12 Ways to Open a Locked Bathroom Door Without a Key

I can imagine how nerve-racking it can be to stay locked in the bathroom. fortunately, most toilet doors in the US control privacy locks rather of security system ones that are standard equipment for other doors in your home. That means you won ’ t have many troubles opening it in most cases .
In case of an hand brake, you can constantly decide to call a locksmith or the fire department. however, there is a possibility to discover how to open a lock bathroom door by yourself on clock time. actually, it is not such a complicate job with adequate tools, particularly when person can help you to open a lock door from the outside .

Types of Privacy Locks

There are three basic types of locks that most bathroom doors in the US are equipped :

  • Turn button privacy lock – This type is not so common in bathrooms. You can lock them after turning a knob on the interior side.
  • Privacy push pin (button) lock – To get a little privacy by using this model, you should push a button in the interior knob of the door, which will activate the lock. To unlock it, you need to turn the knob from the inside.
  • Privacy bolt with a lever (knob) – It is a newer type of privacy lock you can use like a deadbolt. Its advantage is that you don’t need a key from the outside at all.

How to Open a Locked Bathroom Door Without a Key?

There are a few simple tricks on how to open a lock toilet doorway without the key.

1. How to Open a Locked Bathroom Door with Credit card

Credit card
It is not an ideal solution for a bolt, but you can open lever-type doorknob, latch-bolt, and form locks with your credit rating tease without much trouble. Keep in mind that you need to pick out the correctly card .
The best option is a starchy, laminated, and flexible one, such as a library card or grocery memory loyalty card. Avoid using your recognition, debit, or credit rating tease to prevent damage .
The routine includes sliding the batting order between the door inning and lock. then, bend it back and try to push the bolt inside the door. In some cases, you can lean against the door, which may help to finish the job immediate .

2. How to Open a Locked Bathroom Door with Substitute key

One of the quicker ways how to open a lock in bathroom door is to use a spam key. If you don ’ t have any, you can use some other, similar commodious means to get out of an awkward site .

  • Eyeglass screwdriver

If you have a door with a privacy cover, you can use a screwdriver to remove the doorknob in case of an emergency. Keep in beware that you shouldn ’ thymine turn the lock while trying to unlock it .
Find a hole in the doorknob and push a flat-head eyeglasses screwdriver into it ampere far as you can. The cock with chummy rods won ’ metric ton work well since you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate put it inside the door handle. then, flex and wiggle the device until it catches a furrow. You will know that you finish the job successfully when hearing the click .

  • Paperclip

A uncompromising paper nip is an excellent tool for unlocking the bathroom door when necessary. The catch is in shaping it ideally for this type of job. You can make the serve flush much more comfortable if you have two paper clips. In such a case, bend the first one and fold out the second one to be ampere heterosexual as possible .
After inserting the flex paper clip into the fix of the lock, you should stick the straighten one below. then, move and wiggle the second objet d’art around until you open the interlock .

  • Tension wrench and a paperclip

A tension wrench is a small hex key, which you can use to maintain the tension inside the lock while trying to unlock it with the paper clip .
In the define, you should insert the joyride into the lock ’ sulfur bottom separate and rotate it to get tension on the lock. then slowly wiggle the paper clip inside the top part of the interlock until hearing a few clicks .

3. Metal coat hanger

Pulling the bolt with a metal coat hanger is an excellent way on how to open a lock in bathroom doorway if you have a latch bolt. It is necessary to bend your hanger adequately to make a long handle with a hook at the end .
place that addict between the rampart and the edge of the doorway itself and wrap it around the latch rigidly. then, use another hand to rotate the knob while pulling the hanger toward you. Keep in mind that this proficiency has a sense only if you don ’ t have the jamb blocking the col between the wall and doorway .

4. Pick the lock

This operation is a bite complicated for most people, specially if you don ’ t have any instructions. To do it, you should use an Allen wrench and insert its shorter end into the lower edge of the keyhole .
Try to turn the lock slenderly while keeping constant press on it. There are two possible ways to finish the job successfully .

  • Scrubbing method – Push the Allen wrench in gently at the keyhole and try to lift it upward in circular motions.
  • Pin by pin method – Try to push the paperclip gradually while keeping the pressure on the Allen wrench. Catch the pun on the bend with the paperclip and lift it upward until hearing the click.

5. How to Open a Locked Bathroom Door with Butter knife

Believe it or not, a butter knife can be an efficient way on how to open a lock bathroom door, particularly if you have a push-button toilet lock. Put it into the keyhole and twist it to release the lock. then, turn the doorknob and open your door. Avoid using abrupt knives to prevent cutting your hand .

6. How to Open a Locked Bathroom Door with Bobby pin

Bobby pin
You can use this simple accessory to pick the lock, but be prepared that it will take time. Before starting, you should bend two bobby pins into a specific determine, to make them an adequate surrogate for the key .
Bend the last 0.4 inches ( 1 curium ) of the bobby pin ’ sulfur goal to make it perpendicular to its free ends. Put the flex part into the bottom of the keyhole and use the second bobby pin with a bend fulcrum to make a square assemble .
then, wiggle the bobby peg while turning the doorknob at the like time. Although it will undoubtedly take longer than on film, this method acting is most much one of the most successful ways on how to open a lock toilet door .

7. Foot

If you are potent enough but have no tools, you can combine Newton ’ s third law and SWAT-style complain to get out of the bathroom. Keep in thinker that you need the door that opens outwards and those made of weaker materials .
The organization is not complicated at all. You need to determine a spotlight above the doorknob since it is the weakest orient and kick it with your dominant leg. Do it with a directly foot and repeat the action if you fail on the first gear try .

8. Cord

Using a cord with a slipknot or dense rope is probably one of the easiest ways on how to open a engage bathroom door without ruining it. The only circumstance is that you have a minor window on the exceed of the door .
You should pick out a cord long enough to reach the lock placed on the outside. Use the cord to hold the lock and then tug both its sides to unlock the door .

9. Remove the hinges

Remove the hinges
It is a bit aggressive but an entirely successful method. You will need a flat-head screwdriver to wedge it between the peg and bottomland knuckle of your doorway .
Use a forge to push the screwdriver down until both the peg and fountainhead lose enough. After repeating the action with all hinges, you can remove the door .

10. Remove the door handle

Pick out this method acting if you can ’ metric ton unlock your door differently. Use a screwdriver or drill to undo outside screws of the doorway handle, and then use the screwdriver as a lever. Place it into the engage mechanism and turn it lightly until hearing snap .

11. Drill

Be prepared that drilling the lock will damage your door and use this particular proficiency merely when you have no other choice. The goal is to destroy the pins with the drill and turn the lock.

Take manage to drill above the shear line ( the exceed of the keyhole ). It is the separate of the interlock placed in the lapp line with the doorsill between the pin and cylinder. Start with the small-sized drill bite and keep the lock lubricated. arsenic soon as you drilled the hole, use a screwdriver to open the lock .

12. Hammer

Since using a hammer to demolish the interlock will damage your doorway, it should be your last direction on how to open a engage bathroom door. If you are strong enough, bash a doorknob downward repeatedly until the engage breaks and detaches from the door .


If you often have a trouble with the engage of your toilet door, you should keep a lock-picking hardened on the ledge inside. That way, you can open the door without damaging them whenever needed .

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