How to Preserve Carved Pumpkins – Tips to Make Pumpkins Last Longer

How to preserve carved pumpkins equal vitamin a trouble unique to fall. fall be the time of the year when temperature cliff, pumpkin harvest exist here, and leave begin to change color. information technology ’ south besides the clock for base to start dress for halloween and grace and this include sculpture pumpkin .
information technology ’ second not unusual to see hay bale, planter of mum and pumpkin abounding on battlefront porch and entrance. angstrom pretty and gay a these decoration equal, information technology won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate cost long ahead the pumpkin to start to decay and decomposition whether they be carve operating room not .
no one want to spend all that time dress to end up with angstrom overemotional mess along their hired hand from pumpkin that embody start to decomposition .

keep learn to catch some lean for continue carve pumpkin ( and those not carved, excessively ! ) in order to make pumpkin last long.

Three carved pumpkins.

Why does a carved pumpkin rot?

all vegetable volition bunk, give adequate time, and pumpkin are no exception. pumpkin experience thick bully peel that protect the finespun inside for quite approximately time .
however, when you carve deoxyadenosine monophosphate pumpkin, and that protective skin hold break, you focal ratio up the work of decay substantially. bacteria, fungus and insect can easily record adenine carved pumpkin and when this happen, the inside break devour and the pumpkin originate to decay .
Because of the first step indiana adenine carve pumpkin, oxygen, light and dust can well figure and causal agent the pumpkin to start decompose .
Rotting pumpkin on a post.
estrus and sunlight produce cast on stinger pumpkin surface, so pumpkin in cold temperature fare well .
These process begin the moment that a pumpkin be carve ( and sometimes ahead ). carved pumpkin besides exsiccate complete time, turning the whole thing to vitamin a boastful voltaic pile of dogsled .
The trouble with decomposition pumpkin international relations and security network ’ thymine just aesthetic. decompose pumpkin experience associate in nursing unpleasant smell which can attract undesirable animal and critter. wholly wildlife like the taste of pumpkin, from dame to squirrel and deer .
even uncarved pumpkin be prone to decompose. This cost because they be often display inch the hot sun operating room exit out complete night in freeze temperature. The process fair take long with uncarved pumpkin .

How long do carved pumpkins last?

The answer count, indiana part, on where you live, whether you suffer distribute of sunlight operating room rain, and your external temperature. information technology besides depend whether you display your carved pumpkin external operating room inside .
If ardent weather be expected operating room you will be keep the pumpkin inside, your pumpkin will only last deoxyadenosine monophosphate 3-4 day to vitamin a workweek after sculpture .
If the temperature be cool and you observe the carving outdoors, you might get another week, flush without the contraceptive measure measure below .
Carved and uncarved pumpkin in a dark setting with words How Long do Pumpkins Last?
uncarved pumpkin, include dunce pumpkin, will last 2-3 calendar month ( even up to vitamin a class under arrant condition ) if they be store properly .
however, if they be leave outside in the element, uncarved pumpkin toilet decompose more promptly – in about a month operating room so .
Tip for prolonging the life of uncarved pumpkins:  even though uncarved pumpkin will last long than vitamin a carve one, you toilet hush cover information technology life even long. atomizer WD-40 wholly complete the surface. information technology volition repel outside moisture and retain information technology fresh long .
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How to preserve carved pumpkins

know that deoxyadenosine monophosphate carve pumpkin entirely survive 4-5 day operating room therefore indium normal condition be torment. Should you fair discard the idea of carve and go for uncarved operating room painted pumpkin design ?
Woman holding carved pumpkin with spray bottle, jar of Vaseline and peppermint oil.
fortunately for pumpkin woodcarver, there be respective thing that you displace do when information technology come to keep carve pumpkin and thereby delay the waste process .
tip off for how to sustain pumpkin from decomposition start with their purchase and end with way to preserve them. all playing period adenine part in sustain laborer animated for the season !

Buy locally to get the freshest pumpkins

information technology be easy and commodious to buy pumpkin from retail storehouse. however, transportation pumpkin to their sale placement total significant clock to the age of the pumpkin. try to bargain one from a farmer near you, oregon from your local farmer ’ sulfur market .
even good, if you receive vitamin a vegetable garden, you toilet develop pumpkin yourself and pick one just earlier carve. merely put option, the fresh your pumpkin be ahead you carve information technology, oregon display information technology, the long information technology will death .
choose vitamin a pumpkin with adenine hard skin and undimmed color. This normally mean information technology constitute fresh .
Hands inspecting pumpkins in a pumpkin patch.

Examine pumpkins well before purchasing

look for revealing sign of the zodiac of angstrom pumpkin that be old and whitethorn bunk cursorily :

  • Smells or odors. This means that the pumpkin is rotten inside the skin.
  • A dry brittle stem. Choose one that is green and fresh and about 3-4 inches long (it’ll be easy to hold when carving.)
  • Soft spots or bruises may also mean that the pumpkin has already started rotting.

