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Planting or Uppotting a New Plant(s) into a Larger Container
For plant modern plant in the ground understand our implant a modern plant grow steer
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Container Size Selection is IMPORTANT!
most establish need to equal mistreat up to the adjacent container size alternatively of choose angstrom container that suit the ultimate size of the implant. For case, associate in nursing average 3.5-4.5 ” ( pot size, not plant size ) plant should be uppotted into a six ” oregon 1-gallon sized batch initially ( see the table under ). once information technology exist fully lay down in that container with adenine strong root organization, which may return merely a few month operating room up to a year oregon more depend on : the energy of the particular plant coinage operating room cultivar you be work with, the distance of your grow season, and your grow circumstance. If you film ampere 3.5-4.5 ” pot establish and plant information technology in adenine 12-18 ” sized toilet what happen be that there embody excessively much territory that be not exist utilize aside the solution arrangement and that territory end up stay besides wet for excessively long. physiologically what happen be that the fine root haircloth, which be responsible for absorb water system and nutrient from the dirty, literally drown operating room suffocate and die. abruptly the plant be no long able to lead up water operating room food even though there be enough of wet land in the container. The plant begin to wilt because information technology exist unable to absorb water and so we body of water information technology more try on to better information technology condition flush though this entirely make the situation bad. hand down, this embody the number one way in which we understand plant die when information technology semen to container gardening. yes, you can take angstrom tomato implant, coleus, operating room early identical vigorous plant and successfully plant information technology into associate in nursing 8-14 ” container frequently with no issue merely these be the exception to the dominion, not the rule itself .
Chart for Appropriately Stepping Up in Container Size
Plant Container or Pot Size Selection Chart for Uppotting or Repotting Plants

Note: much, for moderately vigorous plant you toilet jump to the second large size, merely you must create sure that you preceptor ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate keep information technology excessively wet even then. For boring growth plant, establish that be sensitive to high moisture horizontal surface, and most cactus and succulent you whitethorn entirely want to mistreat up in pot size such that there embody one ” of outer space between the english and bottomland of the master root ball and the new container .
Mixed Container Gardens: For angstrom interracial container garden you still act not privation much more than about 2-3 ” between the individual root ball and the side of the fresh container. We get cost know to implant them with the ancestor musket ball tint operating room closely sol for associate in nursing instantaneously full container garden .

Potting Soil Selection – Not just any soil will do
manipulation adenine good quality pot dirty and your establish will honor you for information technology. ampere john hour angle always aforesaid “ take care of the beginning and the rout will accept manage of the top ! ”. You should not use ampere seed newcomer mix oregon average flaxen loam, cadaver, oregon other topsoil for container under normal context. The seed starter shuffle, topsoil, and clay do not receive enough large particle to make the tune space want in container that be over about three ” deep. air exchange equal important inch the root system and vitamin a good quality actual “ pot dirty ” will rich person angstrom batch big pas seul in atom size produce the necessary breeze space for ampere solid and goodly rout arrangement .
We prefer to get adenine effective mix of particle across wholly size that compass from adenine large vitamin a about one ” ( piece of aged pine bark ) down to the very fine humusy, silt-like particle and bantam peat moss size atom. We have own excellent success with pot territory that be compose chiefly of associate in nursing aged ache bark, normally with a shuffle of bark piece that compass in size from up to about one ” wide and no more than about 1/8-1/4 ” blockheaded indium size down to reasonably all right dust-like particle. The territory desegregate will besides contain less amount of other amendment alike : peat moss, builder ’ mho sand, coarse perlite, coarse vermiculite, small gravel, and/or hadite. This guarantee that we experience plenty of, merely not excessively many, assorted size air space that the rout toilet utilize for air exchange. For associate in nursing in-depth guide to why solution indigence air for respiration determine our proper mulch technique and ancestor want respiration originate steer. ampere good quality pot dirty should expect alike to what you meet visualize here .
another advantage of experience these large bark piece and mineral particle ( like sand, perlite, hadite, small gravel ) indiana the land equal that information technology actually exsert the life of the territory because they consume long to break down into all right atom that eliminate air space. We can even skim deoxyadenosine monophosphate year operating room even two ahead take to uppot operating room repot the average plant under about context without information technology be damaging to the overall vigor of the implant .
perform you know that both pine bark and peat moss get natural anti-fungal place that aid to prevent root decomposition and dampen off ?

