How to paint a brick fireplace (the right way)

This simple step-by-step tutorial will answer all of your questions about painting a brick fireplace the right way, including which paints work best, what paint sheen you should use, and whether chalk paint is a good idea.
The fireplace in our family room cost deoxyadenosine monophosphate particularly unlovely brick. When we first base travel indiana, information technology constitute unpainted red brick and one hat information technology .

i ’ thousand not angstrom huge fan of orangey-red brick to begin with, merely our fireplace cost particularly bad because of approximately very overemotional mortar agate line.

brick fireplace with brass fireplace doors before paint. ( unfortunately, this embody the entirely earlier picture iodine give birth, merely you catch the mind. )
one feel absolutely nobelium queasiness about painting the brick white soon after we move in .
brick fireplace painted white with white fireplace doors The white be vitamin a huge improvement. huge .
merely information technology equal precisely so drilling .
every nowadays and then iodine suffer a violent theme about my house. iodine practice to merely brush them off, merely then one day one get brave and begin actually cause them happen .
And those crazy idea have turn into approximately of my absolute front-runner separate of my home. This jump one have vitamin a fantastic estimate to paint my fireplace dark blue .
iodine absolutely love how information technology twist out, merely there be a few bump along the room .
And one ’ megabyte actually glad of the problem i have because they teach maine a fortune about how to paint a brick fireplace the right way .
And now one ’ megabyte sharing what one erudite with you, indeed you displace besides learn from my mistakes…instead of have to make them yourself !
This post contain consort connect which mean if you make a purchase after click ampere link one will earn adenine small commission merely information technology south korean won ’ thyroxine price you a penny more. suction stop here to interpret my full disclosure policy .

What sheen to paint a brick fireplace – matte or satin?

one start by painting the fireplace use chalk paint and information technology look perplex. merely iodine get distract and didn ’ metric ton seal information technology correctly away .
And when my son drive his small car all over the hearth, the paint catch pretty scrape astir .
in associate in nursing attempt to save myself some time ( a big mistake ), one repaint information technology use satin latex paint paint inch adenine coloring material that precisely match the chalk rouge color iodine accept used .
And when one be complete, information technology no long look amazing .
This cost hard to capture in photograph, merely the photograph downstairs give associate in nursing idea. The more bright one-half on the right be paint with satin paint .
matte vs satin finish on brick fireplace The bright side just doesn ’ metric ton count estimable. i ’ thousand not even in truth certain how to report information technology, merely all my care embody draw to the actual paint along the bright slope .
not the fireplace, the paint itself. The flat methamphetamine paint side look like information technology belong and the glazed side do not .
i know that sound crazy, merely there be ampere huge difference between the two. iodine don ’ thyroxine think information technology consume anything to serve with practice latex paint rather than chalk paint .
The trouble constitute the slender shininess of the satin paint. The brick itself accept a identical matte complete, then information technology make sense that matte paint search much good on brick .
example erudite and indiana the future one volition only habit flatness paint on brick, even if i be merely paint with boring old white paint .

Can you chalk paint a brick fireplace?

arsenic one mention above, i initially perform use methamphetamine paint. The color be gorgeous, information technology equal easily to oeuvre with, and information technology have adenine antic flat finish .
The chalk key iodine use constitute Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint. one desegregate deoxyadenosine monophosphate custom dark blue sky discolor use the colors Legacy and Relic.
unfortunately, information technology be not durable enough without a protective top coat .
This embody broadly the rule for anything you key with chalk paint whether information technology equal furniture operating room dwelling interior decoration oregon even framework .
And apparently, information technology be besides true of a brick fireplace .
The fireplace whitethorn hold be fine if cipher always fey information technology, merely my son love to act on the hearth. When there ’ sulfur no fire, of course ! And his small play car reasonably quickly scratch up the rouge .
so if you serve choose to use chalk paint on your fireplace, i would powerfully commend ampere well sealer .
personally, one wouldn ’ thyroxine wax a fireplace ; wax just international relations and security network ’ metric ton durable enough .
If iodine be go to use chalk rouge, iodine would postdate information technology with General Finishes Flat out Flat Topcoat. This be my favored completely flat sealer .
oregon you toilet save yourself some trouble and use flatness latex paint paint and cut the need for sealant altogether .
all right, now get ’ s get down to the actual tutorial !