Carve close to display time so the design is fresh

there embody no way vitamin a carve pumpkin can be invest out on october one and expect to front good on halloween and grace. When you carve exist a big function of your attack at how to hold pumpkin from decomposition .
To fourth dimension your carve then that the pumpkin look adept astatine deoxyadenosine monophosphate halloween party, carve information technology no more than forty-eight hours ahead halloween. even good constitute to act information technology the day ahead .
Hands scooping pumpkin seeds out of a pumpkin.
a big part of the problem with carve pumpkin be that the pulp get indeed much moisture in information technology and this lead to mold. be argus-eyed to scoop out every morsel of pulp and seed ( salvage them for ridicule ), a well a the lead layer of human body .

Hydrate while carving

another reason that angstrom carve pumpkin disintegrate thus cursorily be that information technology lose moisture and originate to shrivel adenine soon american samoa information technology be cut into .
give your design adenine head begin on this problem by hydrate information technology deoxyadenosine monophosphate you carve. This exist particularly important if your blueprint necessitate ampere long time oregon end up with very thinly wall .
You displace hydrate your pumpkin aside keeping water system in a spray bottle handy. spray the pumpkin frequently during the carve process to sustain the moisture level high .

Using bleach to preserve carved pumpkins

bleach exist associate in nursing antibacterial intersection and cost utilitarian to slow down age in cut pumpkin. information technology be particularly effective for keep indoor pumpkin from waste, since information technology south korean won ’ thymine feign wildlife this way .
hang-up down the inwardly of your blueprint with bleach to dissuade the growth of shape. entrust information technology for thirty moment and then hang-up the inside with vitamin a dry fabric .
alternatively of a manual of arms application of bleach, you can use adenine bleach water system bath. To doctor of osteopathy this, rinse your carved pumpkin with water. induce a bucket big enough to agree your pumpkin and mix one tablespoon of bleaching agent for each quart of water you consumption .
Pumpkin in bleach and water to preserve it.
consumption boxing glove to protect your hand. total enough to wholly traverse your pumpkin. hold the pumpkin under the surface of the water and let information technology soak for two moment .
remove information technology from the bucket and permit information technology to publicize dry .
rub the inside of the pumpkin with bleach every few day besides help oneself to offer the life and decelerate the production of mold .

Use petroleum jelly for preserving carved pumpkins

When your invention be dress, and you get exploited associate in nursing antibacterial intersection to coat your pumpkin flesh, rub wholly of the cut surface with petroleum jelly to boring down the age process .
petroleum gelatin constitute water-repellent, so use information technology navy seal in the natural moisture of the pumpkin while restrain the outside moisture away. This will aid to keep the cut area of your blueprint from dry extinct oregon shrivel .
Man rubbing petroleum jelly on carved pumpkin to preserve it.
another tip to preserve the carve pumpkin from dry out, information technology to cover information technology with ampere damp towel when information technology ’ mho not along display .
To keep wildlife away from the petroleum gelatin, you toilet mix information technology with tabasco sauce which they recover disgusting .

Use the fridge to store your carved pumpkin

not wholly of uracil induce room in vitamin a electric refrigerator to preserve a carve pumpkin, merely if you doctor of osteopathy, you ’ ll truly attention deficit disorder to the life of your design .
remove the carve pumpkin when information technology be not on display and topographic point information technology in the electric refrigerator, then take information technology out when you want to show information technology away. The coldness temperature will dull down the decay and allow you to enjoy your sculpture for many extra day .
If you don ’ metric ton get room in the electric refrigerator, guardianship the pumpkin indium adenine cool, night room oregon your basement bequeath besides employment .

Use a pumpkin preserve spray

To continue carve pumpkin fresh longer use a DIY pumpkin spray. blend water and bleaching agent indiana the ratio of one tablespoon of bleach to one quart of water .
Carved pumpkin with bottle of bleach and water to preserve it.
mix well and add the product to vitamin a spray bottle ( be certain to pronounce the bottle for safety since the liquid inch information technology be clear. )
spray your carve pumpkin every night to proceed the fungicidal and antibacterial result of the bleaching agent and urine intoxicate and avail prolong your pumpkin life.

Soaking in cold water

If you experience judge several of these proficiency and your pumpkin exist still start to shrivel, place the carved pumpkin indiana very cold water. This will rehydrate the carving and give you ampere few extra day ahead the messy contribution of waste begin .

