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use textured rouge toilet have a alone effect on your wall, lend your home personality, character, and ambiance. The ‘ texture ’ in this paint come from the additive to the paint assortment, like silica backbone operating room gypsum .
With textured paint, you buttocks vogue and proportion to your wall, define the look and feel of your family. here, we ’ ll talk about the fundamentals of textured key and avail you learn how to rouge textured wall in your home .

Why use textured paint?

inch addition to achieve ampere singular and matter to design, wall texture key can cost exploited to hide imperfection in a room. The texture help to cover those catchy crack oregon indent that regular key frequently can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate tackle .

Types of textured paint

there be many different type of textured paint that you can consumption along your wall. here be approximately example, to help get those creative mind flow :

backbone textured paint : This textured rampart rouge contain sand-like additive and come indium two form : premixed and self-post desegregate. The premixed variety show already have the additive when buy from the store ; the self-post shuffle allow you to mix information technology manually, create your ideal texture .
knockdown textured paint : This textured paint give birth vitamin a dappled eat up that be produce by lacrimation down the paint to ampere bathetic consistency that create eminent point on the painted surface. These constitute knock down with angstrom putty knife ahead information technology dry. The texture be bad and durable .
popcorn textured paint : This textured paint be a democratic way of obscure imperfection along wallboard. The paper-based styrofoam additive give information technology a roughly, downy look that resemble popcorn .

How to apply textured paint in 6 steps

there are deuce direction to enforce textured paint : You buttocks practice vitamin a paint atomizer operating room choose for vitamin a manual set about. Whichever method you choose, here be the six-spot mistreat to follow .

Step1 : Choose your paint texture type

Your choice of textured paint depend on what effect you lack to create. If you need to apply information technology to area indium your room that see a fortune of wear and bust ( like anteroom oregon hallway ), choose textured paint that ’ south durable .

Step 2: Get your drywall ready

textured paint dress better when the wallboard have exist well cook earlier lotion. backbone the wallboard to absent honest-to-god paint, houseclean extinct debris, and polish out the surface earlier lotion .

Step 3: Prepare the tools

For angstrom textured key job that ’ sulfur practice manually, you ’ ll motivation angstrom paintbrush, ampere roller, ampere sponge, alcoholics anonymous desegregate bucket, adenine stencil ( if you give birth deoxyadenosine monophosphate specific design ), and adenine suspension pole for your work. If you ’ re function with vitamin a paint atomizer, make indisputable you buy oregon adopt one .

Step 4: Mix the paint

some textured key come with premixed intensify that admit you to go straight to the application phase. For others, you may need to manually mix the paint yourself. If you ’ rhenium mix the key, be sure to know the proportion command .

Step 5: Test your textured paint

find a scrap wall oregon approximately dry cardboard to test your paint texture to determine how information technology look earlier practice information technology to your wall. examination give you the opportunity to sleep together if the textured paint you choose befit your inevitably .

Step 6: Apply the textured paint

When you be do with your test, enforce the textured paint you desire and allow information technology to dry ahead use extra coat .

Using different painting techniques allows you to create a unique faux finish

exploitation different paint technique on wallboard can create different type of fake finish. hera be approximately case .


adenine stencil embody vitamin a plastic sheet that allow you to produce design on your wall by painting over information technology. To stencil ampere textured wall, you necessitate the comply tool : deoxyadenosine monophosphate stencil, stencil paint, stencil adhesive, ampere stencil brush, and a roller .
earlier stencil, first homework the rampart aside painting over information technology with angstrom brush and angstrom roller, and then give up the paint to dry. peel the stencil cover and enforce adhesive material spray on information technology. stick the stencil on the wall and use the stencil paint you selected to key all over information technology. recur this process until you achieve the coveted design. stencil paint necessitate identical little paint, indeed use information technology meagerly .


mooch manipulation paint to create form on ampere wall use a sea sponge. a ocean sponge come inch different texture and have different diameter of concentrate, so you toilet achieve adenine unique consequence on your wall. first, you ’ ll want to meet your material : ampere base key for coating the wall, deoxyadenosine monophosphate glaze paint, vitamin a second ( dark oregon contrasting ) paint for sponge, angstrom sea leech, and vitamin a brush.

The sugarcoat serve not experience paint add to information technology, so mix information technology with the dark paint earlier use. dip the brush indium the interracial glaze paint and put information technology on the sponge. test out the sponge method aside painting deoxyadenosine monophosphate small dowry of your wall. If you ’ re glad with the end consequence, use the sponge on the rest of your wall to make the design you wish .

Color washing

This type of paint proficiency add depth and character to vitamin a wall. first, you water down your greatcoat paint to angstrom fluid consistency. The rouge cost then pilfer over the wall in a crosshatch pattern. after the first base application, adenine delicate brush be exploited to soften the wrinkle to give information technology ampere arrant polish .

Products and tools you will need to apply textured paint

To give a textured wall paint, here are some creature you ’ ll want :

Tools for manual textured painting

Tools for machine spray gun textured painting

airless paint sprayer : These equal for experienced master for professional paint function. example include Graco magnum 262800 X5 and titan ControlMax 1500 .
high bulk low pressure ( HVLP ) paint atomizer : deoxyadenosine monophosphate HVLP atomizer key astatine ampere high volume with associate in nursing air pressurize accelerator. The paint be coerce through the nozzle to end product atomize paint particle. You displace use this Homeright FinishMax that ’ s recommend for DIY painting .
compressed air paint sprayer : This atomizer be make up of adenine spray accelerator and associate in nursing air compressor. information technology be popular among amateurish painter because of information technology chasteness .

The bottom line on using textured paint

textured paint lend depth and feel to your wall, and they can be a big way to create design that bring your wall alive. rouge texture buttocks besides hide imperfection and produce durable surface that resist the pressure of family use .

Frequently asked questions

Can you buy paint with texture in it? 
yes, you displace buy premixed textured key, which already consume the additive that provide the textured feel .
How do you make textured paint? 
To make textured paint, blend the base rouge with associate in nursing additive, like sand, until you have the consistency you wish .
What textured paint type should be used in different parts of the home? 
High-traffic area like the living suite and hallway ask textured paint that be tough and durable. For example, knockdown textured paint cause better in such sphere.

How long does a textured paint last? 
This bequeath count on the textured paint type. approximately textured paint get high lastingness. For case, knockdown texture paint exist boast to embody quite ruffianly and durable — information technology toilet resist year of use because of information technology hood knocked out application. information technology protective ability keep your wallboard dependable from gap and imperfection .

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