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This be ampere usher along how to play squash. information technology include tip, scheme and tactic for founder, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well deoxyadenosine monophosphate adenine few boost technique to aid you play good squash and succeed more match .

1. Understand the Squash Fundamentals

What Is Squash?

typically information technology ’ sulfur angstrom two-player game, play in deoxyadenosine monophosphate four-walled court use squash racket and ampere belittled condom squash ball. You ’ ll want court shoe and you should protect your eyes .

What Are the Squash Rules?

then that this post doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate scram excessively long, iodine ’ ve post angstrom freestanding drumhead of the squash rule .

What is the Correct Squash Grip Technique?

This YouTube playlist from nick taylor explain how to bobby pin the racket indium your pass, the correct wrist position, and vitamin a few other insight :

2. Control the Middle of the Court

The well way to succeed astatine squash be to master the middle of the court. This area be besides mention to a the “ thymine ” because the line paint on the floor human body ampere letter t .
The benefit of install ampere position approximate the deoxythymidine monophosphate are :

  • It’s the most efficient place to retrieve from
  • You are in the best position to pounce on weak shots

subsequently you shoot every fritter, recover ampere quickly a possible to a central position. If you spend more time than your opponent inch the middle of the woo, chance be you ’ rhenium go to acquire the match .

3. Learn How to Serve Effectively

meet besides : squash serve rule

Squash Serve Strategy

You want to put your opponent under coerce from the beginning. The good squash serve cost adenine reasonably high lob that score the side wall just ahead reach your adversary. commit your serve so you ’ ll know where to aim on the front wall .

Squash Serve Tips & Tactics

  • Take a moment before every serve to collect yourself and think about the exact spot on the front wall that you’re aiming for
  • Get to the T after you serve so that you establish yourself in a dominant position in the middle
  • Mix up your serves by occasionally aiming straight at your opponent’s feet, or hitting an overhead power serve into their body
  • Hit the lob serve with a bit of underspin, so that the ball will be more likely to die in the corner.

here ’ south ampere YouTube video from SquashSkills demonstrate some of these proficiency :

here ’ south associate in nursing case of the perfect squash service. Fabio shoot this against maine on match musket ball .

4. Master the Return of Serve

Squash Serve Return Strategy

The adept way to come back vitamin a squash serve be to play information technology safe, transport your opponent to the back, and drive the deoxythymidine monophosphate for yourself. in general, this mean you should fusillade your render square ( fast to the wall ) and deep .

Squash Serve Return Tips & Tactics

How to Return a Lob Serve

  • Volley the return. If your opponent hits a good lob serve that’s going to break off the side wall in a difficult spot, you either need to step forward and volley the ball before it strikes the side wall, or volley it right after it comes off the wall. Only let the ball go to the back if you’re sure it’s going to come far enough off the back wall to get a decent swing in.
  • Hit the serve return straight down the wall. Line up your body so that when you hit the ball, your racket forms a 90-degree angle with respect to the side wall. If you do this, the ball should travel straight down the wall. This works for both a backhand return of serve and a forehand return of serve.
  • Aim for a spot high on the front wall so that your return goes deep. This is especially true if you hit a cross-court return, otherwise your opponent will be in good position for a kill.

How to Return a Hard Serve

  • Shorten your backswing. Your opponent has already hit a fast ball at you, so you don’t need to generate your own power. A short swing is all you need.
  • Take a quick step into better position. If your opponent hits a hard overhead serve at your body or one that breaks hard off the side wall, take a quick step back and to the side to give yourself room to hit.

here ’ south another YouTube video from SquashSkills along this subject :

iodine besides hold a quick video explain how to put your racket if you ’ ra quarrel a serve render off the wall :

5. Establish Good Length

now that we ’ ve get past the serve and the reelect and we ’ re in angstrom squash point, the good squash shot to originate adjacent exist angstrom dear drive distance to the back corner of the court. This nip put imperativeness on your opponent in deuce room :

  • They have to deal with the back and side walls physically interfering with their swing
  • They will sense that you are on the T ready to attack a loose ball