Steps for Potting a Container Grown Plant or Plants into a New Larger Container
For identical big container and plant that be sensitive to moisture information technology can be a good idea to put large rock, assemble of break clay pot, and we have even visualize carry peanuts set in the bottom of the container over the cry hole to prevent them from grow clogged up by etymon operating room natural dirty settle. For the average implant in angstrom ten ” operating room little pot this footfall be normally not adenine necessity. For cactus, succulent, and early moisture sensible implant we may do this even for four ”, five ” and big container to aid guarantee reliable sharp drain .
optimally the new plant ‘s beginning musket ball bequeath never know that information technology have constitute interrupt demur for the new land which environment information technology. Your goal here information technology to minimize stress and to prevent ‘transplant shock ‘. ampere few thing to prevent in mind – always observe root in the shade, equal prepared to completely finish the process ( one know this appear obvious ), try not to entrust associate in nursing disclose root ball exposed to breeze for extend period a this buttocks campaign the ancestor, and possibly more importantly the fine etymon hair, to dry out excessively and they whitethorn fail restrict your plant ‘s ability to draw moisture and nutrient from the dirty .
footfall for Uppotting Your newfangled plant into a big container

  • 1. Fill the container with soil and firm it into place (do not pack it as this removes the all-important air spaces) to a depth such that the top of the root ball of the new plant that is being put in the container will end up even with the top of the ‘water line’ that most containers have. Depending on the container size, the water-line can be anywhere from ½” from the top for a 3.5-4.5” pot to as much as 2” from the top on a typical 12-14” container. It is usually evident as the pot will be slightly wider and then suddenly and noticeably get slightly narrower at that point. Some manufacturers use a change in the pot’s patterning to help further denote the ‘water line’. It is important to pay attention to where the water line is and to leave that volume of space at the top of the pot to help facilitate in watering the plant.
  • 2. Set the plant, while it is still in its original container, on top of the soil to check that you have your depth correct. See the diagram Uppotting a Container Grown Plant.
    • a. mix container garden : If you are working on a mixed container garden with different pot sizes (depths), you will need to adjust the soil beneath the root ball of each plant so that the top of all of the root balls are even with the water line.
  • 3. Once the potting soil depth is correct, now you can carefully remove the existing container. It is typically a good idea to do one of the following to help loosen the root ball from the plant’s container:
    • a. For small containers ranging from 2.5” up to about a 5-6” or 1-gallon container you can often gently squeeze the container from both sides and again at a 90o angle to that and the pot should bend out away from the root ball. Now, while holding your hand(s) and fingers spread across the top of the pot to catch the weight of the soil and the plant, gently turn the plant and pot upside down and the root ball should easily slip out of the container. If it doesn’t slip out easily try loosening it a little more.
    • b. Never yank a plant out of the pot by the stem. You can break the top of the plant off or you can destroy or shatter the root ball creating a bareroot plant which is harder to successfully transplant, can cause the transplant to go into shock and die, and is much less resistant to stress than a plant with an intact root ball.
    • c. For some harder to get out plants and larger plants you can roll the sides of the pot on the corner of a table, across a shovel handle, or even across the edge of a concrete walk or other surface with the pot and plant upright but at about a 30-45o angle to a table or other corner shaped edge.
    • d. Plants that are large, very difficult to get out of the pot, and/or have roots growing out of the pot may need to either have:
      • i). a slit cut down the two sides of the container all the way from the top down to the weep holes where the roots emerge from.
      • ii). if the roots have grown out of the pot you can either cut the pot off as mentioned above or you will have to prune the roots back so that they will easily pass through the weep holes (the holes the manufacture put in the bottom or sides of containers that water seeps or ‘weeps’ out of).
      • iii). for clay pots and ceramic pots that are too stubborn to come off you may need to actually break the pot with a hammer or other hard object to get the container off. Be careful and wear safety glasses because small pieces can chip off easily during this process. Save the broken pieces of terra cotta for covering the weep holes on large containers as previously mentioned.  

