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After years of experience in the pro baseball career, one thing I found pretty all-important for ballers. And that is adapting different techniques of pitching. The like goes for softball. Slow pitch softball deliver is the samara strategy for striking out hard hitters or ensuring at least they missed the hit .
In fast pitch, you emphasize more military unit or power. On the contrary, in slow slope, you bet on the spin rate and rotational axis of the released pass .
Some novice pitchers are a bite button-down about learning slow pitching as it requires quite a commitment .
however, slowpitch softball pitches can seem like a difficult technique to maestro, but you can conquer the skill with the right plan and discipline .
I will share with you the plan in this position. You merely need to keep the regular action on the crunch. Make certain to read till the end .

Types Of Slow Pitch Pitches

It is easy to grasp the basics of pitching boring pitch softball. What makes it more ambitious is when you try to learn the different techniques that fall in this slope stylus .
In general, all dense pitching approaches are distinguished into three methods – basic sneaky, curveball, and knuckleball. Although there are 5 types of slow pitch styles :

  1. Backspin
  2. Screwball
  3. Slider
  4. Knuckleball
  5. Curveball

Backspin Straight Pitch 

Slow lurch softball lurch backspin is actually the foremost slow cant that you should be a master of. Some of my folks besides call it ability pitch because of its high backspin rate .
With dense backspin pitch, you have to ensure the ball drops steeply from the top of the discharge to the striking zone. The unusual arced carry through makes it hard for batters to square upon .
Another advantage is because of the high gear backspin rate. The ball finally deflects off the cricket bat if the batters hit it downward .
It is kind of similar to the backspin principles that we witness in table tennis .
When you apply a backspin snapshot, and your opponent tries to hit the ball, it goes immediately to the net or miss-motion inject because of the spin. The same is applied to softball .


Amateurs often get confused and consumption sliders and screwballs in the same slow slope style. But the angle or break of these two pitches is wholly different .
For delivering a decent shrill demote, the slider is a bang-up convulse strategy .
When you release the musket ball, make sure it rotates slenderly to your glove hand side. By turning the axis a little, you can generate Magnus effects .
It is besides mandate to keep the rotation axis horizontal during the fledge or track of the ball. differently, it will not break as the pressure on both sides of the ball will be the like .
If you want to learn how to throw a slider in baseball, here is a detail steer on sliders .


Consider it as the companion cant of the sliders. After polishing up your sliders, you should be working on the screwball. It gives a great advantage to the ballers who already know sliders .
The keystone difference is unlike sliders, the axis of the crackpot breaks to your pitching arm side .
If you are struggling with your sidearm throwing skills in softball, learn how to fix it from the under video .

As a result, the buffet has to wait until ½ or ⅓ of the way to understand the ball ’ randomness purpose .
Because of that, it works both for leave and right-handed batters. It allows you a adept control of the discard ’ second appellation. I used to try this to disrupt the time of hard batters .
All other dull pitches are good but what makes it more effective is that the batters can not predict your deliver .


sometimes it is the lone behind lurch softball pitch that can get you out of trouble. What makes knuckleball more effective is the airflow around the seam .
The airflow causes derived function breeze imperativeness on the sides of the ball, which makes the ball go a fiddling after tossing. however, it is predictable by batters most of the time .
Another thing you should keep in mind is that knuckleball takes more arm speed. You will not get the wrist to assist as you get in backspin. so, it will require an extra campaign .
You should besides ensure that the ball is not rotating besides much .


It is the diametric expressive style of backspin pitch, meaning you will be throwing the ball with a forward spinning movement. Depending on the left and right-handed batters, the hand movement can be different .
When there is a levorotary batter on the flip side, you should throw the ball with backhand legal action. And for the dextrorotary batters, you throw with a forehand apparent motion .
There are different types of curveball tosses, such as knuckle-curve, power arch, and vice-versa .

Slow Pitch Softball Pitching – 3 Important Factors You Should Know

To be the technical in every gear in slow pitch softball, you should first grab the basics – grip and acquittance, mint zone, and arch .

Pitching Grip/Release

Keep in mind that gripping and releasing methods decide how well your flip will end up, and this is the unavowed recipe of many successful pitchers .
They influence three main terms of your toss – speed, accuracy, and duration of the ball in the air travel. Let ’ s check out different kinds of gripping methods below .

Strike Zone

Your slow cant softball pitching becomes more effective once you get a exhaustive understanding of the assume zone .
A softball fall upon zone is segmented into three depending on the dinge ’ second height .
Below the breast is considered the top zone. A buffet ’ randomness waist is called the center zone ( some may besides call it the belt zone ). And last, the patella sphere or bottom zone .
Understanding/calculating each of them is vital to delivering a estimable slow pitch .
If you want to know what is the best softball bat used by most hard hitters, check out this Easton MAKO TORQ Helmer review I shared earlier .


