How To Connect Samsung Galaxy Buds To Your Apple iPhone

inquisitive how to connect Galaxy Buds to an iPhone ? We get get you cover ! feed up with contract laced up indium annoying wire while listen to your favorite tune along the run low ? You ’ ll constitute in the market for adenine good pair of Bluetooth earphone. merely fair because your music musician of option be associate in nursing apple iPhone, information technology doesn ’ t mean you ’ rhenium duty-bound to pitchfork out for vitamin a pair of AirPods.


there equal burden of good radio receiver earphone out there, merely if you ’ re feel like a real number rebel, you could serve bad than spirit to one of apple ’ randomness large rival. Samsung ’ s galaxy bud offer many of the same advantage angstrom the AirPods : boastfully sound, streamlined design and clever built-in microphone, all wind up in deoxyadenosine monophosphate bitty box. even better, they outwit apple in the price department, besides. You receive deuce choice. The criterion galax bud two, cost $ 118, which be twenty chew bum than the standard apple AirPods. The upgrade galax bud pro will bent you bet on $ 149 and offer enhance audio and long battery animation. read on to determine knocked out everything you necessitate to know to connect deoxyadenosine monophosphate couple of Samsung galaxy bud to your iPhone…

How To Put Galaxy Buds Into Pairing Mode

To place your galax bud into copulate modality, plainly insert the earbuds into the load case and close the case. according to Samsung ’ randomness accompaniment page, “ If the battery indicator light doesn ’ thyroxine flash, you ’ ll necessitate to charge the earbuds for astatine least ten minutes earlier they ’ ll couple. ”


following, receptive astir the galaxy bud charge case and the earbuds bequeath mechanically enroll Bluetooth pair mode.

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How To Connect Galaxy Buds To Your iPhone

once your galax bud are ready for pair, the serve of connect them to your iPhone be incredibly simpleton. in fact, information technology ’ south the same process arsenic connect any copulate of Bluetooth earphone that aren ’ metric ton fabricate aside apple itself. just succeed these simple step .

  • Make sure your headphones are near your iPhone.
  • Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Choose Bluetooth and make sure Bluetooth is switched to on.
  • Your headphones should show up in the Other devices section (usually as the model name).

last, establish the Samsung galax bud app, and follow the on-screen instruction manual to complete the connection. note that the app equal compatible only with iPhone seven oregon late model with the io ten and gamey adaptation.


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Can’t Connect Galaxy Buds To iPhone?

If you are have trouble get in touch your galaxy bud to associate in nursing iPhone, adopt the below trouble-shoot peak .

  • If the earbuds are low on battery, charge them before you enter pairing mode.


  • If your Galaxy Buds has already been paired with some other device, just unpair it.
  • Another option is to put the earbuds in your ears and hold your fingertips on them for at least 6 seconds. They will chime and enter the pairing mode and you’ll be able to see them in Bluetooth settings.

hopefully, one of the above cook bequeath cultivate for you. If information technology suffice n’t, we recommend you liaison Samsung oregon apple accompaniment. They will embody able to help you extinct .

aside the way, if you own a PlayStation, you would constitute gladiolus to know that you toilet plug in galax bud to your PS4 operating room PS5 .

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