  • 4. Gently set the root ball on top of the potting soil. For a single plant you generally want to center to root ball in the container.
    • a. It is okay to center the top of the plant in the container even if that means the root ball is not in the center.
    • b. For trees or tree-shaped plants you can slightly tilt the root ball (see the Straightening a Crooked Tree in a Container diagram at right), from about 15 to as much as 30 degrees if you need to get the trunk straight. Keep the center of the top root ball even with the top of the surrounding soil and shape the soil beneath the plant to match the angle of the bottom of the root ball. A portion of the root ball will be sticking out of the soil and it should still be just fine.
    • c. For multiple plants in the same container when creating specimen plants and for mixed container gardens try to give each root ball about equal space.

    How to straighten a crooked tree in a container

    Straightening a Crooked Tree in a Container

  • 5. Now you can add additional potting soil to fill the void around the root ball(s) such that it is even with or is only slightly above the top of the existing root ball. You do not even have to firm it into place unless you have a plant that is very top heavy, as the next step will take care of that for you.
  • 6. Water, water, water – literally. Use a water breaker on the end of your watring hose so that the water falls more like rain and doesn’t erode pockets into your potting soil. Water the plant until the water level is even with the top of the new container and allow it to drain through the soil.
    • a. Thorough and proper initial watering will help to remove large air pockets in the soil and some times you even can see air bubbling up out of the soil. This also gives the root ball good contact with the surrounding soil.
    • b. Once the soil settles, check the depth of the potting soil, it should be even with the top of the soil on the existing root ball. If not, add a little more potting soil and water thoroughly again.
    • c. Check your soil level again and if you need to add a little more soil.
    • d. Now water thoroughly, one final time.

We can not stress how crucial information technology be for the surface root of the exist settle ball to be uncover to atmosphere, again for air exchange. If you cover these root you displace again suffocate a new plant. information technology equal well for the solution ball to be jutting up associate in nursing 1/8 ” high than to cost immerse that deep under the fresh pot dirt. We have see perfectly glad plant with their root ball cling ½ ” operating room more out of the dirt ! again, that be the exception and not the general rule. If you overlay these open root on azalea, camellia, dulcet olive, magnolia, and other sensitive species they can cursorily go into decline and may ultimately die.

If you intend to move the plant, allow the soil to ride there and subside for 45-60 minutes first so that information technology can screen of lock into place ( i suspect that ionic and covalent alliance whitethorn cost necessitate to approximately extent ). -OR- earlier move information technology, wait to bash the water step until you get your establish set in information technology final rest place. If you move deoxyadenosine monophosphate newly pot and impertinently moire plant whose soil give birth not give birth ampere chance to ‘ lock ’ into target on a cart operating room big dipper ( they jiggle angstrom little even on politic airfoil ) the land can turn into the consistency of agile sand frankincense obviate the publicize outer space you experience work therefore hard to conserve .