Getting a good grip on the different discharge is compulsory, particularly if you want to learn the ASA or USSSA behind pitch softball deliver tricks. normally, the arc ranges between 6 to 12 ft. in these leagues. I will partake more insights about this some early day .

7 Important Tips For Becoming Master Of Slow Pitch Softball Pitching

Whether you are precisely starting with softball or design to strategize your decelerate pitch softball gear skills, following the below tips can enhance your pitching skills importantly .
7 important tips for becoming master of slow pitch softball pitching

How To Pitch A Slow Pitch Softball

A successful pitch can give you the stadium full of cheer like what we witness with baseball chants. If you do not know what baseball chants are, name certain to read this article to learn why it helps players .
The method of slow pitch varies based on unlike deliver styles. Below I shared a dispatch template about each of them .

How To Slow Pitch Four-seam Backspin 

The first and my favored pitch style is backspin dense pitch softball pitch. Before learning the exhaust method acting, let ’ s take a spirit at how the grip works .

Step 1: Grip Of Backspin 

In this method acting, you should pick a wide bobby pin with your middle and exponent finger, keeping the fingers close to the axis of the rotation. And then the hitchhike on the rear should be opposing the seam .
4-seam slow pitch softball backspin pitching grip method

Step 2: Releasing Slow Pitch Backspin 

When preparing a backspin exponent pitch, you should turn your wrist from 90-degree to 0-degree. You can execute a short of the discharge by beginning with this hired hand gesticulate .
4-seam slow pitch softball backspin pitching release method During the pinching action, your other fingers and thumb have to make coerce and a quick wrist rotation .
It helps to produce a high rate of spin that results in a good steep drop curtain at the end of the pitch. You besides get a favorable diversion angle off of the bat .

“ Adult pitchers can generate an average of 1000 revolutions per minute of spinning rate when backspinning. ”

One matter to fact you will identify after mastering this slow lurch. Though the second and forehand backspin end up hitting about a like area, backhand tosses tend to fly through a higher height than forehand tosses .

How To Slow Pitch Four-seam Slider 

just like the dull backspin slope, the slider besides has a eminent spin rate and delivers a sharper break. It actually breaks from the pitch sleeve side to the glove sleeve side .

Step 1: Grip Of Slider

Griping for the luger is identical to a four-seam grip. The remainder is you should place the ovolo a short beside the wrinkle. As a solution, you get a better fascinate .
You may want to change the hoop finger for your quilt or to get a better grip. The fun fact is though it is a four-seam behind lurch, there is no use of the little finger finger at all .
4-seam slow pitch softball slider pitching grip method For a luger, you have to throw it by pushing with the flick. When spinning or creating a rotation, it should be rotating towards the glove english .
many pitchers start with a wide finger position in the slider. But I found something matter to after years of mastering this deliver.

Using a wider placement of the index and middle fingers will cause an inconsistent rotation. This will result in the ball wobbling besides much .
And when the rotational action wobbles more than it should, it creates a lot of friction or turbulence on the hard-hitting side of the ball. It reduces the amount of breaks .

Step 2: Releasing Slow Pitch Slider 

To release a perfect slow pitch slider, pronate your wrist in the glove. It will help you to get shoulder, elbow, and wrist rotation .
then move your hand back to the hip to generate the force out. Your wrist and forearm should be at 90-degree there .
4-seam slow pitch softball slider pitching release method Keep the hired hand gesture straight when passing through your thigh line. And at the liberation, make certain to do the lapp .
In this way, your hand will change the put from 90 to 0 degrees within a certain discharge. It gives you a in truth good backspin pace .
Your middle finger and thumb should besides align with the ball ’ s trajectory .
If you have followed the gesticulate, the axis will turn slightly to the boxing glove side during the liberation. then it ends up with high press on your cant arms side after releasing the musket ball .

How To Slow Pitch Screwball 

now let ’ s travel on to the future, Screwball. Screwballs are somehow a morsel of improvisation of sliders. however, the strategy is slenderly different .

Step 1: Grip Of Screwball

As I mentioned earlier, crackpot and slider grips are about the same in terms of absorbing. But alternatively of throwing towards the boxing glove side, you should throw towards the pitch arm side .
Place your index and middle finger all the way across the ball deoxyadenosine monophosphate wide as you can. The wide you place your finger, the more spin rate it will generate .
then put your finger diggings on the rear. You should place your finger between the upright stripe and the seam like the luger .

“ Vertical stripe is a square line on the ball made by pitchers to help them understand about accurate finger placement when grip. ”

Step 2: Releasing Slow Pitch Screwball 

screwball is a comparably easier gear style for both left-handed and dextrorotary ballers. What you need to make certain is your ball breaks towards the deliver arm side .
For crazy, you must use the blackmail of the ring finger. That means it is not the bag that makes the deviation ; rather, it is the releasing method that is authoritative in crackpot .
Slow pitch softball screwball pitching release method indeed, beginning, move your hand back and reach the shoulder acme. Keep the lean of your forearm and wrist parallel to 1st base and 3rd base .
Try to catch a 90-degree slant of your hand when going fore for releasing. At the same time, you need to turn your wrist towards the cant arm side from this point to release .

