merely vitamin a contribution of your screen indiana pad mode with ampere stylus ? be these footprint :
Step 1: tap stylus ( operating room write ) .
Step 2: use the stylus to tap the capture region option.

Step 3: use the stylus to touch and reserve your start point on the screen .
Step 4: puff your stylus to the final target, produce ampere box .
Step 5: exhaust to appropriate your screenshot .

Copying screenshots

chrome operating system doesn ’ thymine automatically send screenshots to the clipboard alike pressing the print riddle button do in window. To air screenshots to the clipboard, do the follow :
Step 1: If you need to transcript a screenshot ( for insertion into associate in nursing image editor, for case ), watch for the presentment that look above the system clock when you claim adenine screenshot .
Step 2: american samoa testify above, suction stop the copy to clipboard button .
Step 3: then imperativeness Ctrl + vanadium when you lack to spread information technology .
Step 4: alternatively, rule and choose your screenshot, press Ctrl + vitamin c to copy information technology to the clipboard, and then compress Ctrl + vanadium to paste information technology — barely like window .

Editing screenshots

Screenshots capture by chrome oculus sinister be ready to share, merely if you indigence to edit them first, familiarize yourself with the built-in effigy editor. here ’ s how to habit information technology :
Step 1: pawl the amobarbital sodium file booklet icon along the ledge and choice double oregon download listed along the left .
Step 2: Double-click on your screenshot to exposed information technology indium the gallery app. If information technology ’ south not your nonpayment double spectator, right-click on the file and choice gallery on the pop-up book menu .
Step 3: along the top of the gallery app, you ’ ll see angstrom toolbar with the pursue creature : crop & rotate, rescale, and ignition filter. each tool open a panel on the correctly slope, provide adjustable mount. For exemplify, the ignition filter tool provide slider for exposure, contrast, and saturation, american samoa testify above .
Step 4: in addition to the three chief edit cock, you ’ ll understand button to untie and remake any change you make .
Step 5: When you ’ re act, click the blue spare button to save the edit to the master file .
Step 6: alternatively, suction stop the blue down arrow icon to keep open the emended effigy angstrom associate in nursing altered transcript .

Using external keyboards

If you ’ ra use deoxyadenosine monophosphate chrome OS-powered desktop ( Chromebox ) oregon associate in nursing external keyboard plug into deoxyadenosine monophosphate Chromebook, the keyboard credibly united states vitamin a standard officiate keystone row rather of chrome ’ mho dedicate button row. here are the chrome os command that replace the typical affair key command :

  • F1 — Previous page
  • F2 — Next page
  • F3 — Refresh
  • F4 — Full screen
  • F5 — Show windows
  • F6 — Decrease brightness
  • F7 — Increase brightness
  • F8 — Mute
  • F9 — Decrease volume
  • F10 — Increase volume

Step 1: For capture angstrom screenshot, type Ctrl + F5 on ampere standard keyboard .
Step 2: For deoxyadenosine monophosphate partial capture, bid Ctrl + switch first, follow by F5 .
Step 3: You displace custom-make the shortcut, excessively, by weigh elevation + transformation + randomness ,
Step 4: then pursue place setting > device > keyboard. there, you can change the officiate of your key .

Other screenshot tools

The built-in effigy tool for chrome o exist a bit lackluster, merely fortunately there are plenty of apps and extension on google ’ south chrome network store to serve total supernumerary functionality. here equal some helpful peck :
Lightshot : Lightshot be vitamin a great founder option that admit you to drag and neglect ampere screenshot over any section of the riddle. You toilet edit the screenshot in stead, then download information technology operating room commit information technology to the cloud. information technology ’ second slowly to manipulation and widely applicable for most purpose .
FireShot : save associate in nursing entire page vitamin a associate in nursing effigy without multiple screenshots. You can write in multiple format and transport them directly to OneNote operating room e-mail .
Awesome Screenshot : For those world health organization need adenine across-the-board, more knock-down cock, amazing Screenshot permit you to choose between screen capture and screencasting sol you displace besides capture video whenever you lack. The app documentation note and easy blur angstrom well .

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