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YouTube Channels for Learning to Draw & Paint

Recommended YouTube channels for learning to paint
After a exhaustive analysis of viewing countless current YouTube video recording, I found and recommend the follow channels and instructors for learning to draw and paint .
Drawing and painting are crafts that anybody can learn !

Beginners Painting Tutorials

Tutorials for beginners are aimed for learning to take the first steps in actual painting.

1. Kevin Hill

Kevin Hill YouTube channel for learning to paint
As the website-name says : “ paint with Kevin ”, Kevin Hill takes you step by step through the painting process .
This tutorial channel is desirable for artists who want to get down to painting, and produce their first base landscape artwork in petroleum paints or acrylics .
YouTube impart : KevinOilPainting
Recommended video recording : 3 Secrets To Creating DEPTH OF FIELD In A paint !

2. Paint Basket

Dennis and Nolan Clark YouTube painting channel
The Paint Basket painting channel runs by Dennis & Nolan Clark, forefather and son .
A great plaza to start for beginners in acrylics, oil paint, watercolor, pastels, pen sketch and pencil draw .
YouTube channel : paint basket
Recommended video recording : color Wheel Tutorial – How to Mix Paint

3. Mural Joe

Mural Joe YouTube painting channel
While these tutorials are quite advanced, Joe Cornelius aka Mural Joe, is doing a great job in keeping it childlike .
here you can expect to learn the proficiency and cognition for the crafts of drawing and paint, with stress on all the important factors like position, tinge blend and much more .
Joe is celebrated for his wall paintings ( murals ), using acrylic fiber paint. That said, his oil paintings are just as amazing .
YouTube channel : muraljoe

4. Jerry Yarnell

Jerry Yarnell YouTube painting channel
Jerry Yarnell is a painter, teacher and owner of the Yarnell School of Fine Art. He is besides known from the television receiver prove “ Paint This with Jerry Yarnell ” .
In these tutorials, Jerry teaches some basic understand of the painting summons, including painting rocks, reflections, and other landscape related subjects .
YouTube channel : 1addyrae
Recommended television : painting Rocks with Jerry Yarnell

5. Paint Coach

Paint Coach channel by Chris Fornataro
The groove Paint Coach, by Chris Fornataro, is a topographic point for beginners in oil paint .
Chris makes it slowly to understand by simplifying the paint process, with focus on the all-important fundamentals .
YouTube groove : Paint Coach

Techniques & Equipment

These YouTube channels consider with technical stuff, and go deeper into the fundamentals of drawing and paint .
Find out how to mix colors, which oil painting provision to use, how to create depth, and much more .

6. Bill Martin

Bill Martin YouTube painting channel
A celebrated painter and teacher, Bill Martin ‘s ( 1943 – 2008 ) YouTube groove is arguably the best direction to start for beginners .
These video tutorials will enrich and improve your understand of naturalistic draw and paint .
YouTube channel : Bill Martin ‘s Guides
In accession to video recording tutorials, Bill Martin has two HUGE articles about drawing and anoint paint .
Recommended video : egg-shaped position

7. Draw Mix Paint

Draw Mix Paint YouTube channel
Draw Mix Paint is a duct dedicated to introducing the key factors for all right art oil paint. The highly involve artist Mark Carder runs it .
Leading artists like John Singer Sargent and Diego Velázquez influenced Mark Carder painting style .
Mark manufactures his own singular oil paints, which are available at his web site .
YouTube channel : Draw Mix Paint
Recommended video : How to Match Any Color with Oil Paint

8. Proko

Proko drawing and painting YouTube channel
Entertaining, so far serious, the artist and teacher, Stan Prokopenko aka Proko, focuses on technical foul instructional videos including shade, form, and anatomy .
These tutorials may seem quite advance, but they are aimed and structured for all levels .
The huge team behind this channel are doing a noteworthy job .
YouTube channel : Proko
Recommended video : top 5 Drawing Mistakes
Stan teamed up with overlord teacher Marshall Vandruff to create a ocular draftsman podcast, where they talk in-depth about art. It is highly recommend .
Marshall Vandruff from the draftsmen podcast
YouTube distribution channel : Draftsmen

9. Jason Walcott

Jason Walcott painting YouTube channel
When it comes to understanding the unlike types and brands of pigments for oil painting, Jason Walcott will guide you through this ocean of variety .
This artwork channel is full of in depth reviews and tutorials for equipment and supplies for oil painting, pastels, and other artwork materials .
YouTube groove : Walcott Fine Art

10. Cesar Santos

Cesar Santos painting YouTube channel
The admire and appreciate painter, Cesar Santos, creates stunning fine art in his own unique way, while communicating with classical art as a solid basis .
In his YouTube channel, Cesar takes you behind the fit of painting, and the art world .
YouTube groove : Cesar Santos

11. SLEW

Slew drawing and painting YouTube channel
A fresh groove by a talented artist who shares his artistic travel bit-by-bit .
This is a rare glimpse on how to succeed as an artist in this new genesis of on-line opportunities .
YouTube groove : swerve

Advanced Painting Tutorials

once you have some cognition and have in the craft of paint, these channels will help take your artwork to the adjacent level .

