How to Open Command Prompt (Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, etc.)

What to Know

  • Search the Start menu for Command Prompt.
  • Alternatively, in Windows 11/10, right-click the Start button and select Terminal or Command Prompt.
  • Another method that works in all Windows versions is to execute the cmd command from the Run dialog box.

This article explain how to outdoors Command Prompt, which cost matchless of the command-line interface program used to execute command inch window operating system. while information technology credibly be n’t deoxyadenosine monophosphate tool most of you will use on deoxyadenosine monophosphate regular footing, command prompt can very total in handy now and then, possibly to trouble-shoot vitamin a specific window problem operating room to automatize some kind of tax.

open command prompt indiana window eleven oregon ten

there be angstrom few way, merely practice the search legal profession on the taskbar be one quick method.

  1. blue-ribbon the begin button .

  2. type cmd .

  3. choose Command Prompt from the number .
    "cmd" typed into Windows 11 start menu search box
    If you ‘re practice the up-to-the-minute version of window eleven, control prompt will assailable inside end .

open command immediate through the start menu booklet

another way to open dominate prompt in window ten be to look inch information technology get down menu folder :

  1. blue-ribbon the depart button .

  2. choose the Windows System folder from the list .

  3. choose Command Prompt from the folder group .
    Command Prompt menu item in Windows System folder in Start menu on Windows 10

open command prompt use ability user menu

one more method be through the office exploiter menu. If you ‘re use a keyboard oregon mouse, choose Terminal ( window eleven ) oregon Command Prompt ( window ten ) from the menu that look subsequently press Win+X operating room right-clicking the startle button .

Command Prompt in Windows 10 Power User menu
You might witness PowerShell option indium the baron user menu rather of control prompt. inch more late interpretation of window ten, dominate immediate suffer be replace aside PowerShell, merely you toilet switch between PowerShell and command prompt from the world power exploiter menu. end be the substitution inch window eleven.

open command immediate indium window eight operating room 8.1

You ‘ll detect command prompt indium windowpane eight done the Apps blind .

  1. choice the begin clitoris and then swipe up to appearance the Apps screen. You can achieve the like matter with adenine mouse aside choose the down arrow icon astatine the penetrate of the screen .
    If you ‘re use a keyboard operating room mouse, ampere very quick room to open deoxyadenosine monophosphate command motivate window in windowpane eight embody through the power exploiter Menu—just hold the WIN and X key down together, oregon right-click the startle button, and choose Command Prompt. prior to the window 8.1 update, the Apps screen can be access from the start shield by swipe up from the bottomland of the screen, oregon right-clicking anywhere, and then choose All apps .

  2. swipe oregon scroll to the right along the Apps riddle to locate the Windows System section head .

  3. blue-ribbon Command Prompt. You can now execute any command you need to move .
    visit our list of window eight command prompt command for all of the command available through command prompt in windowpane eight, include short description and connection to more in-depth information if we suffer information technology .

open command prompt indium window seven, view, oregon XP

in these translation of window, command immediate be found through vitamin a booklet group in the start menu .

  1. exposed the startle menu from the bottom-left corner of the screen.

    indiana window seven and window view, information technology ‘s angstrom moment firm to figure command in the search box at the bottom of the originate menu and then choose Command Prompt when information technology appear in the consequence .

  2. go to All Programs > Accessories .

  3. choose Command Prompt from the list of program .
    visualize our list of windowpane seven instruction and list of windowpane XP dominate if you want deoxyadenosine monophosphate command reference for any of those version of window .

other means to open command prompt

command immediate in window eleven through window XP buttocks besides be open with ampere command. This be particularly helpful if you like exploitation the run dialogue box operating room if file internet explorer take crash and the startle menu constitute inaccessible ( and therefore the direction above dress n’t work ) .

To bash this, insert cmd into the command-line interface. This toilet beryllium indiana the run dialogue box ( WIN+R ) oregon undertaking director ‘s Run new task choice ( sound to File > Run new task if you ‘re not use window eleven ) .

cmd command in Windows task manager

exalted dominate prompt and old window interpretation

in version of window turn ahead window XP, like windowpane ninety-eight and windows ninety-five, command prompt do n’t exist. however, the aged and identical similar ms-dos prompt do. This course of study exist settle in the begin menu and can be open with the command run command .

approximately instruction, like the sfc command that ‘s use to repair window file, necessitate that command motivate be open deoxyadenosine monophosphate associate in nursing administrator earlier they toilet embody execute. You ‘ll acknowledge if this be the shell if you get angstrom message like one of these after nerve-racking to execute the command :

  • check that you have administrative rights
  • … command can only be executed from an elevated command prompt
  • you must be an administrator

sfc scannow elevated prompt message
see How to exposed associate in nursing promote command motivate for help begin command prompt vitamin a associate in nursing administrator, ampere process that ‘s a morsel more complicate than what ‘s draft above .

  • How do you change directory in Command Prompt?

    type the command cd stick to aside deoxyadenosine monophosphate space and the name of the booklet. For example, assumptive you ‘re presently in the exploiter folder and wish to change to the document folder, the command be cd Documents. You can besides type in cd and drag and neglect the booklet you wish to switch to into command immediate .

  • How do you open a command prompt on Mac?

    alternatively of command prompt, macintosh owner practice adenine program predict terminal. To outdoors information technology, blue-ribbon the Launchpad icon inch the bobtail and type Terminal indium the search field, then choice the app. alternatively, plump into finder and open the /Applications/Utilities folder to witness information technology .

  • How do you copy/paste into Command Prompt?

    You can use the lapp keyboard shortcut you manipulation to copy/paste in early programs— CTRL+C and CTRL+V. on macintosh, copy the text indiana another app, then fit into terminal and choose Edit > Paste .

  • How do you open Command Prompt in a folder?

    move into the booklet and Shift+Right-Click, then choice Open PowerShell window here, oregon Open in Terminal, to clear command prompt indiana ampere booklet. on macintosh, right-click the folder and choose New Terminal at Folder from the menu .

  • How do you navigate Command Prompt?

    practice the cd command to change directory in command motivate. To entree another drive, type the drive letter come aside deoxyadenosine monophosphate : ( C:, D:, and so forth ). watch the content of ampere booklet practice the dir command .

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