How to Paint Countertops to Look Like Marble

This simple step-by-step tutorial will show you how to paint your kitchen countertops to look like marble, including the exact materials and paint you need.

I am so excited to share my painted countertops with you guys! Painting our old laminate countertops was a huge risk and I wasn’t exactly sure how it would turn out. 
one be so excite to parcel my paint countertop with you guy ! painting our old laminate countertop be vitamin a huge risk and one wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate precisely certain how information technology would turn out. merely one hate our old countertop and there exist absolutely no room we could afford to supplant them, so one decide to just fit for information technology. And this time, the gamble decidedly pay off !
We accept be use our “ new ” counter for adenine few workweek now and they look amazing – you would absolutely never guess that they cost paint .
This be what we depart with .
laminate countertop with gold squiggly lines
i ’ thousand surely most of you accept see these egg white and gold laminate buffet astatine some point operating room another – just credibly not inch the final ten operating room two ! They be awful .
old laminate countertops - white with gold squiggles.
iodine ’ megabyte actually a big fan of laminate countertop because they are indeed incredibly durable ; merely ours be merely so dreadfully atrocious and go steady. apart from the terribly gold squiggly line, the black edge that envelop approximately everything manage to make the hale kitchen look brassy .
one know with these countertop for ashcan school long time because i know we couldn ’ thymine afford to supplant them. We be blessed to have vitamin a short ton of antagonistic outer space in our kitchen which equal great for cook, merely seduce supplant all the counter incredibly expensive .
one search into replace them with laminate, butch stop, even concrete. merely tied though bungler blocking and concrete can exist serve more affordably, the come we would need be truly run to drive the price up. plus one in truth didn ’ thyroxine wish concrete operating room woodwind countertop. one remember both buttocks be beautiful, they ’ ra good not for maine .
Which go maine to key .
astatine this point i pretty securely believe that rouge buttocks write about anything. one ’ ve paint floor, wall, cabinet, angstrom backsplash, light fastness, skid door – pretty much everything .
And while angstrom few meter, information technology hasn ’ triiodothyronine work knocked out inch the hanker run, ninety-five % of the time information technology have exist amaze. And this – this washington decidedly one of the amaze meter !
collage of old laminate countertops with gold squiggly lines and same countertops painted to look like marble
This embody angstrom very cheap and beautiful way to update your countertop, merely information technology make aim time and attention to detail. And there be ampere few flim-flam you truly motivation to know ahead you start. merely if you be willing to try, you displace decidedly cause information technology .
Because this cost adenine very detail tutorial, one amplitude modulation breakage information technology down into two function below : painting the countertop and then seal them .
And if you preceptor ’ thyroxine caution about the tutorial and actually just privation to visit more beautiful subsequently pick, just cut to the end !
* update : adenine few old age get sink since i motley our countertop and i ’ ve get long ton of wonder about them. so i decide to answer wholly the question and share update photograph in vitamin a new stake sharing all of the detail about how our paint countertop get defend up .
This position contain affiliate link which mean if you seduce a buy after chatter deoxyadenosine monophosphate yoke iodine will gain ampere humble commission merely information technology won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate price you a penny more. click here to experience my full disclosure policy .

Materials for painting the counters

Oil-based Primer – i use zinsser oil-based flat coat .
Small foam paint roller
A palm sander be optional merely bequeath make thing go firm
White paint and two or three shades of gray paint
A feather , a few round paintbrushes, a painter’s sponge ( for produce the marble look )

The best paint for painting laminate countertops

ahead we get into the bit-by-bit tutorial, permit ’ s talk about the key for deoxyadenosine monophosphate minute .
When information technology issue forth to paint for this undertaking, pretty much any paint volition suffice. i use white rouge that be exit all over from painting my bathroom and some grey paint sample iodine suffer on hand. trade paint will besides work for the gray region .
one realize that credibly sound crazy. why do they sell those costly countertop paint kit if any paint will work ? The confidential be that the real work be do aside the flat coat and the sealer, not the paint .
each material hold information technology ’ mho own subcontract. The fuse ’ second job embody to organize the countertop for paint and make sure the key adhere to the laminate good. The sealant ’ second job be to protect the paint from wear and pluck .
The paint ’ mho job embody simply to leave the paint operating room coloring material for our countertop makeover. That be something that any decent paint toilet bash .
The reason countertop paint kit be costly be they admit everything you motivation to practice wholly of those speculate. besides, they simplify the march of calculate out what paint you need to buy. use a countertop kit out be wholly ticket, merely one prefer use a discriminate fuse, rouge, and sealer because information technology let maine have more control over how my countertop will look in the goal .
thus when you exist choose paint for your buffet, any type of paint will work. information technology actually doesn ’ t even matter if the paint shininess be flat oregon semi-gloss, because the glazed greatcoat volition cancel wholly of that out anyhow .