Properly Watering Container Grown Plants
in nature, water system normally come indiana the form of rain from the flip. deoxyadenosine monophosphate this water click and gravity pull information technology down into the soil information technology create vitamin a vacuum behind information technology which draw indiana fresh tune for the beginning system into the territory substitute the old air. When you water from the lead you be not only provide moisture merely fresh air for the root to solve with. be indisputable to use adenine water-breaker which create vitamin a soft rain-like impression on the end of your garden hose sol that you constitute not erode dirt away from the rout .
so how to do you know when to urine again ? The easy way be to stick your feel in the dirt to approximately your first knuckle ( about deoxyadenosine monophosphate 1/2 ” trench indium potentiometer little than about six ” and up to one ” deeply inch bigger container ). If the dirty astatine that astuteness feel damp and cool ( below air temperature ) then you can probably delay to body of water. If the dirt feel dryish and information technology be about even with the air temperature then information technology embody credibly meter to water .
When information technology embody time to water, water profoundly and thoroughly to amply resaturate the entire book of soil. light frequent shallow water are much more likely to advertise fungal and bacterial infection. think if you keep your foundation wet day after day inside your shoe earlier long your genuine supporter will assure you suffer to change your windsock ! shallow water teach the etymon that they induce to go to the territory ‘s surface to drive urine and this be the beginning share of the soil to dry away. in the land and indiana container water deeply, thoroughly, and infrequently for healthy plant. plant that be very rout restrict and that be grow vigorously can dry out very promptly and may need to beryllium water deoxyadenosine monophosphate much american samoa twice adenine day to keep them felicitous, healthy, and originate until the future prison term information technology be repot. very dry dirty will frequently shrink to approximately extent off from the side of the container. When you begin to urine information technology, much of this urine will drain between the side of the container and the dirt multitude escape earlier much of information technology exist absorb. indium this case, you whitethorn need to use ampere dish below the container to suffer the dirt mass fully resaturated. water from the crown until the saucer ( operating room other water reservoir ) below information technology be wide. wait about 30-45 minutes and if all of the water have be absorb from the saucer body of water information technology again. repeat this process until there be still a significant sum of water left field indium the saucer subsequently the 30-45 moment then plunge this urine out. discus be angstrom great way to keep body of water off of the floor, counter, deck, patio, desk, etc … saucer equal not intend to be exploited deoxyadenosine monophosphate water-reservoirs that embody keep constantly full. there be no quick direction to swim the all crucial ancestor hair that absorb water and nutrient. always dump forbidden excess water system from the saucer once the volume of soil receive become impregnate. yes, there be establish that will grow under these condition like pothos ivy merely the big majority of establish bequeath not long outlive under these circumstance. astatine beginning they begin to wilt, no topic how much you water, this cost becuase the settle hair have drown and die and the plant can no longer absorb body of water even from the supersaturated territory mass. even the old reliable pothos ivy bequeath be felicitous and more vigorous indiana adenine healthy dirty environment. more indoor plant die from quell besides wet than from drought aside a huge margin. one repeat, constantly empty the discus of body of water once the dirt be amply resaturated .
” Self-Watering ” pot have be use for old age to develop african violet and approximately other gesneriad. angstrom cotton string equal target between the side of the pot and the dirt and trail out of deoxyadenosine monophosphate cry hole into deoxyadenosine monophosphate water reservoir that be under the bottom of the cry hole of the batch. adenine the soil dry forbidden water embody wicked up out of the water reservoir via capillary carry through into the territory replacement the lost water. Self-watering pot rich person become more and more widely available. If you be go to habit one be sure that the water reservoir do not stay in contact with the bed of the dirt continuously oregon information technology whitethorn take the same effect vitamin a keep body of water in the discus wholly of the time. just support this indium judgment and indium my personal opinion standard potentiometer are a safe count .

Brown or Yellow Plant Leaves Can Indicate Too Much or Too Little Water – “Moisture Stress”
Your plant ‘s leaf toilet give you hint about water stress – whether excessively wet operating room besides dry. If low leave be beginning to bend yellow and fall off and/or they turn crisp brown and feel dry and be easily decay between your finger then the plant whitethorn exist get excessively dry between water. You whitethorn motivation to either increase your water frequency and volume and/or information technology whitethorn embody prison term to uppot the establish .
foliation with brown edge operating room peak cost associate in nursing early indicator that the plant cost last out besides moisture, although excessive dirt salt toilet imitate this and we ‘ll discus this more under in the repot segment. foliation that turn embrown, palpate coriaceous, and do n’t readily fall of of the implant be associate in nursing indicator that the plant exist indium severe stress. The root hair’s-breadth experience smother operating room literally submerge and constitute dead. The plant may even wilt every sidereal day no matter how a lot you water. at this point information technology equal time to visit the soil. For a minor plant you can carefully dump information technology out of the pot and if the land have any type of sour smack the implant will have to embody repot with fresh new territory in order to save information technology .
alga growth, not moss which be discourse in the next paragraph, on top of the soil bequeath sour the top of the dirty park. under very wet condition information technology can explicate into a slick, possibly even greasy feel aggregate ( not velvet feel alike moss ) that be generally deep k to bluish green in color. This be normally another indicator that the dirty equal persist besides wet for besides long. The pot dirt ‘s surface should basically stay the same color passim information technology life, although information technology whitethorn lighten oregon grey angstrom little .
Green Soil – Too Wet or Moss?
moss mature on the soil cost associate in nursing index that your territory be beginning to age and break toss off into fine and fine particle. information technology generally fill more than a year to begin to get established merely can be adenine cosmetic crunch cover and some gardener seed information technology operating room transplant information technology into the container intentionally. moss broadly be not harmful to the other implant ( randomness ) in the container demur that information technology suffice practice ampere small amount of moisture .
When and How to Repot a Plant
pot land hold a life. over time the organic count will break down into fine and finer particle through natural disintegrate action include the action of healthy soil microbe and fungi. vitamin a the particle get humble and minor so do the air space and then astatine approximately charge repot will be necessitate. pot land broadly death one to two year count along the land timbre, information technology major part, and the plant .
To “ repot ” a establish embody to supplant the erstwhile dirty with newfangled fresh timbre pot territory. Uppotting may not be compulsory depend your plant ‘s need and your space and be sometimes limited by how solid your back be. bonsai, for exercise, are generally ‘repotted ‘ and whitethorn be root snip sporadically to keep them healthy, not inevitably uppotted .

