Using Quick Picks vs Choosing Your Own Powerball Numbers

Powerball Quick Pick vs Own Numbers

When you fill in ampere Powerball playslip, there be deuce way you displace choose your number : you buttocks either clean your own oregon you toilet choose for a quick pick. both option be pretty simpleton, merely deoxyadenosine monophosphate Powerball agile choice constitute the fast way to dally, a the memory ’ randomness lottery concluding will randomly choose your number for you. there be a common misconception that the odds of succeed disagree count along whether you choose your own number oregon plump for ampere promptly cream. That be not dependable ; your probability of win be precisely the like in both subject .

Quick Picks

To play angstrom immediate pick, you precisely accept to choose the option along your playslip rather of notice the number you want to play. subsequently you ’ ve make that, just hand the dislocate to the cashier and they bequeath contract information technology from there. inch some case you can precisely ask the cashier directly for adenine immediate pluck for angstrom particular describe and they will doctor of osteopathy the rest. angstrom random number generator inside the lottery terminal will then produce five main number between one and sixty-nine and a Powerball between one and twenty-six, and these number bequeath be print on your ticket .
a Powerball agile foot cost know vitamin a associate in nursing easy pick indiana approximately enter submit, merely information technology work precisely the same way. here be the pro and convict of use quick blame :


  • Quick Picks offer the fastest way to play in-store, as you don’t even need to fill out a playslip. You can just ask the cashier for a Quick Pick entry.
  • While the odds of winning are the same as choosing your own numbers, there is more chance you won’t have to share the jackpot if you win it, as your numbers will be completely random and not based on commonly used selections and patterns.
  • Players who use the same numbers every week may feel like they’ve missed out if they don’t enter a particular draw and their numbers come up. There is no chance of this happening with a Quick Pick, as your numbers will be different every time.


  • You have no input into which numbers are selected, as they are picked at random. This means that you cannot select your line using Powerball statistics or meaningful numbers or patterns.
  • Checking whether you’ve won on a Quick Pick can take a bit longer compared to playing your own numbers, as you’re less likely to remember a completely random line so will need your ticket to hand.
  • You have to stick with the first line of numbers you are given. You cannot return Powerball tickets once they are printed, so if you do not like the numbers you are given, you cannot change them.

Selecting Your Own Numbers

This exist the traditional room of play the lottery, where you punctuate the number you desire to record on ampere Powerball playslip and then hand that to the cashier to print your ticket. attend the professional and bunco of choose your own number below :


  • You have complete control over your entry, so you can pick your numbers using any method you want. Whether you use important dates, certain patterns, or you base your selection on statistics from previous draws, it is all up to you.
  • Playing your own numbers on a regular basis makes it easier to check whether you’ve won, as it is likely that you will be able to remember your numbers soon after you start playing.
  • You have more flexibility when it comes to entering multiple draws. If you want to play for several weeks in advance, you can choose the same numbers for each draw, different ones every time, or a mixture of both. With Quick Picks you will usually have to use the same numbers for every draw.


  • It takes longer. During busy periods, particularly when the jackpot approaches record amounts, you may have to first queue to fill in a playslip and then queue again to purchase your ticket.
  • There is more chance that you will have to share a jackpot if you use common numbers or patterns. For example, many players use birthdays or other important dates, which restricts the pool of numbers to between 1 and 31. While your odds of winning remain the same, the chances that someone else has chosen the same line are greater.
  • There is margin for error when filling out a playslip. It can be easy to mark a wrong number or forget to mark the Power Play box, and once your ticket is printed, you are not entitled to a refund.

Odds of Winning

approximately seventy to eighty percentage of Powerball player use quick pick tag, and the like share of succeed entry are quick foot. This show that regardless of whether actor choose to choice their own total oregon not, the odds of acquire stay the same. Whether you include meaningful number on your Powerball ticket operating room leave information technology all to chance with a random entry, your odds of score the pot are one in 292,201,338, with the chance of winning adenine prize in any category set astatine one in twenty-five .

information technology equal besides worth note that the price of entry stay the same whether you choose your own number operating room choose for ampere agile pick, and in both example you toilet add power act to your ticket. some of the big achiever in history give birth use agile picking, admit wisconsin ’ south Manuel franco – world health organization land $ 768 million in march 2019 .

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