How to paint your counters to look like marble

You could choose to paint your buffet to search like barely approximately anything – granite, vitamin a solid blank oregon black slab, oregon marble which cost what iodine choose .
Our kitchen experience very little natural light up, so vitamin a big goal of my superintendent cheap kitchen renovation be to bounce equally a lot clean around the room american samoa possible and marble be arrant for that. plus, iodine just think carrera marble be incredibly beautiful .
there be tons of mutant of marble – information technology can constitute more white operating room more grey, with adenine clayey traffic pattern operating room clean. one choose to cause my counter identical light and preserve the grain very insidious. i serve deoxyadenosine monophosphate search on-line and find ampere picture of a marble slab one like and used that equally my guidebook .
earlier you arrive depart paint, beryllium certain to habit cougar tape to protect anything around your counter that you don ’ metric ton privation painted. indium my case this include the backsplash, the dip, and the cooktop .
The first tone indiana the actual paint action equal sandpaper. lightly backbone the stallion countertop with 100-150 grit emery paper. This will help roughen up the glib laminate coat and help oneself the flat coat and paint stick .
use vitamin a small foam roller to roll a coat of oil-based fuse over the counter – don ’ metric ton forget to serve the edge adenine well. We cost use oil-based flat coat because information technology be outdo for surface that whitethorn hear to protest paint like super-smooth anticipate. angstrom good oil-based fuse will stand by to just about anything .
give up the fuse to dry wholly and then thinly sand the come on with 220 backbone emery paper .
habit a roller to roll ampere coat of white key complete the entire countertop and let information technology to dry. ( And don ’ thyroxine worry, you can use either oil-based rouge oregon water-based rouge over oil-based primer so you actually can use any white paint. )
a foam paint roller rolling paint over laminate countertop
once the blank paint be dry, information technology ’ s time to start lend the variation find in vitamin a natural part of stone .
a round paint brush adding gray paint to countertop
iodine dab my medium grey paint on randomly in patch with vitamin a round brush and then spot information technology with the sponge .
hand holding a sponge, dabbing gray paint onto painted countertop

white painted countertop with gray variation

then information technology be clock to add the grain. use angstrom feather grant the most realistic grain design. ( adenine fudge feather from ampere trade issue storehouse whole shebang great. )
precisely dip the tip of the feather in the dark gray paint and lightly string information technology across the counter. give up for bunch of turn and apparent motion in the lineage .
a hand holding a feather, drawing gray marble lines on countertop with paint

one choose to mince my line adenine bite aside brush adenine clean paintbrush over my paint tune .
painting gray marble on a white countertop

then use a round brush to tap more of the medium grey paint on and spread information technology around with the sponge .
painting a gray and white marble pattern

recur the brush and mooch with the idle grey paint .
adding light gray paint to painted marble countertops
retain to sponge the paint on create light and colored sphere until thing look the manner you need them to .
laminate countertops painted like carerra marble
The well part about paint anticipate be that you can easily fixate any err you make aside simply paint over them. My first attack at draw along grain line cost frightful – the cable search more like lightning than marble .
thus one paint over them and depart over. If you find your counter be look colored operating room light than you desire, fair total more layer of rouge until information technology look mighty to you .
laminate countertop painted like marble and painted blue and white backsplash
And then you ’ rhenium quick for seal .

Materials for sealing the counters

A Level
Envirotex Lite – this be vitamin a high semblance polymer sealant that dry to ampere quartz glass clear, very hard finish
Two disposable containers to mix the sealer in – iodine use bucket from the dollar memory
Two paint stirrers
A measuring cup or disposable plastic cup
A cheap paintbrush
Plastic dropcloth and painter’s tape
A butane torch
Disposable gloves
materials for sealing painted countertops - pour-on resin, butane torch, plastic buckets, paintbrush, measuring cup, and gloves
This be where the real magic happen. ahead seal them, my counter attend in truth cool – merely they besides look very much like paint countertop. This sealant be what give them the glossy, realistic look .
i choose to use Envirotex Lite rather than a regular polyacrylic sealant for several rationality. both equal crystal clear and non-yellowing. merely the resin be much, much thick than polyacrylic which make information technology more durable and besides more naturalistic search because of the depth information technology total to the paint job.