12. Andrew Tischler

Andrew Tischler realistic painting YouTube channel
Andrew Tischler is a talented oil painter who specializes in naturalistic painting .
The tutorials in this distribution channel are advanced, and aimed for the audience who already know how to paint, but want to take their artwork to the future stage, when it comes to realism .
YouTube channel : Andrew Tischler
Recommended video : How to paint a seascape

13. James Gurney

James Gurney painting YouTube channel
James Gurney is an illustrator, plein air out cougar and the generator and illustrator of the popular illustrated koran series, Dinotopia .
In this YouTube channel, Gurney offers all kinds of tips and tricks for creating original art .
In his tutorials, James uses vegetable oil paints, watercolor and gouache .
YouTube channel : James Gurney
Recommended video : How I Paint Dinosaurs

14. Jill Poyerd

Fine art YouTube channel by Jill Poyerd
The cougar Jill Poyerd has exceptionally enlightening videos about important aspects of all right art .
These video recording tutorials will enrich your painting cognition, with many examples from the old masters .
YouTube channel : Jill Poyerd Fine Art
Recommended video : The Forgotten Masters

Pen & Pencil Drawing Tutorials

The craft of drawing is super crucial by itself, or as a footing for painting .
The follow channels will help you get better at drawing, using pencils and pens .

15. Paul Priestley

Drawing channel for beginners - Paul Priestley
If you are a founder, this groove is for you .
Paul Priestley does a capital subcontract using bare techniques to get you started with actual puff .
YouTube channel : Paul Priestley Art
Recommended video recording : draw with Curves

16. Michele Webber

Drawing and watercolor tutorials by Michele Webber
here you will find excellent drawing tips by the artist, and art teacher, Michele Webber .
In addition, her channel is full of watercolour tutorials and early artwork related guides .
YouTube channel : In the Studio with Michele Webber
Recommended television : Drawing Tutorial ( AVOID these 10 Beginners ‘ Mistakes ! )

17. Darrel Tank

Darrel Tank drawing YouTube channel
Darrel Tank is a overcome when it comes to drawing naturalistic portraits .
This duct is packed with high-grade tutorials for all levels .
YouTube channel : Drawing With Darrel Tank

18. Kirsty Partridge

Kirsty Partidge YouTube channel
Kirsty Partridge, a talented artist that focuses on naturalism, runs this YouTube groove .
For beginning artists, these tutorials are very detailed, and easy to understand .
Besides pencil drawing lessons, you will find here colored pencils and watercolor tutorials .
YouTube duct : Kirsty Partridge Art
Recommended video : BIGGEST TIPS for GUARANTEED Realistic Drawings

19. Matt Fussell

Matt Fussell YouTube channel
The Virtual Instructor by Matt Fussell is a channel, which is particularly designed for beginners, covering lots of the material every beginning artist should know .
Tutorials include pencil lottery, watercolour, pastels, acrylics, colored pencils, gouache, and a lot more .
YouTube duct : Drawing & Painting – The Virtual Instructor
Recommended video recording : How to Draw a Portrait with Pen and Ink

20. Alphonso Dunn

Alphonso Dunn pen drawing YouTube channel
For penitentiary and ink tie, Alphonso Dunn offers many video tutorials in his draw channel .
YouTube channel : Alphonso Dunn

21. smoothie77

smoothie77 drawing YouTube channel
Another great YouTube impart for learning realistic pencil-drawing, with focus on landscape .
This distribution channel includes lots of painting demonstration, and some supply and equipment reviews .
YouTube channel : smoothie77

22. Love Life Drawing

Figure drawing YouTube channel by Kenzo and Mayko
The Love Life Drawing groove runs by Kenzo and his florist’s chrysanthemum Mayko, two passionate artists .
here you can find many tutorials that will help you understand the “ how ”, and the “ why ”, particularly for digit reap .
YouTube channel : Love Life Drawing

Perspective Drawing Tutorials

linear position is an important fundamental of drawing .
Unlike drawing from observation, perspective is a set of rules that help you draw from resource .
You can read my article on how to draw in position, for the basics .
The follow YouTube channels and tutorials will help you dive deeper into position .

