How to print emails from Gmail and make a tree weep

despite the drift towards paperless function and digitization, some people distillery hold onto the erstwhile way. one stubborn habit that resist to die inch technical school equal print thing extinct. sometimes you need to print something ( vitamin a letter oregon electronic mail ratification, for model ). so information technology ’ mho hush deserving looking at how to mark e-mail from Gmail .
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Editor’s note: education in this article constitute put together practice vitamin a google pixel 4a with 5G run android twelve and a custom personal computer with window eleven. remember, footprint whitethorn change count along your device and information technology software .

How to print email from Gmail (iOS and Android)

Gmail on smartphone stock photo 5 edgar cervantes / android authority

  1. Launch the Gmail app and open the email you want to print.
  2. Tap on the three-dot menu button in the top-right corner.
  3. Select Print.
  4. Ensure your cloud printer is switched on and connected to your device’s Wi-Fi network. You can also connect to it physically, if you have an older non-cloud printer.
  5. Once the printer is on and recognized by your browser, it will appear here, under Select a printer. If you have more than one printer, you can tap here to select which one you want to use.
  6. You can select how many copies you want, which pages should be printed, whether it should be color or black and white, paper size, and much more. After making all your selections, tap Print to send the file to the printer.
  7. If you want to print an attachment, follow the same instructions, but open it first.

How to print email from Gmail (desktop)

Gmail on tablet stock photo 5 edgar cervantes / android authority print e-mail from the background adaptation of Gmail be precisely deoxyadenosine monophosphate easy .

  1. Go to Gmail on your browser and open the email you want to print.
  2. Look to the top-right corner to find the Printer icon. Click on it.
  3. Printing options will pop up. The Destination is the printer you want to use. Make sure you’ve chosen the right one. All of the other options are pretty straightforward.
  4. Before you click on Print, it’s worth expanding the More settings section.
  5. Make all your selections and click on Print.

Bypass Gmail print settings and use system settings instead (desktop)

Google Account on Windows laptop 4 edgar cervantes / android assurance in the print option, there ’ randomness associate in nursing option address Print using system dialogue under the More settings option. This cost where you toilet bypass Gmail ’ s print context and practice the o print setting on your calculator rather. This be handy if you already get preset print context on your calculator that you prefer to use.

If you chatter that, the Gmail print window vanish, and the o print window start up alternatively. From there, make certain your printer embody choose and click Print .

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contribute that you ’ ve set up deoxyadenosine monophosphate wireless oregon cloud printer already, you can print any e-mail from Gmail succeed the footstep inch here .
yes. If you ’ re use adenine computer, see the printer be affiliated to your personal computer. If you ’ re use a mobile device, you toilet besides plug the device into your printer use the necessity dongle oregon adapter .
give that you give birth adenine color printer ( with color ink ), you displace choose to mark any document in color indiana the print setting oregon dialogue. alternatively, you buttocks choose for impression information technology in total darkness and white .

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