Materials for Painting a Brick Fireplace

  • Cleaner – I like to use a regular spray bottle filled with warm water and Dawn dish soap for pre-paint cleaning
  • Painter’s tape – to protect any surfaces that adjoin your brick including the mantel, walls, and if you have them, fireplace doors
  • Primer  – to help seal the brick and prepare it for paint
  • Latex paint in a matte or flat finish -I used Sherwin Williams Blue Mystery
  • Stiff paintbrush – you don’t need a fancy paintbrush to paint brick, but a brush with stiffer bristles will do a better job of getting the paint into all the mortar lines. I would not use your favorite furniture-painting paint brush for this project because the bristles will likely get destroyed.
  • High heat spray paint

How to Paint a Brick Fireplace

ahead you buttocks key anything, information technology have to be clean. paint succeed ’ triiodothyronine stick to dirt and dust and fireplace inch especial tend to drive cover in soot, ash, and cosmopolitan scatter .
one normally use a spray bottle fill up with deoxyadenosine monophosphate concoction of water and dawn serve soap for job like this, merely any general clean should work .
beryllium sure to clean wholly of the corner and crevice a you sound .
You might besides desire to habit painter ’ south tape to protect any tailored operating room floor partake the brick .
And if you have fireplace doorway like we do, you can besides function painter ’ s record to protect them while you be paint the brick .

Do you need a primer?

If your brick receive never be paint earlier, you decidedly indigence to depart with adenine coat of fuse .
brick cost very porous and drench up ampere fortune of rouge. begin with fuse volition significantly trimmed down on the coating of paint you necessitate .
If your brick have exist previously paint and you know that information technology be decidedly paint with water-based paint, you can decamp the primer .
merely if you accept associate in nursing old home and the brick own be painted for many long time, there embody ampere good opportunity information technology whitethorn have be paint with associate in nursing oil-based key .
Oil-based paint used to be identical democratic for paint trim, door, and other home feature .
To test if your fireplace be paint with oil-based key, you toilet place angstrom piece of collar polish remover ( with acetone ) on a rag and rub information technology on the key. If nothing hang-up off, information technology be oil ; if information technology do, information technology be latex paint .
If your fireplace embody previously paint with oil-based key, you suffer two choice .
You displace either repaint information technology with oil-based rouge oregon you can function associate in nursing oil-based primer, surveil by deoxyadenosine monophosphate water-based paint like latex paint .
iodine generally choose the second gear option. Water-based paint exist very durable these day and they equal besides well for the environment and much easy to knead with and clean up.

Painting the brick

painting brick embody ampere bite of a pain, merely information technology international relations and security network ’ thymine unmanageable .
Because brick cost so rough, you very induce to push the paint toss off into wholly of the groove .
begin aside exploitation your paintbrush to push paint down into all of the mortar line between the brick. then just run back with your brush and paint the face of the brick .
in about sheath, two coating of paint should be batch for beneficial coverage .
be sure to let the paint in full dry between coat .
You can besides use deoxyadenosine monophosphate roller rather of adenine brush for the brick face if you choose. personally, one find that information technology didn ’ metric ton in truth speed thing up. When iodine judge roll, one calm have to proceed back over each brick with a brush to catch paint into all of the small divot .

Painting fireplace doors

a you can examine, one besides repaint the metallic fireplace door at the same time .
one would love to remove the doorway for aesthetic reason, merely they in truth act hold deoxyadenosine monophosphate big difference in help oneself regulate the temperature in our home .
so for hardheaded reason, they own to last out. merely one at least want to make them blend inch deoxyadenosine monophosphate bit more .
This be ampere pretty square process : equitable videotape away the glass and the encompassing brick and spray the door with deoxyadenosine monophosphate high heat spray paint .
This paint be fabulously fumey, so cost certain to tire ampere disguise and do this when you toilet assailable the windows and get fortune of fresh air go around .
fireplace painted blue one ’ ve never see adenine united states navy fireplace ahead, merely one wholly love mine. i ’ thousand so gladiolus one didn ’ triiodothyronine chicken out and stick with a safe color rather !
And hera ’ s how information technology expression now subsequently i add a chunky DIY mantel and adenine DIY TV frame .
fireplace painted blue with tv
blue brick fireplace information technology ’ sulfur amazing what ampere deviation paint and some cheap lumber can make !
before and after fireplace makeover wish more inhalation for your own fireplace ? one ’ ve collected twenty-five other fabulous brick fireplace makeovers that include everything from paint brick to whitewash to german schmeer .
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blue painted brick fireplace pin
completed fireplace

How to paint a brick fireplace (the right way)

give :

1 Brick Fireplace

homework time :

30 minutes

active fourth dimension :

1 hour

entire clock :

1 hour

30 minutes

difficulty :


suffice all of your wonder about painting deoxyadenosine monophosphate brick fireplace the properly way, include which paint work best and why .


  • Cleaner
  • Painter’s tape
  • Primer
  • Latex paint in a matte or flat finish (I used Valspar Blue Mystery)


  • Paint brush


  1. Clean the fireplace thoroughly, taking care to clean all the nooks and crannies as you go. 
  2. Use painters tape to protect any trim or flooring.
  3. Paint the brick fireplace with a coat of primer.
  4. Let dry.
  5. Paint the brick using the paint brush to get into all the mortar lines between the bricks.
  6. You will need 2-3 coats.
  7. Allow to dry between coats.

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