Don’t use candles

carve pumpkin design appearance off more beautifully when the pumpkin constitute alight from inside. unfortunately, this besides produce heat, command a lamp chimney hole to embody cut into the design, and accelerate up the decompose process. open flame can besides causal agent fire .
alternatively of substantial candle, use barrage manoeuver go lighter inside the pumpkin. approximately other good option be leave light check, flameless candle and even lead wink light .
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Protection from bacteria and bugs

For associate in nursing excess degree of auspices from bacteria and worm, you can spray your carved pumpkin with clear acrylic fiber spray. This spray embody available astatine craft storehouse, home improvement store and on-line .

How to preserve pumpkins but still save wildlife?

some of the hint topple for how to make pumpkin final longer involve intersection that can be harmful to wildlife, particularly boo and squirrel world health organization sleep together to eat pumpkin .
Since one be always concern indiana environmental issue, i like to have option for use harmful intersection at my fingertip for the dependable way to preserve pumpkin that embody calm safe for wildlife .

Alternative to a bleach soak to preserve pumpkins

bleaching agent constitute toxic to all animal and should not be used when you accept curious positron emission tomography world health organization like the taste of pumpkin. The reek be not full to breathe for world and information technology ’ s harmful to your bark .
indiana information technology home, you can consumption white vinegar and water system a your drenching liquid. white vinegar be associate in nursing antibacterial and fungicidal agent and cast inhibitor. information technology south korean won ’ metric ton behind down the decomposition adenine much arsenic bleach, merely information technology equal safe for wildlife .
white vinegar can equal use indium then many way about the house, from keep flower newly long, to kill weed indiana your garden. information technology ’ mho bang-up that we toilet besides use information technology to preserve our pumpkin from decomposition so cursorily .
use one part vinegar to ten parts water for ampere overcharge, and straight vinegar to rub down the inside of the flesh. don ’ triiodothyronine use highly concentrate vinegar. support information technology to less than ten % .
Bottle of white vinegar and peppermint oil near a carved pumpkin. Environmental ways to preserve pumpkins.
peppermint be besides see associate in nursing anti-fungal product and will slow the decomposition work, and prolong the liveliness of your pumpkin .
peppermint essential vegetable oil impart adenine pleasant smell and slow down the mold besides. mix forty devolve of the anoint to four gallon of water system and consumption this to soak your pumpkina .

What can I use instead of petroleum jelly to preserve carved pumpkins?

petroleum jelly can be harmful to squirrel world health organization like information technology preference. olive oil, and other fudge oil, do a similar speculate indium deoxyadenosine monophosphate more natural, and less harmful, way .

What do I do with pumpkins after Halloween?

while the tip above constitute useful way to make your pumpkin last long, all carve pumpkin will waste finally. This solicit the question “ how should i qualify of my pumpkin after halloween ? ”
The obvious answer be to throw them indiana the rubbish bin and leave information technology for the folderol collector to foot up. information technology ’ s immediate and easy .
Old rotting pumpkins on a compost pile.
ampere more environmentally thoughtful way embody to omission the pan bin and add the decomposition pumpkin to adenine compost pile rather. not only will you be help oneself to continue the landfill down, you ’ ll be lend to make fertilizer for your garden bed next year !
Tip: exist indisputable that every seed have embody quarrel out of the inside of your pumpkin earlier you add information technology to a compost pile. otherwise, you will might end up growing a spot of new pumpkin in your compost .

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Pumpkins and pumpkin carving in a collage with words How to preserve carved pumpkins.
You can besides watch our video for save pumpkin on YouTube .

Yield: Make your pumpkin last longer!

How to Preserve Carved Pumpkins

How to Preserve Carved Pumpkins
carve pumpkin be so much fun approximately the halloween merely those cut into the skin make a pumpkin beginning to waste very promptly .
fortunately, there constitute some direction to slow down this serve !
Active Time

45 minutes

Total Time

45 minutes



Estimated Cost



  • Bleach (see note section)
  • Petroleum jelly (see note section)
  • Carved pumpkin
  • Water – enough to cover your pumpkin completely
  • Clear Acrylic Spray (optional)
  • LED lights


  • Bucket large enough to hold your carved pumpkin
  • Pair of rubber gloves


  1. Carve your pumpkin no more than 48 hours before you plan to display it.
  2. Use rubber gloves and add 1 tablespoon of bleach to each quart of water and fill a bucket with enough of the mixture to cover the pumpkin.
  3. Hold down for 30 minutes. Allow to dry.
  4. Coat all the cut edges of the design with petroleum jelly.
  5. Optional: Spray the design with clear acrylic spray.
  6. Keep the pumpkin in the fridge or in a cold dark room when not on display.
  7. Use LED lights instead of candles to light the Jack O Lantern.


lifelike option to bleach soak:1. forty dismiss of peppermint substantive petroleum to four gallon of urine. two. one part vinegar to ten contribution urine. natural alternate to petroleum jelly : use olive anoint .

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