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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read the disclosure policy. Learn how to cut dragon fruit quickly and easily with this bit-by-bit steer. The fresh flesh is delightful and tamp down full of nutrients. You can eat dragon fruit on its own as a childlike and novel bite or add it to fruit salads, smoothies, desserts and more !

Dragon Fruit is a colorful tropical fruit with a sweet taste and a crunchy texture that's similar to watermelon or starfruit
Dragon fruit can seem a sting intimidating at first with its alone expect and bright colors. Learning how to prepare it is actually quite easy, and the more you eat it, the more you ’ ll love it !
This tropical fruit makes a delectable nosh that ’ s slightly gratifying with an matter to texture. It ’ sulfur low in calories ( only 60 calories per dragon fruit ! ) and humble in carbohydrate. Plus, it has many health benefits and is keto .

What is Dragon Fruit (Pitaya)?

Dragon fruit, besides called pitaya or pitahaya cactus, is a tropical fruit coming from the dragon fruit tree, which is actually a type of large cactus. There are three varieties of draco yield :

  1. Pink skin with white flesh (white dragon fruit)
  2. Pink skin with red flesh (red dragon fruit)
  3. Yellow skin with white flesh (yellow dragon fruit)

All of these varieties have bantam black seeds interspersed throughout the human body and a very exchangeable taste .
Most U.S. dragon fruit used to come from Latin America or Asia and is fairly expensive. however, as America ’ s fastest-growing alien fruit, there ’ second now a domestic crop of more than one million pounds in Florida entirely !
White dragon fruit and red dragon fruit cut in half to show the contrasting colors and small black seeds interspersed throughout the flesh

Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

Dragon yield is loaded with nutrients and has many impressive health benefits including :

  • Beneficial antioxidants like vitamin C.
  • 7 grams of fiber per cup along with prebiotics for a healthy gut and digestive health.
  • Plant compounds like polyphenols and carotenoids that help to strengthen the immune system.
  • Beneficial minerals like iron and magnesium.

Some people have called it the adjacent pomegranate in terms of super food properties !

What Does Dragon Fruit Taste Like?

Dragon fruit has a balmy and slenderly sweetness taste, resembling a cross between kiwifruit, pear and sugar beets. The flesh has a slightly crunchy texture, like watermelon or starfruit but slightly softer. Dragon fruit has about no spirit .
Closeup of two whole pink dragon fruits at the peak of ripeness with some minor blemishes which are normal for this tropical fruit

Choosing Dragon Fruit

When good, dragon fruit has bright, evenly colored hide. A few spots are normal, but a lot of dark blotches or blemishes normally indicate it ’ randomness overripe .
The out skin should feel firm with a slight pass. however, mushy clamber or wrinkles/sagging indicate it ’ s besides erstwhile and should be discarded .
Dragon fruits are normally available year-round in asian grocers and sporadically in other grocery store stores. If you can ’ metric ton find any, try ordering on-line ( Amazon ). Once you ’ ve selected the perfect dragon fruit, it ’ second time to cut it up .

Cutting Dragon Fruit

Cutting dragon yield is identical easy. position it on a clean cutting board and cut square through the middle using a large shrill knife :
This photo shows cutting a dragon fruit in half with a chef's knife
then grab a big board spoon and slither it in between the skin the flesh, like you might do with an avocado or chinese gooseberry. You should then be able to lift the pulp out of the skin, or alternatively merely peel the skin off using your fingers :
This photo show how to peel dragon fruit by sliding a large spoon in between the skin and the flesh
set the human body on a cutting board flat-side down and trim off any pink residues, which can be bitter. You can cut up dragon yield into quarters like an apple, slice it widthwise into semicircles, or chop it into cubes or chunks as you like :
This photo shows how to cut up dragon fruit into cubes for fruit salad
Dragon fruit is best when newly cut. If you ’ re not ready to cut right away, it can sit for a day or two at board temperature on the rejoinder. Any longer and you should store it in a sealed ziptop bag in the electric refrigerator for up to one week .
Here is a video tutorial showing how to prepare dragon fruit:

How to Eat Dragon Fruit

once you ’ ve figured out how to cut dragon fruit, you can explore many ways to eat it. The easiest room is straight out of the skin with a spoon as a bite. bill : the hide is not edible .
If you ’ ve already cut the fruit into chunks, you can place them rear into the half-shell for an attractive serve display ( kids love this one ). alternatively, just put into a serving bowl .
How to Eat Dragon Fruit by serving it cubed in its own skin; this photos shows two varieties, both white flesh and purple flesh for an attractive color contrast
While draco fruit is delightful on its own, it ’ mho even better added to fruit salads, smoothies, and desserts. Drinks have besides been trending since Starbucks launched the mango dragon fruit refresher. finally, dragonfruit can be substituted for kiwi in many recipes and goes well with berries, mango, kiwi, pineapple and papaya .
If you ’ re not consuming cut dragon fruit right aside, store it for up to 1 day in an airtight container in the refrigerator. (Tip: sprinkle lemon juice on top to help it stay fresh.) Otherwise, freeze for up to 3 months for use in smoothies alone, since the texture international relations and security network ’ t the lapp for eating after freezing .
This dragon fruit salad bowl is made with chunks of dragon fruit, kiwi, mango and pineapple

More tropical fruits:

Learn how to cut dragon fruit quickly and easily with this step-by-step guide. The sweet flesh is delicious and packed full of nutrients. You can eat dragon fruit on its own as a simple and refreshing snack or add it to fruit salads, smoothies, desserts and more!Print




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How to Cut Dragon Fruit

Learn how to cut dragon fruit quickly and easily with this step-by-step guide. The sweet flesh is delicious and packed full of nutrients. Eat dragon fruit on its own as a simple and refreshing snack or add it to fruit salads, smoothies, desserts and more!


  • 1 medium dragon fruit

Optional Additions


How to Cut Dragon Fruit

  • Place the dragon fruit on a clean cutting board.

  • Using a sharp knife, cut each one in half lengthwise down the middle. The flesh may be white or red.

  • Slide a large table spoon in between the skin and the flesh, sliding it along the peel to separate the flesh (like you might do for an avocado or kiwi).

  • Scoop out the flesh onto the cutting board. Make sure to trim off any pink residues, which can be bitter. (Optional: Reserve the skin halves for serving.)

  • Repeat the previous step for the remaining half.

  • Place the flesh flat-side down and chop into cubes or chunks as desired. You can also slice it widthwise into semicircles.

Dragon Fruit Salad

  • Cut the optional mango, pineapple, and kiwi into chunks.

  • In a medium bowl, combine the cut dragon fruit with the mango, pineapple, and kiwi.

  • Sprinkle lemon juice on top and toss to combine.


  • 1 dragon fruit yields 2 cups of diced fruit.
  • Serving size: 1 1/4 cup
  • Nutrition information provided below includes the optional mango, pineapple, kiwi, and lemon juice.
  • Cut dragon fruit can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for up to one day or frozen for up to 3 months.

nutriment Facts
How to Cut Dragon Fruit

Amount Per Serving

Calories 88

Calories from Fat 9

% Daily Value*

Fat 1g


Saturated Fat 1g


Sodium 17mg


Potassium 252mg


Carbohydrates 21g


Fiber 3g


Sugar 16g


Protein 1g


Vitamin A 509IU


Vitamin C 77mg


Calcium 25mg


Iron 1mg


* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet .
Please read our nutrition disavowal .



Did you make this recipe? Leave a comment below! Equipment for Cutting Dragon Fruit
Dragon Fruit is a delicious tropical fruit with many health benefits. Learn how to cut dragon fruit easily and how to eat it whether you're making a smoothie, fruit salad or snack. #dragonfruit #reddragonfruit #whitedragonfruit
Editor note : originally published Mar 4, 2019 and updated Feb 3, 2020 .

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