23. Circle Line Art School

Circle Line Art School YouTube channel
Circle Line Art School is devoted to learning to draw in position .
The artist and teacher, Tom McPherson, presents these tutorials .
simpleton to understand and consequently recommended for beginners .
YouTube channel : Circle Line Art School
Recommended television : How to Draw a Room in 1-Point perspective

24. Dan Beardshaw

Dan Beardshow YouTube channel
Dan Beardshaw has some helpful perspective tutorials .
These tutorials are advanced ; they require basic cognition in position .
YouTube transmit : Dan Beardshaw
Recommended video recording : The Horizon Line & Vanishing Points EXPLAINED

25. The Drawing Database

The Drawing Database with Marc Leone
While The Drawing Database is dedicated to drawing in general, it has a huge focus on human body and position puff .
Professor Marc Leone presents these video recording tutorials in an easy and apprehensible way .
YouTube channel : The Drawing Database

26. Scott Robertson

Scott Robertson YouTube channel for perspective
Scott Robertson is a master of position draw, and an amazing teacher .
He is a highly regard author for drawing books. Some of his tutorials are quite advanced .
YouTube transmit : Scott Robertson

27. Modern Day James

Modern Day James YouTube channel
modern Day James is a channel with detail tutorials for learning to draw .
You will find here many guides on position, figure tie, and other basics. Some in traditional absorb, while others using computer graphics .
YouTube channel : modern Day James
Recommended videos : A six-part introduction to drawing in position : I, II, III, IV, V and VI .

Illustration & Digital Art Tutorials

Drawing and painting are essential for many industries like calculator games, film ( specially fantasy and science fabrication ), liveliness, and comics .
To be a concept artist or a product graphic designer, you have to master these crafts ( drawing and painting ), in order to draw from resource .

28. Spencer Nugent

Spencer Nugent YouTube channel
Spencer Nugent is a skilled architect. His channel ( Sketch-A-Day ) has many tutorials for product design in perspective, both in classic style, and in calculator graphics .
It includes alive streams, which you can watch by and by, if you missed them .
YouTube channel : Spencer Nugent
Recommended television : What the heck is the academic degree of an ellipse ?

29. Swatches

Swatches YouTube channel by Clint Cearley
Swatches is an excellent place for advance instructions for digital art. It runs by the talented concept artist Clint Cearley .
While it offers countless helpful videos with challenges and critics, I suggest scrolling through the video, and watch ALL videos about artwork fundamentals .
YouTube channel : Swatches
Recommended video recording : Best art advice on Drawing Faces

30. Mark Crilley

Mark Crilley YouTube channel
Mark Crilley is a celebrated writer and illustrator of manga books .
This groove includes many manga drawing lessons, and some outstanding tutorials about drawing in perspective .
YouTube duct : Mark Crilley
Recommended video recording : How to Draw Backgrounds ( 1-point Perspective )

31. BaM Animation

BaM Animation YouTube channel
Brent Noll ( a setting couturier ) and Maximus Pauson ( a character interior designer ), are both industry professional artists .
here you will find guides and tips for liveliness, computer games design, illustration, comics, cartoons, and early digital art related topics .
Their tutorials are fun to watch and easy to understand .
YouTube channel : BaM Animation
Recommended television : position Drawing in Photoshop ! Grids and Tips

32. Ross Draws

Ross Draws YouTube channel
Ross Tran is an illustrator and a concept artist .
Besides some amazing tutorials, he draws many characters in his own prompt dash .
YouTube channel : Ross Draws
Recommended video recording : exemplification Master Course – Ep. 3 : portrayal

33. David Finch

YouTube drawing channel by David Finch
David Finch is a professional comedian book artist .
His channel is full of valuable tutorials for drawing figures, shading, and position .
YouTube channel : David Finch
Recommended television : dynamic Figures : Why Your Figures Are firm


As previously stated, anybody can learn to draw and paint .
Hard work & rehearse are substantive but, in ordering to improve, one has to learn constantly .
YouTube channels and instructors, books and articles, are great for learning .
Participating in drawing and paint classes are precisely as crucial .

Where to Go Next?

I always emphasize to my students the importance of learning to draw before ( or aboard ) learning to paint .
here is my scout for realistic pencil draw .
In my guide for painting reality, you will learn about the 8 key factors to achieve realistic results.

In any case, the world is cubic, but your paper ( besides canvas tent, wall, computer screen ) is planar. therefore, you need to create an illusion of astuteness and distance .
To create that illusion, read about the 15 testify ways to create the illusion of depth ( with MANY examples ) .

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