Is There a Right Way to Open a Banana?

Bananas are one of the most popular fruits in the world and are consumed by most households in the United States. In fact, Americans eat an average of 27 pounds of bananas each year, and it ‘s easy to see why : They can be eaten alone, added to smoothies, used in a banana split, sliced up and put on crown of grain, and they can tied be used as a main component in broil goods like muffins and bread.

however, let ‘s be honest : Peeling them can be a bite crafty. sometimes they can even seem impossible to open no matter how hard you try. even when you are able to peel them, there ‘s normally a chance they end up bruise and bathetic because it took you several forceful tries to successfully do it. If you ‘re one of those people who thinks it ‘s difficult to peel a banana, you ‘re not alone. however, the reason why you might have therefore much trouble opening a banana is n’t because of the fruit itself — it ‘s because you have been peeling it amiss all these years.

The Right Way to Open a Banana

The right way to open a banana is not peeling it from the stem like so many people think. Why ? The stalk is the toughest separate of a banana because it ‘s the location where the fruit attaches to the stay of the cluster, and it ‘s what ‘s creditworthy for keeping the banana attached to the tree. Believe it or not, the right way to peel a banana is from the opposite end, which many people consider to be the bed of the banana.

This technique is n’t new though — it ‘s how putter open them all the clock. They make a belittled incision in the banana ‘s gratuity by pinching it, and then they split open the skin and peel back each department one at a meter. This might seem odd when you first try it out, but it ‘s the most efficient way to open the fruit. Plus, it wo n’t leave you struggling trying to break the thick root, which you can rather use as a manage to prevent extra bruise.

How to Open a Banana the Right Way

1. Resist the cheer to tear the banana ‘s stem, and turn the banana inverted alternatively. 2. Using your hitchhike and pointer feel, pinch the lean of the banana to make an opening so that the skin starts to peel binding. 3. Peel back each section of banana skin one at a time.

4. last, take a big sting of your banana and enjoy. Hungry for more ? Check out our collection of banana recipes. Related:

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