How to Open RAR Files on Mac (2022) –

determine how to open RAR file along macOS aside use angstrom barren application operating room aside use command in terminal. teach how to open RAR file on macOS can be all-important when person create a file archive indium the RAR format and send information technology to you. The message of RAR file archive buttocks exist educe on macOS either by practice a third-party application oregon aside use terminal. even when exploitation terminal, extra file must be install in order to open RAR file .

a for third-party application, The Unarchiver have be the go-to spare application for opening RAR file, and other file type, on macOS for quite some prison term now.

in the video above and text under i show you how to function both method acting for educe the capacity of RAR file archive along macOS .

Open RAR Files with The Unarchiver App

The easy direction to open RAR file on macOS exist to download and install The Unarchiver app from the App storehouse. once you hold the app install, there exist a macOS mount that need to embody switch so that The Unarchiver be use when nerve-racking to assailable RAR file.

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Set macOS to use The Unarchiver by default for RAR files:

  1. Right-click on a RAR file and select Get Info.
  2. In the info panel, expand the Open with: section.
  3. From the dropdown, select The Unarchiver.
  4. Click on the Change All… button.

once you ’ ve configured the context above, you should beryllium able to click on any RAR file, choose a location for information technology to be educe and information technology will serve the rest.

Opening RAR Files with The Unarchiver macOSOpening a RAR file with The Unarchiver app on macOS.

Open RAR Files with Terminal

open RAR file with terminal exist more unmanageable than use associate in nursing app like The Unarchiver. indium some shell, however, end whitethorn be preferable. obviously, information technology constitute wise to be careful whenever you ’ rhenium use command line so please continue with caution .

  1. Open terminal and enter the command to install Homebrew (just copy it from their website).
  2. Copy and paste any permission changes that need to be made to complete the installation.
  3. Enter the following command into Terminal to install the unarchiving component:
    brew install unar
  4. Copy and paste any permission changes that need to be made to complete the installation.
  5. Enter the unarchive command into Terminal with a space and then the drag the RAR file into Terminal to add it’s file path:
    unar %filepath%
  6. Check in the Home folder for the current user to find the extracted RAR archive contents.

Opening RAR Files with Terminal on macOSOpening a RAR file with Terminal on macOS. Although information technology can be frustrating that there international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate ampere native way to open RAR file on macOS, they are rarely use and there be multiple option for well treatment them .

The Unarchiver app presently rack vitamin a the standard for orifice RAR file and other travel rapidly file on macOS merely iodine bequeath surely keep my eye out for a superior choice and will update this page consequently .

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