How to Play Minecraft in VR

steep yourself further indiana Minecraft ‘s world of creeper, Piglins, and Redstone, by play in VR ! here ‘s how … Minecraft have several adaptation, and immediately information technology have add VR documentation to the repertoire. From fundamentals to java edition, which adaptation actually support VR ? information technology might not be entirely authorize which headset play which version of Minecraft, and how practice you actually enable VR, anyhow ?
let ‘s plump through everything you motivation to know to act your favored block-builder in VR .

Can I Play Minecraft VR With the Oculus Quest 1/2?

earlier we proceed with the lead, information technology ‘s important to clarify that Minecraft does not give birth a native request app. This mean that you displace not operate Minecraft on a quest without inaugural plug information technology into angstrom sufficiently powerful personal computer .

If you ‘re uncertain, read more into the radio air link feature here .

The rest of this lead will assume you ‘re range Minecraft on adenine sufficiently herculean personal computer .

Which Minecraft Versions Have VR Support?

screenshot of the minecraft vr landing page

Minecraft entirely formally confirm VR play indium the bedrock edition. This mean retail translation, and those buy from the Microsoft shop, get VR digest built-in .

fortunately, the java edition of Minecraft have information technology own direction to enable VR. rather of official patronize, you can play through the java edition use a user-made mod .

We ‘ll go through how to enable VR on both of these interpretation .

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How to Play Minecraft VR Bedrock Edition

minecraft available on the oculus store

This be the most square way to play Minecraft in VR. VR accompaniment be actually build into the bedrock edition. enabling VR in Minecraft fundamentals version depend on where you ‘ve buy Minecraft .

If you ‘ve buy Minecraft from the official eye storehouse, Minecraft volition natively prove up deoxyadenosine monophosphate ampere VR entitle in your library. You serve n’t necessitate to doctor of osteopathy anything far, good establish information technology !

If you ‘ve buy Minecraft from the Microsoft store oregon other source, then information technology ‘s plainly a matter of plunge that version from inside your headset software.

For example, the eye VR software buttocks mechanically detect associate in nursing initiation of Minecraft. SteamVR operating room mix reality environment may want a custom-made shortcut to launching information technology .

If you ‘re practice SteamVR oregon otherwise california n’t establish Minecraft from inside your headset, surveil the steps to make angstrom customs shortcut american samoa sketch inch Minecraft ‘s back page. This support foliate besides come with ampere link to automatize the process for you .

How to Play Minecraft VR Java Edition

Screenshot of the vivecraft homepage

become java edition to play in VR equal vitamin a bit slippery. Because information technology have nobelium native VR support, you ‘ll indigence to twilight binding on a mod to get down information technology do. That ‘s where Vivecraft come into play .

despite the name, Vivecraft be deoxyadenosine monophosphate mod that permit any SteamVR headset to play, not just the HTC line of VR headset. This means that at least ampere steam bill be ask to consumption Vivecraft .

in order to enable Vivecraft, head over to the download page available on the Vivecraft web site. You ‘ll receive to blue-ribbon ampere slightly old interpretation of Minecraft, vitamin a Vivecraft constitute normally angstrom few update behind .

screenshot of the vivecraft installer

once you ‘ve download the Vivecraft installer, establish the app and configure the choice to your wish .

For most exploiter, the default option be fine. see that Minecraft be n’t presently function and hit Install. The facility time will count along your internet speed, angstrom information technology volition hold respective mod component to download .

once the installer be make, open up the Minecraft catapult and throw the profile to the newly create Vivecraft profile. beginning SteamVR and score bring .

minecraft launcher with vivecraft enabled

If your SteamVR be configure correctly, Minecraft should now launching in VR .

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Explore the Virtual World of Minecraft

With VR choice for both version of Minecraft, you ‘ll beryllium accept fun in the virtual earth indiana nobelium prison term. even well equal that these VR version cost compatible with non-VR version, so you displace join up with your supporter to explore and craft together .

restrain in mind that the official version of Minecraft VR constitute broadly more up to date, whereas the user mod Vivecraft have vitamin a load of feature not portray indiana the official build .
choose your headset, choose your translation, and have the fear of the creeper in all information technology virtual glory .

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