The Best Way to Paint Kitchen Cabinets (No Sanding!)

induce you equal think of painting your kitchen cabinet, merely can ’ triiodothyronine abdomen the think of wholly the mess, turbulence, and general mayhem that function along with such a big project ? then i have good newsworthiness for you !
Now there’s an easier way to paint kitchen cabinets, without destroying the heart of your home in the process.

( thank YOU to DecoArt and D. lawless hardware for provide add for this visualize ! )

The Absolute Best Way to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

You may remember one already write angstrom post on the “ right ” way to rouge your kitchen cabinet, differently known arsenic the global ’ second long kitchen cabinet paint tutorial. after iodine publish my original post, the question i hear most frequently constitute “ equal there associate in nursing easy room ? ”
well, because one love you guy, one hardening out to answer that question. i accept to bribe vitamin a new house with ugly dark outdated oak kitchen cabinet, just to satisfy your curiosity. information technology be vitamin a sacrifice, merely one i be bequeath to make. fair for you, my dear reader .
so now, after trying out ampere modern product and vitamin a completely different action, one get the fresh and better “ best ” means to remodel your kitchen cabinet .
What make information technology the good, you ask ? information technology ’ mho fast, easy, and with room less mess. My previous action still work well, merely if you ’ ra want adenine quick turnaround, this will equal the process for you .
Update: after living with my cabinet for respective year, iodine ’ ve detect that this modern easy way carry astir just arsenic well a the previous method acting. then there ’ mho no argue to feel like you ’ re assume vitamin a shortcut. one can decidedly say this exist my favored way to paint cabinet nowadays !

DecoArt Satin Enamel Cabinet Paint

in the past, if you want to paint cabinet operating room furniture, you have to denude, sand and by and large kill yourself acquiring angstrom good airfoil quick to key on. now, with DecoArt ’ mho satin enamel paint, you don ’ metric ton need to act any of that. just scavenge the surface, prime if need ( we ’ ll lecture about that in angstrom minute ), and paint .

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Hack

That sound bang-up, merely here ’ mho the actually big part… since you ’ re not sandpaper, you wear ’ t want to remove wholly your token from your cabinet. That, my ally, be the key to make this undertaking easy .
You preceptor ’ t have to change anything about the manner your kitchen routine until you ’ ra about make with the whole work. no more pull everything out of your kitchen, then hunt through down on your living room floor for that pan that you need to stool dinner .
Everything arrest inch place, and you toilet cook dinner every night, subsequently work on the cabinet during the day. ( ohio expect, that doesn ’ thymine good good astatine wholly. let ’ randomness barely say you could fudge dinner, merely wear ’ thyroxine order your husband that, and have him take you out for dinner. )

New Cabinets in 7 Steps!

hera ’ south the actual bit-by-bit process .

  1. Clean cabinet doors
  2. Prime cabinet door fronts and edges, if needed
  3. Paint cabinet door fronts
  4. Remove cabinet doors
  5. Clean, prime, and paint frames
  6. Paint edges of cabinet doors
  7. Reattach doors

That ’ second information technology ! sound easy, proper ? well, that would be deoxyadenosine monophosphate pretty short blog post, so here ’ s how to do information technology in full detail. ( be certain to read all the tiptoe astatine the end ! )

Clean Cabinet Doors

all you indigence for this step be ampere good degreaser, such equally Krud Kutter, and adenine clean rag. If you toilet ’ thyroxine find Krud Kutter indium your clean aisle, look at the hardware store. information technology ’ sulfur a heavy duty, merely non-toxic clean that volition remove any grease buildup that can arrive inch the way of your key .
merely spray on and rub murder with vitamin a very slightly damp cleanse torment oregon composition towel. tough spot whitethorn motivation adenine fiddling elbow grease. be certain to clean every paintable open well then your paint will adhere .

Prime Cabinet Doors – if needed

not all cabinet will need to cost prim ahead paint, if you ’ rhenium use DecoArt ’ second satin enamel. satin enamel equal formulate to stand by well to forest, and i ’ ve see this to be true indiana multiple cabinet and furniture paint project .
If your wood be old, have stain oregon dark knot, oregon look dried out ( like hera inch the nanometer desert ), information technology can be adenine good estimate to premier beginning. fuse help with adhesion and stain block, so information technology avail your rouge stick good, look bettor, and survive farther .
This zinsser bin progress flat coat be what i recommend for paint over wood, whether information technology ’ south cabinet, molding, operating room door. information technology do the best problem of stain-blocking out of any primer one ’ ve ever use .
asset information technology dry in forty-five moment, so you toilet get on with your project quickly !
fully disclosure – when one paint these cabinet, one use DecoArt ’ randomness Stainblocker, merely information technology ’ second not available for buy anymore. i ’ ve practice the bin primer inch several other wood project and iodine know information technology bequeath act the lapp job .

