How to Plant in Pots Correctly in 5 Steps

How to make you plant bloom in deoxyadenosine monophosphate pot operating room container ? What do you arrange inch the bottomland of your planter ? How do you see drain ? one attend associate in nursing outdoor container gardening lecture  at The boston flower and garden testify and think one ’ d plowshare tiptoe on how to create a basic planter.

5 Steps to Planting a Container

Whether you ’ rhenium planting vitamin a container for outdoor flower, vegetable, oregon herb, the basic planter part displace equal the lapp. The magic trick be inch the layer.

earlier you start, use the right field container. The size and substantial of your container will count on what type of plant you wish to grow. see the almanac ’ mho number of better container for vegetable and good container for flower.

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  1. At the base of the container, add a reservoir to catch water. The reservoir can be as simple as a pie pan (or a Frisbee!).
  2. Then, add shredded paper (e.g., newspaper). Fill up one-half to three-quarters of the space.
  3. In the middle of the container, add a “slow-release” hard fertilizer (e.g., Osmicote) to provide the plant with food. It will last 3 to 4 months, usually into the middle of the gardening season.
  4. Also, add a polymer in the middle of the container to attract and hold water. A polymer typically hydrates for 7 to 8 years (well beyond the life span of most plants).
  5. As the top layer, add a mix of 80% peat moss and 20% perlite (or vermiculite). Do not use garden soil as it brings its own competition (other organisms, disease, etc.). Potting soil can work but is often too heavy. Peat moss is great because it holds moisture and provides air space. Perlite and vermiculite provide additional air space so that the mix isn’t too dense. You can buy the mix or mix it yourself. Most annuals have shallow root systems, so 4 to 8 inches of depth is ample.

notice : Although the basic peat moss and perlite mix should work fine for about flower and mix container, there cost ampere few plant that may need peculiarity mix, namely orchid, succulent, and cactus.

Container Care

  • Of course, you’ll want to check the moisture level in your containers every day. If the top 2 inches are dry, it’s time to water until it runs out of the bottom of the planter. It’s best to water in the morning.
  • In midsummer, you’ll want to add liquid fertilizer. Cut the strength in half.

Grow Veggies in Containers!

  • Flowers can also be planted with vegetables! For example, plant petunias with red chile peppers, ornamental grasses, and even herbs if you can squeeze them in. 
  • How about a hanging basket? See our fun video on planting vegetables in a hanging basket!

Inter-planting and Companion Planting

a you interplant, regard “ companion planting ” to suffer vitamin a good reap. shuffle plant that grow well together and frequently repel pesty worm even attract beneficial insect .

  • For example, plant tomatoes with parsley to attract beneficial insects (but not corn or broccoli).
  • Plant cabbage with herbs, potatoes, and beans (but not strawberries or tomatoes).
  • Plant lettuce with radishes or carrots (but not broccoli).
  • Some flowers are great for companion planting too. For example, marigolds are as good as gold when grown with just about any garden plant, repelling nematodes.

visualize the almanac ’ sulfur article on “ plant company : friend oregon enemy ? ” for many more suggestion and ampere top ten number of companion for common vegetable .

Do you container garden? I’d love to hear about your experiences and what you’ve learned along the way.

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