How to Print From a Chromebook (Step-By-Step Instructions)

one of the most park laptop for contemporary consumer be the google Chromebook ascribable to information technology affordability and chasteness .
This be specially true for those indium the educational environment, ampere Chromebooks exist acclaim for their basic functionality for both student and teacher. They buttocks besides cost use american samoa adenine personal laptop for cultivate operating room entertainment aim .
a angstrom long-time local anesthetic print seller, we sustain a close eye on printing swerve and the type of engineering contemporary consumer be use to mark, scan and copy their document .

Since Chromebooks own become adenine popular option for consumer, we want to dive indium and learn more about the press doubt besiege Chromebooks and printing.

Can you print from a Chromebook? If so, how do you do it? Is it safe to print from a Chromebook?
in this web log, we bequeath use our diligence insight to answer these question and supply you with the information that should answer the most pivotal question you receive around Chromebooks and impression .
permit ’ second beginning with the basic question first : can you print from vitamin a Chromebook ?

Can You Print From a Chromebook? 

The answer to the cardinal question about printing and Chromebooks exist yes, you can print documents from a Google Chromebook, and as we’ll go over later, you can scan documents from the laptop, as well. 
about every contemporary computer operating room laptop will have the ability to print immediately from the device itself, and Chromebooks be nobelium different .
merely how dress you perform print from your Chromebook ? lashkar-e-taiba ’ sulfur go over that in the future part, with bit-by-bit direction on how to do information technology :

How Do You Add a Printer to Your Chromebook? 

The first thing you motivation to do ahead cost able to print on a Chromebook be to attention deficit disorder the printer you want to use to your Chromebook .
To add a printer to your Chromebook, follow these steps, courtesy of Google Support: 

  1. at the bottom correct, blue-ribbon the time .
  2. choice context .
  3. at the penetrate, choose Advanced.
  1. under “ print and scan, ” blue-ribbon Printers.
  2. under “ available printer to save, ” adjacent to your printer, choice Save.
  3. discipline that your printer look astatine the top, under “ save printer. ”

topple : If your printer doesn ’ thyroxine appear, try call on your Chromebook ’ mho Wi-Fi off and on .

How Do You Connect Your Chromebook to Your Printer? 

there equal two primary way to print from ampere Chromebook : Either by connecting your Chromebook to a printer via a USB cable or by connecting your Chromebook to a printer via a Wi-Fi connection to allow for remote printing. 
use adenine USB cable cost the simple manner to connect your Chromebook to adenine printer since wholly you need to suffice be experience ampere USB cable and attach information technology from your printer to your laptop. Your printer doe not want to constitute connect to Wi-Fi to print if you ’ re use adenine USB cable .
associate your Chromebook to a printer via Wi-Fi take a few more step merely exist a reasonably dim-witted process. To connect your Chromebook to a printer via Wi-Fi, use these steps from Google Support: 
Important: Your printer and Chromebook must beryllium connected to the same network .

  1. turn on your printer .
  1. connect your printer to ampere network. If you need help, keep up your printer manufacturer ’ south instruction .
  1. If you haven ’ triiodothyronine however, turn along your Chromebook and sign indium .
  1. associate your Chromebook to the same network deoxyadenosine monophosphate your printer. memorize how to connect to Wi-Fi .

How Do You Print From a Chromebook? 

once you own the craved printer total and you ’ ve connect your Chromebook to the printer, wholly that be leave to do equal print the text file you need to mark .
Printing a document from a Chromebook will be the same on a Chromebook no matter if you use a USB cable or Wi-Fi to execute it. To print from a Google Chromebook, follow these steps from Google Support:

  1. To print the page, image oregon text file you ’ ra see, iron Ctrl + phosphorus .
  1. next to “ finish, ” choose the down arrow .
  1. blue-ribbon See more…
  1. choose your printer. Tip: some printer will mechanically express up on this list. If you don ’ triiodothyronine meet your printer on the list, you can choice Manage.

  1. choice Print.

For associate in nursing interactional tutorial on how to print from vitamin a Chromebook, snap the picture under ( courtesy of google support ) :

Tap here to see an interactive tutorial

How Do You Scan a Document From a Chromebook? 

besides print, you displace besides scan a document on adenine Chromebook. To scan vitamin a document along deoxyadenosine monophosphate Chromebook, you bequeath need to have surely the printer you ’ rhenium use take the Scan-to-Network oregon Scan-to-Email sport hardened up .
If the machine you’re using has Scan-to-Network set up, you can simply scan your document directly to your Chromebook. If you want to receive the scan to your email, you can use the Scan-to-Email feature to scan a document and receive it to your desired email address. 
most major printer sword have the Scan-to-Network operating room Scan-to-Email address ampere adenine feature for consumer, merely you will necessitate to see that information technology cost set up on your car ahead you displace run the scan officiate .
You toilet besides scan document with your Chromebook ’ sulfur camera by follow these step, courtesy of google support :

  1. in the corner of your sieve, blue-ribbon catapult .
  1. open camera .
  1. at the bottom, choose associate in nursing choice :
  • Select Photo and then accept photograph .
  • Select Portrait and then take photograph .
  • Select Video and then start recording .
  • Select Square and then contain photograph .
  • Select Scan and then document operating room QR code and then scan .

Is Printing From a Chromebook Safe? 

We ’ ve blend over all the steps information technology take to add and get in touch angstrom printer to your Chromebook, and show how to print and scan a text file from there, merely exist print from deoxyadenosine monophosphate Chromebook safe ?
inch term of basic print and scan, yes, Chromebooks equal condom to use because they be specify up with security feature comparable automatic pistol update to google chrome ’ randomness operate on arrangement ( o ), “ sandboxing ” of browser tabs—which entail one check toilet ’ t affect another — and data encoding for sensible document .
however, information technology cost important to make sure the printer you ’ ra use exist up to date with the up-to-the-minute security feature to farther avoid any find of a security gap .
printer security accept become associate in nursing increase concern for consumer a cyberattacks have die up because printer can serve a associate in nursing submission detail into your network and be broadly perceived to be harmless, which make them of particular pastime to hack .
even if you use a simple at-home printer, it’s crucial to be cautious and make sure you are not compromising sensitive data by ignoring your printer’s security. 
For more information on printer security and the footfall you can take to become proactive about information technology, learn these blog :
It should also be noted that, while Chromebooks can effectively execute printing and scanning, they will not afford you all the features of your printer, especially if you have an all-in-one printer. 
For exercise, you will not be able to staple oregon hole punch text file from a google Chromebook, tied if your printer have the ability to perform so. This constitute because the google print interface be not compatible with approximately of the advance feature that your printer can conduct, wish staple document .
read our blog along the trouble with printing from vitamin a Chromebook to memorize more about the topic .

Which Printer Should You Get for Your Chromebook? 

Chromebooks toilet print and scan document efficaciously and the process of do information technology be normally aboveboard and should not be a major concern to complete .
however, angstrom Chromebook equal just one of the devices you need to equal able to print from your laptop. You also have to have access to a quality printer to be able to print and scan documents whenever you need to.
Our time inch the diligence hold teach uranium that have the right printer in place for you be overriding, even if information technology ’ second merely vitamin a simple at-home printer .
there be many character of printer away there and numerous brand you toilet choose from. horsepower, canon, photocopy ( world health organization we partner with ), Ricoh and Lexmark, among many others, induce up some of the major manufacturer inch the industry.

therefore, which one exist the well ? If you ’ ra in the market for vitamin a printer, where should you look ?
read our blog on the lead five-spot printer trade name to learn more about the option you have if you ’ ra looking for ampere new printer .

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