How To Slow Pitch Four-seam Knuckleball 

There are no bells and whistles in the case of the knuckleball. My advice is to use a four-seam palm up method acting for this .

Step 1: Grip Of Knuckleball

You should place all your four fingers correct on the seam, and similarly, on the buttocks, place the hitchhike on the end of the seam. Keep a rebuff distance between the ball and your handle if possible .
4-seam slow pitch softball knuckleball pitching grip method Pitchers with smaller hands might find this a fiddling ruffianly to keep the distance. But don ’ thyroxine worry, it ’ s not a big deal .
The independent thing is that there should be firm contact on the ball with the fingertips and the thumb .
Remember, you are not applying any wrist carry through in knuckleball when you pitch the ball .
Because if you use wrist action, it will create spin, which ruins the whole determination of the knuckleball deliver .
There is a big remainder between softball and baseball baseball swing considering attack and launch angle. You can read more on this in this article about softball swing vanadium baseball swing comparison .

Step 2: Releasing Slow Pitch Knuckleball

You do not need to emphasize the ball ’ s rotation in knuckleball gear. Anything between ¼ to ½ a become on the entire flight of the ball is adequate .
That gives you the optimum gesture. And the unpredictability you are looking for remains .
note that a dense sales talk knuckleball succeeds most of the time if you can maintain a ask flight height ( 12ft to 13ft ) .
particularly when playing in leagues, the fledge altitude can both ruin or win the pitch depending on the height you reach. It gives you the best angle as the testis falls into the hitting zone .
Slow pitch softball knuckleball pitching release method Figure 08- Slow peddle softball knuckleball pitching release method acting
If talking about the hand motion, keep the wrist directly with the forearm when going back .
And when you are moving forth, follow a pushing gesticulate and maintain the straight apparent motion again. Push a little with all your fingers simultaneously at the end of the secrete .

How To Slow Pitch Curveball 

I always tell the young pitchers to be more serious when learning curveball because this is one of the toughest and most technical pitches .
If you are not doing it correctly, it can stress your arm and elbow. so, learn it at last after gaining the above slow pitches .

Step 1: Grip Of Curveball

Place your 2nd and 3rd finger on the two seams of the ball. Rest the other 1st and 4th fingers right following to them. And last, place the hitchhike finger underneath .
Some pitchers curl the index finger a little. But it is not mandatary. The main finish is to feel your fingers and wrist comfortable during the grapple .
4-seam slow pitch softball curveball pitching grip method

Step 2: Releasing Slow Pitch Curveball 

You must ensure well body put and drift while pitching curveballs. The curveball pitch goes through your body. thus, it is very important to use our legs to help our upper body .
here is another article on how baseball players improve their leg stability with the avail of baseball cheats .
4-seam slow pitch softball curveball pitching release method The first thing you need to do is stride onto the powerline. Make sure that your front foot is slenderly over to create a sharp lean where you want to throw the pitch .

“ Pitchers visualize a trace between the plate and the pitch rubber. It is called powerlines. ”

As your arms come down towards the free, you should slenderly bend your elbow. It will give you firm wrist support and allow you to break it across the body .
In a curveball, you should use your elbow like a hinge on a doorway, thinking about opening and close up it at a 90-degree slant .
When throwing the curveball, make sure that your spin is close, and the unblock point is coherent in front of your body .
For any softball player, a good baseball glove is critical. And Wilson ’ second gloves are one of my favorites. You can check my advice when choosing Wilson A900 and A1000 gloves in this detailed comparison article .

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes A Good Slow Pitch Softball Pitcher?

To become a good slow gear softball pitcher, you need to master two things – gripping and releasing. besides, depending on the type of boring slope, you need to be skilled in rotation, spin pace control, and controlling the flight height of the ball .

What Is The Hardest Softball Pitch?

Some pitchers may tell you backspin deliver is street fighter. But in behind pitch softball deliver, the hardest one is the curveball .
It is because the convulse method requires pitchers to maintain the body aligning and high gear spin rate simultaneously. The throwing method is besides a bit unusual .

What’s The Fastest Softball Pitch?

Monica Abbott pocketed the fastest softball pitch record in 2012, 77 miles per hour ( 123.9 kilometers per hour ). The match was held between Carolina Diamonds and Chicago Bandits .


In conclusion, dull pitch softball flip is an art shape that takes time to perfect. With the right technique, you can induce ground balls at will and put your opponents on defense .
There are a few things that you can do to improve your decelerate pitch softball gear scheme. First, exercise regularly and focus on your mechanics .
moment, be patient, teach each slow gear style at once and let the ball travel. Third, have a game plan and stick to it. ultimately, enjoy the game and have fun !

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