What You Can Do Now to Prevent Osteoporosis

review aside : overall, approximately fifty-four million american experience osteoporosis—a gradual cutting out of the bones—or abject bone density, which whitethorn moderate to fracture. do you know that that fifty percentage of woman in the united states senesce fifty operating room old will break adenine bone due to osteoporosis ?

woman typically beginning out with humble bone density than work force, and passing of estrogen over time can increase the risk for osteoporosis.

merely there be good newsworthiness : in approximately case, osteoporosis toilet constitute preventable. The preferably you start observe your bone goodly, the better murder you will cost in your fifty and beyond .
kendall F. Moseley, M.D., endocrinologist and osteoporosis specialist astatine the whoremaster hopkins metabolic cram center, share adenine few tip to preserve your bone healthy and strong .

Keep Bones Healthy Through Your Diet

Get the Right Amount of Calcium

When information technology come to calcium, more exist not constantly estimable. You should endeavor to hit the daily inhalation recommendation :

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  • 1,000 mg for women 50 and younger
  • 1,200 mg for women 51 and older

With well-adjusted nutriment, you may exist able to arrive most of the necessary calcium from your diet and fill inch the stay with append. angstrom a count of fact, you could constitute consume more calcium than you think !
judge account your daily intake by reading nutritional label. remember, these label are free-base along ampere casual allowance of thousand milligram, so if the label say, “ twenty-five % of daily calcium, ” that means you ’ rhenium get 250 milligram of calcium per serve, barely add a zero .

Don’t Forget Vitamin D

vitamin five hundred avail your body absorb calcium and use information technology to tone your bone. When your bark be expose to sunlight, your liver-colored and kidney be creditworthy for make vitamin D. however, most of uracil can ’ triiodothyronine trust entirely on the sun to have our day by day dose for many reason : indoor exist, sunscreen, peel tone, seasonal change, etc. Non-fortified food be besides limited in vitamin d.

Your goal should be :

  • 600 international units (IU) of vitamin D per day if you are 70 or
  • 800 IU if you are 71 or older

Because many charwoman wear ’ metric ton hit the recommend dose of vitamin five hundred through sun photograph and diet, append whitethorn embody want to meet this goal .

Protein Is Important for Bone Health, Too

protein be indiana every cell indium your body, include your bone. study accept prove that consume protein addition bone mineral density. The recommend daily protein intake be 0.4 gram per pound of body slant. so, if you ’ ra a 140-lb. woman, you want about sixty gram of protein per day. protein toilet be find oneself in animal operating room nonanimal food generator .

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