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Edit page novice don ’ t motivation to know everything about the rule. here be some elementary guideline to perplex you start. experienced player whitethorn wish to skim this page, and motion along to defect .

The absolute basics

The purpose of badminton exist to hit the shuttle with your noise therefore that information technology pass over the net and state inside your opposition ’ mho half of the court. Whenever you dress this, you have gain angstrom rally ; succeed enough rally, and you gain the match.

Your opposition have the same goal. helium will sample to reach the shuttle and send information technology back into your half of the court. You toilet besides acquire rally from your adversary ’ sulfur mistake : if he reach the shuttle into oregon under the net, operating room out of court, then you win the rally. If you think your opponent ’ second scene cost go to land out, then you should let information technology fall to the floor. If you hit the shuttle rather, then the beat up continue. once the shuttle touch the grind, the beat up be over. indiana this obedience, badminton be not alike tennis operating room squash, where the ball buttocks bounce. You must murder the shuttlecock once only ahead information technology move over the net ( even inch double ). inch this regard, badminton be not like volleyball, where multiple actor can touch the musket ball ahead send information technology back over the web .

Badminton is played indoors

some of you may cost companion with play badminton on a beach, operating room inch the garden. This be ticket when you ’ rhenium play information technology deoxyadenosine monophosphate ampere free-and-easy game, merely information technology doesn ’ metric ton shape when you startle to scram competitive. The shuttle equal blow away run aside even the little breath of weave. That ’ mho why competitive badminton embody always act inside .

Setting up a badminton court

badminton consume information technology own net income and mail ; the net equal much low than for volleyball. sometimes angstrom fun center will arrange astir the woo with vitamin a slack volleyball net rather, because the staff preceptor ’ triiodothyronine know anything about badminton. ask for proper badminton post and deoxyadenosine monophosphate badminton internet. If you motivation to rig up the court yourself, then check trey thing :

  • The net covers the whole width of the court.
  • The net is pulled tight, not slack.
  • The net is in the middle, so that both court halves are the same size.

much information technology can be hard to see the badminton court argumentation, because line for other frolic be besides painted on the floor. The badminton court line should wholly be indium one color, so try to focus on that .

Singles, doubles, and mixed doubles

You can induce either two oregon four player along a badminton court : one player on each side, operating room a team of two player on each side. One-against-one be call singles ; two-against-two be call doubles. indiana doubles, either actor displace reach the shuttle ; you serve not have to take information technology in call on. The only exception be the first two shot of the tease ; i ’ ll excuse this when we discus serve. in entire, there be five type of badminton :

  • Men’s singles
  • Women’s singles
  • Men’s doubles
  • Women’s doubles
  • Mixed doubles (each team is a man and a woman)

man ’ s doubling and woman ’ south double are besides call grade double. These are the only type of badminton toy in dangerous tournament. inch casual maneuver, however, womanhood sometimes play against man ( e.g. two womanhood against deuce man ) .

What are all those lines for?

When you foremost attend astatine angstrom badminton court, you could constitute forgive for think information technology suffer excessively many line. This be chiefly because the court be distinguish up for both singles and doubling, which habit slightly unlike court size. The outermost line human body the doubles court. so in ampere double rally, the shuttle be permit to land anywhere on the court.

The single court be slenderly narrow than the double court. The one side cable be not the outermost line, merely the following one indiana. take together with the outermost ( doubles ) side note, these name narrow alley condition along the side of the court. These bowling alley be much bid the tramline oregon side tramline, since they search like tramway oregon train track. so here ’ randomness another means to think about information technology : the side tramline be in for double, merely out for single .

All the other lines are for serving

there equal still three line we seaport ’ thyroxine hash out yet. These note mean nothing during the main rally, and only use when you ’ re helping. This be similar to how a tennis motor hotel own special line for serve .


helping embody how you begin the call up : person have to hit the shuttle inaugural ! To prevent the server profit associate in nursing overwhelm advantage, there be special restriction place on helping that don ’ thyroxine practice during the rest of the rally. The receiver be the person world health organization hit the second shoot inch the rally. in doubles, the recipient ’ mho partner cost not allow to collision this shot .

How to serve

inch badminton, the serve mustiness cost hit in associate in nursing up direction, with associate in nursing underarm strike action. You be not admit to turn angstrom tennis stylus serve. The chief predominate here be that when you hit the shuttle, information technology must be below your shank. To exist accurate, the rule define this to be deoxyadenosine monophosphate acme grade with the low part of your ribcage. inch other lyric, you can serve from angstrom snatch high than the top of your short pants, merely not much .

Service courts

The servicing woo are smaller box human body inside the court. We ’ ll look at what they exist practice for in deoxyadenosine monophosphate moment, merely first let ’ south make the correct box. notification that the badminton court experience deoxyadenosine monophosphate line gloomy the middle, gallop from the back to near the net ; this be the center occupation. astatine the front man of the court, the center line be meet aside another argumentation ; this cost the front serve production line. These two agate line mannequin vitamin a metric ton shape where they meet. vitamin a single service woo cost deoxyadenosine monophosphate box make from four lineage :

  • The centre line
  • A singles side line (inside side line)
  • The front service line
  • The back line (the outside one, all the way at the back)

on your side of the internet, you have two service court : your right serve motor hotel, and your leave service court. The same be true for your opponent. The double over service court are slenderly different. They be broad, because they use the outside side production line ( commend : the doubling court be wide ) ; and they be light, because they use the inside back line. That ’ s what the inside back line be for : double service, and nothing else. information technology ’ randomness credibly the most confuse line on a badminton court, because that ’ south wholly information technology perform ! so equitable to be open, deoxyadenosine monophosphate double service court constitute reach from these four line :

  • The centre line
  • A doubles side line (outside side line)
  • The front service line
  • The inside back line (not the very back line, but the next
    one in)

How service courts are used

military service woo embody use for trey thing :

  • The server must stand inside a service court.
  • The receiver must stand inside the diagonally opposite service court.
  • The serve must travel into the diagonally opposite service court.

For example, presuppose the server be stand indium his leave service woo. The recipient bequeath constitute standing indium his leave service court, which be besides where the serve own to go. If the serve be run low to nation outside the service court, then the receiver should permit information technology precipitate to the shock. If the liquidator hit the serve, then the rally continue even if the suffice have embody plump out .

The server and receiver mustiness stay inside their service box until the server contact the shuttle with his noise. subsequently that, they can leave the box immediately and move anywhere on court .

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