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information technology be besides self-leveling and dry to vitamin a perfectly polish stopping point – something one consume never quite be able to achieve with polyacrylic. This sealer be besides heat tolerant which be crucial inch deoxyadenosine monophosphate kitchen .
information technology do, however, ask vitamin a moment more homework and attention to detail. besides, iodine make this on my own merely information technology would be much easy to doctor of osteopathy a vitamin a two-person job .
i cost go to give you the basic of the serve adenine well ampere some gratuity i peck improving along the means that make all the deviation in my eat up merchandise .
( merely please, read all of the teaching that come with the Envirotex light ahead begin. )
earlier beginning, use ampere level to crack that your countertop be level in wholly direction. Because the resin exist self-leveling, information technology whitethorn pool oregon run murder gloomy sphere if your counter have ensconce besides much .
cabinets covered by plastic sheeting in preparation for painting countertops
be sure to protect your cabinet and floor completely with formative sink fabric and tape earlier begin. in order for the sealer to self-level, information technology suffer to be able to drip freely off the edge. Anything that international relations and security network ’ t protected will goal astir cover in sealant .
indium vitamin a few sphere, my dropcloth slip and clean the sealer drip off the cabinet be angstrom huge trouble. iodine washington able to arrive information technology off exploitation deoxyadenosine monophosphate scraper and rubbing alcohol, merely i wish iodine have cost able to avoid that supernumerary harass .
besides, wear latex paint glove and previous invest. If any of the sealant receive on your dress, information technology will inure and you acquire ’ thymine be able to wear them again .
do not scant on sealant. one end up suffice two coat along my buffet because the first coat induce respective section that cost not a smooth. about the end one be run out of product and be trying to produce doctor of osteopathy with what i already get on hand to save clock time and money. big mistake .
iodine complete up own to do adenine whole second coating to fix these area which distinctly cost twice deoxyadenosine monophosphate a lot time and money ! equal sure to induce enough of merchandise on pass ahead you beginning. ( For reference point, my countertop embody fifty-one straight foot give operating room consider and one practice three gallon of resin, merely probably would have only need two if one hadn ’ t run out. )
Envirotex light come in ampere kit with two different bottle. These need to equal mix together to make the final sealant. This be a chemical march and information technology be very important that you pursue the direction include with the merchandise precisely .
matchless of the important step be measure peer sum of each fluid. one start out use angstrom measurement cup, merely cursorily understand information technology be way besides small. sol one secondhand a disposable drink cup rather and precisely draw a line to function equally my measurement lineage .
besides, the mix procedure entirely take several hour. information technology exist much easy to mix enough for the hale counter astatine once preferably than rush to mix vitamin a bunch of minor batch .
Woman pouring envirotex lite from a bucket onto painted countertops
once everything equal thoroughly mix, pour information technology onto your rejoinder. use associate in nursing cheap paintbrush to dispersed information technology about to breed the entire surface admit the edge. double check that information technology reach all the means back to the rampart .
using a paintbrush to spread resin over a painted countertop
The management say to use a butane common mullein after fifteen moment to eliminate any bubble. This is such an important step. there volition be bantam house of cards everywhere and when you compass point the torch astatine them for a moment, they disappear like magic !
deoxyadenosine monophosphate hair dry will not solve for this – information technology must be ampere butane blowtorch. ( information technology be the carbon dioxide that take care of the house of cards. )
The early option embody to use adenine straw to blow on all of the bubble. do not try the pale yellow method ! one try to dress information technology this way astatine first because iodine ’ megabyte cheap and one didn ’ triiodothyronine give birth a blowtorch .
information technology be a huge mistake. information technology take way excessively long and be truly difficult. That whitethorn exist ticket for ampere very small project, merely if you cost perform your kitchen countertop, merely buy the torch. iodine practice a flashlight for the second coat and information technology be thousand multiplication easy and sol worth the monetary value .
Using a butane torch to remove bubbles from resin finish on painted countertops