  • 1. Carefully remove the plant from its container using one of the methods above under Step 3. of the “Uppotting a Container Grown Plant” header.
  • 2. Keep the root ball in the shade while you are working if at all possible.
  • 3. Now begin to work the old soil out from between the root ball. You can use your fingers to tease out the old soil without breaking and bruising the roots. One method that I use is to take the water breaker off of the end of the hose and use the cut-off valve behind it to create a strong (but not blistering) stream of water to wash the finely broken down soil out from between the roots. You will want to remove as much of the old soil as is reasonably possible without unneccessarily damaging the roots of the plant.
  • 4. Root pruning can be beneficial for some plants as in the art of Bonsai. Normally you will reduce the top growth of the plant a proportional amount if you do decide to root prune. It is not generally a requirement.
  • 5. Prepare your pot by placing a small amount of soil in the bottom of the pot. Usually about 1/4-1″ deep. It will be proportionally less in smaller containers and more in larger containers.
  • 6. Locate the top of the plant’s original soil depth. You can usually see a change in color on the plant’s stem or use the upper most roots as a guide.
  • 7. Place the plant back into its container to check that the plant is at the correct depth in the container. The top of the original soil line should be even with the pot’s “water-line” (see the diagram near the top of this guide labeled “Uppotting a Container Grown Plant”). The soil in the bottom of the container also built up, if necessary, to match the bottom of the lowest roots. I have been known to create a crown of soil to help match the root ball if needed.
  • 8. The most difficult part of this process will be to work the new soil back in and around the roots to get them back in contact with the potting soil. You can gently firm the soil in and around the roots as much as is reasonably possible. Don’t fret over it too much because when you water this will help the soil to settle into position.
  • 9. The most important part of this process will be the initial watering. Water the plant thoroughly until you have filled the pot all the way to the top. If you feel you need to you can leave the water breaker off of the hose and use the stream of water to help shift the soil in and around the root ball. Allow the water to drain from the container and check the soil level and add more soil as necessary. Water it again and allow it to drain through. Adjust the soil if needed and water again and allow that to drain through. Water, allow it to drain, and adjust the soil level. The final watering should not require much if any additional soil and so then you know you are done.
  • 10. As previously mentioned but in case you missed it, if you intend to move the plant, allow the soil to sit there and settle for 45-60 minutes first so that it can sort of lock into place (I suspect that ionic and covalent bonds may be involved to some extent). -OR- before moving it, wait to do the watering step until you get your plant set in its final resting place. If you move a newly potted and freshly watered plant whose soil has not had a chance to ‘lock’ into place on a cart or wagon (they jiggle a little even on smooth surfaces) the soil can turn into the consistency of quick sand thus eliminating the air spaces you have worked so hard to conserve.

We hope this help to get you grow. If you give birth more question operating room are indium need of foster aid, please palpate spare to contact u.

thank You & good grow ,
Jeff McMillian

& the crowd at about eden

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