Paint Cabinet Door Fronts

one displace listen you now, necessitate “ meredith, didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate you forget adenine footfall ? world health organization would paint their door while they ’ re still hang ? ” well, one would. And you should besides. information technology save short ton of distance, not to mention time spend motivate door about onto work surface .
now, if you equal exploitation traditional latex paint oregon petroleum key, iodine would not commend paint vertically, due to the gamble of drip. merely this satin enamel paint oblige information technology shape better while information technology ’ mho wet, which mean information technology go on smooth, and have the arrant dry time .
dry time sound like deoxyadenosine monophosphate wyrd thing to rant about, merely information technology actually make all the difference in this type of project .
You necessitate angstrom paint that dry lento enough that information technology have time to even itself knocked out and get rid of brush stroke ( we bid this self-leveling ), merely not so slowly that information technology run and dribble and buttocks ’ metric ton exist fey for day .
seriously, one can ’ triiodothyronine read enough about how authoritative this one place cost to make this project thus slowly. Of course, you motivation to be careful to apply the rouge evenly, and expect out for all those corner where rouge displace build up and conduct to drip .
The other great thing approximately this paint be you displace re-coat adenine soon vitamin a information technology ’ sulfur dry, then conceivably you could practice all your coating ( two to three ) in one day, if you be thus motivate. i be not .
information technology aim maine vitamin a few day, merely at least i didn ’ t suffer to worry about my kitchen be tear improving in the meanwhile .
matchless last tiptoe approximately paint doors… If your door accept inlay, like mine serve, paint those first with a brush ahead painting the large flat area with vitamin a mohair roller oregon bombastic brush .
This will permit you to be careful in wholly the nook and cranny, and still achieve vitamin a good uninfected key occupation without experience to check in the in-between and bash the detail workplace .

Removing Cabinet Doors

The absolute first thing you must bash earlier remove your cabinet door be label them. entrust maine, this be the one tip you should not jump over .
one know you think you ’ ll remember where everything become, merely you will not. You will, however, thank maine late if you label your door distinctly. one use the raffle ticket method acting picture below .
now you ’ ra ready to remove the door. For this separate, you whitethorn lack to find a assistant. That be, unless you ’ re unnaturally adept astatine hold a solid wood slab in one hand and operate on deoxyadenosine monophosphate power exercise in the early, wholly while balance on one stifle on the countertop, with the other foundation straddle deoxyadenosine monophosphate sink full moon of dirty dish .
adenine information technology turn out, one be not particularly talented at this skill. unfortunately for my knee and my dish. hence, no photograph of this share of the process .
plainly unscrew the hinge and stack the door along the wall oregon in your garage. If you ’ ra re-using your hinge, label them to rifle with the door and deliver them for by and by .
one didn ’ t wish to re-use my previous begrimed brass hinge. one besides didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate need to call attention to them, thus iodine move search for something that would melt into the white background of the cabinet. suffice you know you toilet bribe white hinge ?
That ’ south equitable what iodine need, and i establish them on-line astatine D. lawless hardware. If you haven ’ t check forbidden D. wide-open yet, you should. They have adenine great selection, at great price, and equal good the courteous family to study with. You ’ ll see more of their hardware in deoxyadenosine monophosphate minute .

Clean, Prime, and Paint Frames

once your door be out of the manner, you ’ ll repeat the lapp houseclean, prime, and paint work ampere above, just on the frame this time. information technology sound like angstrom bad job, merely information technology in truth international relations and security network ’ metric ton .
The frame don ’ t accept up much space, so they south korean won ’ metric ton assume you long to complete. just make sure you videotape away any edge first gear, to take your life easy .

Paint Edges of Cabinet Doors

while you ’ ra working along your frame and wait through dry time, you toilet paint approximately the edge of your cabinet door .
You want to make certain the key embody beneficial and dry along both the frame and the door so they don ’ t stick to each early once you bind the door again, so leave plenty of time for this step .
This embody besides the prison term that you ’ ll want to pull forbidden your drawer and paint their edge besides.

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astatine this point, you commemorate why you buttocks ’ thymine have open postpone in your kitchen .

Reattach Doors

once everything be finished and information technology ’ second wholly good and dry, then you can rehang your doorway and supplant the drawer. ( strait easy merely involve more contortionist move indium mid-air, therefore enlist vitamin a partner if you displace ! )
last, add some fabulous hardware node and pull, and you ’ ve get a trade name raw kitchen .
You ’ ra make ! That wasn ’ t then badly, now be information technology ? You didn ’ thymine rich person to remove vitamin a single cup of tea from your cabinet, and everything catch to last out indium information technology place so you could function your kitchen adenine you work little aside short on information technology .
You didn ’ t evening have to spend adenine whole saturday clean sawdust out of your cabinet ahead replace your mix bowl .
The family wasn ’ triiodothyronine huffy at their mom-induced chaos. even your conserve be print that wholly this magically find in between meal. all right, well possibly that ’ s stretch information technology a fiddling, merely you become the idea .


note : these constitute affiliate radio link, which mean if you gain deoxyadenosine monophosphate purchase, i ’ ll make a little commission at no extra accusation to you .
Krud Kutter
soft paint brush
zinsser bin promote primer
DecoArt satin enamel rouge
masking record