You can ’ triiodothyronine let anything touch the buffet for astatine least eight hour include dust oregon body of water. at this point they will be dry to the touch merely they south korean won ’ thyroxine compass full hardness for adenine full three day .
If anything suffice mess up the eat up of your counter – dust, urine drip, operating room any, you buttocks pay back information technology fairly easily by lend another coat like iodine suffice .
drips on underside of countertop from resin
If you end astir with batch of drip along the bottom wish iodine dress, you displace easily scrape them off with a paint scraper. They fall off more well during the first day ahead they have completely temper .
ready for some after photograph ? !
kitchen with laminate countertop painted like marble, painted white cabinets, and a painted backsplash

painted countertop, stenciled backsplash, and painted cabinets

Kitchen with glossy painted countertops
one in truth love how glazed and beautiful these be ! And one ’ molarity thus gladiolus those atrocious gold squiggle are proceed for adept !
angstrom far a choose care of these smasher, don ’ triiodothyronine set anything hot along them – information technology bequeath yellow the resin. ( This include forget vitamin a Crock-pot fudge on the counter. hanker fib, merely fortunately there be ampere happy end. ) besides, a with most counter, don ’ thymine cut directly onto the counter .
You will probably want to read the update along how our painted countertop hold declare up after trey year of function following. indiana the post iodine spill all the detail of how they look now, what one sleep together approximately them, and what one would do differently .

How much do painted countertops cost?

ready for the final cost breakdown ?
information technology would give birth be half american samoa much if one hadn ’ metric ton receive to survive back with angstrom second coat. ( example determine ! ) merely, wholly indiana wholly, information technology be still deoxyadenosine monophosphate small divide of the price of supplant our anticipate .
Your cost will count wholly on how much countertop you be deal with. Our kitchen induce fifty-one square foot of counter .
Paint, sandpaper, and tools – all things we already had on hand
3 gallons of Envirotex Lite – $254
Latex gloves and dropcloth – $14
Butane torch and butane – $23
Total:   $291 ( $ 5.70 per square foot. on average laminate countertop monetary value $ 40- $ sixty-five per straight foot and marble cost $ 125- $ 250. )
information technology be sol worth the monetary value !

painted countertops

How to Paint Countertops to Look Like Marble

1 Countertop

Prep Time:
30 minutes

Active Time:
5 hours

Total Time:
5 hours 30 minutes


Estimated Cost:

Learn how to paint your kitchen countertops to look like marble. I’ll be sharing the exact materials and paint you need.


  • Oil-based Primer
  • Small foam paint roller
  • Sandpaper
  • White paint
  • Gray paint
  • A feather
  • Paintbrushes
  • Painter’s sponge
  • Envirotex Lite
  • Two disposable containers 
  • Two paint stirrers
  • A measuring cup
  • Plastic dropcloth
  • Painter’s tape
  • Disposable gloves


  • Palm Sander
  • Butane Torch
  • Level


  1. Use painters tape to protect anything around your counters you don’t wanted painted.
  2. Lightly sand the entire countertop with 100-150 grit sandpaper.
  3. Use a small foam roller to roll a coat of oil-based primer over the counters.
  4. Allow the primer to dry completely and then lightly sand the surface with 220 grit sandpaper.
  5. Roll a coat of white paint onto the countertops and allow it to dry.
  6. Dab medium gray paint in random patches with a round brush and then blot with the sponge.
  7. Dip the tip of the feather in the darker gray paint and lightly draw it across the counter.
  8. Use a round brush to dab more medium gray paint on and spread it with the sponge.
  9. Repeat the brushing and sponging with the lighter gray paint.
  10. Continue to sponge the paint on creating lighter and darker areas.
  11. Protect your cabinets and floors with plastic drop cloths before applying the resin topcoat. Also be sure to wear old clothes and disposable gloves for this part.
  12. Use a level to make sure your countertops are level.
  13. Mix the Envirotex Lite according to the package instructions.
  14. Pour it onto your countertops and use an inexpensive paintbrush to help spread it to cover the entire surface.
  15. Wait fifteen minutes and then use a small butane torch to remove the tiny bubbles from the finish.
  16. Do not allow anything to touch your countertops for at least eight hours. They will be fully hardened after three days.
  17. If there are any drips of resin on the underside of your countertops, you can scrape them off with a paint scraper.

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