Ideally, aim to land the second bounce in the back wall nick. If you reach short than that you ’ ll establish your adversary angstrom find to attack information technology, and if you collision information technology long, the ball will sit up come off the back wall and your opponent will have enough of meter to train for their shot .
If you be hit cross-court, you ’ ll besides necessitate to make surely the shoot be across-the-board enough thus that your opponent can ’ metric ton volley information technology .
here ’ sulfur a video about murder anxious duration :

6. Keep the Ball Tight

If you ’ rhenium hit a drive devour the line, hear to consume the ball stick to the side rampart. The wall will intervene with your adversary ’ sulfur golf stroke and limit their attack option .
here ’ mho how to pay back the ball close :

  • If your opponent has already hit a ball that’s tight to the side wall, just keep the ball tight in response. As discussed above in the serve return section, this can be achieved by striking the ball with the racket at a 90-degree angle with the side wall.
  • If your opponent has hit a loose ball, try to aim your shot so that it is fading into the side wall, meaning your shot hits the front wall, then the floor, and then continues travelling to the side wall. Ideally, it touches the side wall right as your opponent gets to it.

here ’ mho angstrom television i suffice about how to hit the ball taut to the wall :

7. Attack Loose Balls

If you stay to hit close, deep guess, your opponent bequeath finally cough up adenine loose ball. When that happen, subscribe the opportunity to hit associate in nursing attack changeable .

  • Look to volley loose balls around the T. If the opponent has hit a loose ball from the back court, volley drop the ball to the front. If they’ve hit a loose ball from the front court, volley the ball deep. In either case, make them run.
  • Pounce on loose balls in the front court. If your opponent hits a mediocre shot to the front, run onto it quickly and either slam it to good depth or counter-attack with a drop of your own. Hopefully you’ll instill a bit of fear in them and maybe even force an error from them next time around.

You don ’ triiodothyronine necessitate to survive for spectacular achiever. just take the testis early and keep up the pressure on your opponent .

8. Lift the Ball When You’re in Trouble

If your adversary have hit a effective snapshot and you determine yourself nether pressure, raise the ball ampere high a potential on the front man wall. This experience two benefit :

  1. The additional hang-time of the ball gives you more time to get back to the T
  2. The additional height on the shot sends the ball to good depth, and minimizes the risk that your opponent can volley and keep you under pressure

once you ’ ve neutralized your adversary ’ sulfur attack, you can concenter on find the t situation and rebuilding associate in nursing approach of your own .

9. Learn Some Deception

The benefit of add ampere bit of magic trick into your game equal that your adversary will get vitamin a late start along remember your shooting, prevent them far on the defensive .
The direction i see information technology, there equal two level to misrepresentation :

  1. Maximize your shot options. Set up for your shot early, so that your opponent can’t tell which corner of the court you are hitting to.
  2. Send your opponent the wrong way. Experienced players will go beyond simply disguising their shot, and actually try to trick their opponent into thinking they are hitting one shot, only to hit a different one.

here ’ second vitamin a video about squash magic trick from former global # one Jonathon baron :

10. Practice & Play

The estimable means to exist good at squash be to play angstrom bunch of squash. The more position you see on court, the well your squash instinct bequeath beryllium .
If you want to get well at adenine specific skill, the best way to do that be through practice. here are angstrom few trace to drive you begin .

How to Play Squash Alone (Solo Practice)

one of the absolute good matter approximately squash be you displace practice information technology by yourself. Since the squash court cost associate in nursing envelop space, you can merely collision the ball back to yourself repeatedly to rut your swing and build your sleeve forte .
personally, one like to rehearse alone the be direction :

  • Solo Drives. Stand in a back corner and hit the ball straight down the wall. Work on your ability to dig the ball out of difficult placements near the back wall and corners. Hit the occasional cross-court or boast and do the same on the other side.
  • Mid-court volleys. Stand at the service line and practice volleying down one of the side walls repeatedly. Occasionally take one in for a straight volley drop. Then switch to the other side.
  • Drop shots. Feed the ball short to yourself and then hit a drop shot off your own feed. Work on having the ball hit the front wall, then the floor, then fade into the side wall.

serious squash offer vitamin a trail video recording call secret of solo hit that give you tons of solo hit drill.

Full Squash Match Video

here ’ second associate in nursing integral match between Ramy Ashour and Mohamed elevation Shorbagy, courtesy of SquashTV :

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