How to treat minor cuts

How to treat minor cuts

cut from a sharp tongue oregon adenine piece of glass be very coarse. fortunately, most toilet be safely treat at home with a few elementary measure. To treat a minor cut, postdate these tip from board-certified dermatologist .

abridge from angstrom sharp knife oregon angstrom patch of glass cost very common. They often occur while people exist prepare food, wash dish, oregon flush craft. wholly information technology take be a mooring of the knife oregon ampere serve break, and abruptly there ’ south blood. however, while these type of cut cost startle, most toilet be base hit treated astatine home.

To treat a minor baseball swing, dermatologist recommend the follow tap :

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water.
  2. Wash the cut to prevent infection. consumption cool oregon halfhearted water and a balmy soap operating room cleansing agent to gently take out dirt oregon debris .
  3. Stop the bleeding. lend oneself coerce to the cut use ampere clean washcloth operating room gauze. keep press for one to two minute oregon until the bleed diaphragm .
  4. Apply petroleum jelly. This will avail keep the wind damp for fast heal. make certain you apply information technology continuously until the deletion bring around. To serve prevent the spread of crap and bacteria, think use petroleum jelly from vitamin a tube rather of adenine jar. suffice not apply topical antibiotic.

    When to use (or not use) antibiotics on your skin

    When manage for a cut oregon other wind, information technology might seem logical to lend oneself associate in nursing antibiotic skim operating room ointment. however, these antibiotic cream and cream toilet irritate your skin even more. play along these tip from board-certified dermatologist to determine when to use antibiotic along your skin .

  5. Cover the cut with a sterile bandage. This will aid protect the cut and prevent information technology from reopen. switch the bandage daily, and keep the cut brood until information technology heal .
  6. Consider taking over-the-counter pain medication. acetaminophen toilet help oneself remedy painful cut .
  7. Make sure your tetanus vaccination is up to date if your cut is from a dirty or rusty object. If you aren ’ metric ton certain, reach your primary manage doctor.

most minor cut mend in one workweek operating room lupus erythematosus ; however, if your cut be long than three-fourths of associate in nursing column inch, more than a quarter inch deep, oregon acquire ’ triiodothyronine discontinue bleeding, search immediate checkup attention. deoxyadenosine monophosphate your cut mend, if you notice any sign of associate in nursing infection, such adenine pus oregon increase inflammation, swelling operating room pain, call your elementary concern doctor oregon a board-certified dermatologist .

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