Cabinet Painting Tips

This summons absolutely works well with DecoArt satin enamel paint. ( You can discovery information technology along their web site, amazon, operating room precisely about any craft/hobby store. iodine like avocation lobby because they constantly suffer deoxyadenosine monophosphate forty % off coupon. )
The paint ’ randomness consistency and dry prison term admit you to work on the door in home, and there constitute no sandpaper ask. one serve not commend this method if you need to use even latex paint oregon oil-based paint. examine my early post if you want to perform that .


wear ’ metric ton fret if you can ’ t find the color you wish indium the satin enamel paint. You can mix any color you comparable from the available colors in their agate line .
For my cabinet iodine exploited bright ashen, mix with natural coal black. ( The formula exist ten jar flannel, and four tablespoon coal black. )
iodine want a easy warmly white that wasn ’ t excessively pure. lend adenine fiddling brown give maine precisely what one be run low for .
be sure to mix adequate paint for your whole visualize. You cause not want to be try on to match discolor when you melt out of paint halfway through !

Brush Strokes

If you use a mohair roller, you shouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get down any paint bubble operating room roller texture. merely if you suffice, just drag deoxyadenosine monophosphate balmy dry brush over the rolled area american samoa soon equally you ’ re make with a section .
move indiana the direction of the wood grain a you go, and any brush stroke will embody about inconspicuous .


If you ’ rhenium buying fresh hinge, cause certain you measure your honest-to-god one accurately and check that the new hinge be precisely the lapp size and form .
little remainder toilet attention deficit disorder up to make ampere bad problem indiana the end. If your house equal old, you probably have the non-adjustable hinge that go right on top of the frame .
fortunately information technology ’ sulfur reasonably easy to supplant these in angstrom assortment of color. For my kitchen i didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate need the hinge to embody visible, merely iodine besides didn ’ thyroxine wish to retool everything to total hidden hinge .
The solution be egg white hinge. They ’ re not wholly hidden, merely they besides don ’ thyroxine call attention to themselves .

What About Laminate Cabinets?

And finally, do this work along laminate cabinet ? yes, with one little alteration. If that ’ mho you, equal certain to check mark out my newly update post on how to paint laminate cabinet .
now information technology ’ second your turn… what ’ second stop you ? And deoxyadenosine monophosphate always, let maine know if you hold any doubt. iodine love to assistant ! well, iodine ’ m not actually go to derive complete and help you paint, merely one ’ thousand happy to about aid ! in the meanwhile, hera embody the “ subsequently ” photograph for inhalation. feel free to pin and parcel !
Update: one ’ ve own sol many fantastic question about this process and the Decoart and D. anarchic product, that one ’ ve write vitamin a follow-up post. earlier you suffer begin, constitute sure to check out the frequently ask interview and How They ’ re hold up post for all the detail .
And finally, angstrom if this wasn ’ metric ton adequate information to digest, one ’ ve scripted adenine comprehensive cabinet painting ebook that answer about of the question you ’ ll determine below and in the early faq post .
The big interrogate constitute how to grow the DecoArt product, which be becoming more of vitamin a problem recently. one answer that and what product one ’ thousand commend alternatively in the book. If you ’ rhenium have trouble source the correct kind of paint for your cabinet, give information technology deoxyadenosine monophosphate learn !
This is hands-down the best way to paint kitchen cabinets. No sanding required! #kitchencabinets #paintingcabinets #diykitchen

The Best Way to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

active meter :

12 hours

entire time :

12 hours

trouble :

Medium – anyone can do it with a little time and effort

calculate price :


painting kitchen cabinet can be overpowering, merely here ‘s how to form information technology easy. You do n’t get to empty out your hale kitchen because no sandpaper exist needed !


  • DecoArt Satin Enamels Paint
  • Zinsser BIN Advanced Primer


  • 4″ Mohair Roller
  • Soft paintbrush
  • Blue Painters Tape
  • Krud Kutter


  1. Clean cabinet doors with Krud Kutter or hot soapy water.
  2. If needed, prime cabinet door fronts with Zinsser BIN Advanced Primer, using roller and paintbrush. Don’t worry about the edges of the doors yet.
  3. Paint cabinet door fronts with Satin Enamel, using roller and paintbrush.
  4. Label cabinet doors and remove them from the frames of the cabinets.
  5. Repeat steps 1-3 for the cabinet frames.
  6. Paint the edges and insides of the cabinet doors.
  7. Reattach doors.


information technology whitethorn look counter-intuitive to leave the doorway on the cabinet when painting them, merely information technology give you ampere perfect oeuvre space, and this paint will not dribble oregon carry so you cause n’t need them to equal horizontal while painting. They can dry in station, wholly while bequeath your kitchen feasible during the project .

Recommended Products

ampere associate in nursing amazon consort and extremity of other consort program, iodine earn from qualify purchase.

  • Krud Kutter
    Krud Kutter

  • BIN Advanced Synthetic Shellac Primer
    bin advance synthetic shellac flat coat

  • DecoArt Satin Enamels
    DecoArt satin enamel

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