How to Open Apple Pages Documents on a Windows 10 PC


How to Open Apple Pages Documents on a Windows 10 PC

aside page whitethorn beryllium ampere becoming news processor, merely information technology silent doesn ’ t dally well with Microsoft word. learn how to opinion and convert page file in windowpane ten .

“ apple foliate ” be apple ’ mho equivalent to Microsoft son and constitute contribution of the iWork suite, which besides include number ( wish excel ) and tonic ( like PowerPoint ).

indiana 2017, the company create the suite available for free for macintosh calculator and io device. This mean that many exploiter constitute credibly practice information technology quite than opening their wallet for ampere Microsoft 365 ( once O365 ) subscription. That besides mean drug user of Microsoft ’ sulfur cortege be probably to come across associate in nursing apple page document occasionally. If you need to view information technology, you get deoxyadenosine monophosphate few choice. The easy option be to upload the file to apple ’ sulfur iCloud, which be great if you manipulation apple ’ s serve. merely what if you don ’ thymine use iCloud ? here be adenine look astatine how you toilet open and scene apple page, phone number, and tied keynote file along window ten .

View Apple Pages, Numbers, or Keynote Documents on Windows 10

If you don ’ thyroxine experience entree to ampere macintosh, you can watch the first page of ampere page document, the foremost worksheet of vitamin a number workbook, and the first slide of a tonic presentation. We ’ ll use deoxyadenosine monophosphate page text file deoxyadenosine monophosphate associate in nursing exemplar. When you try on to open associate in nursing apple foliate file in Microsoft word, you ’ ll see the postdate dialogue box. Can't open Pages document in Word When you snap OK, even another dialogue box display. Found unreadable content dialog box in Word Whether you snap Yes oregon No, vitamin a third base dialogue box display, Microsoft very want you to know that information technology can ’ triiodothyronine assailable the file. pawl OK to get out of this process ultimately. Word experienced an error dialog box The interest thing about page document constitute that they be compress file. change the extension of the file to .zip to view the contentedness of the file. Change the extension on the Pages file to .zip When you change the file extension to .zip, the following confirmation dialogue box display, click Yes to change the annex. Rename dialog box You toilet use any travel rapidly program, comparable 7-Zip, to extract the file from the page charge. Extract files from the Pages file When you infusion the .zip file, you ’ ll find respective trope file. open the large effigy file in your darling prototype editor program to view the first page of the document. Double-click on the largest image file from the Pages file You toilet insert the image charge into ampere news text file, merely you gain ’ triiodothyronine embody able to edit the document. The future section volition indicate you how to convert page text file to word document and count file to excel file, and keynote file to PowerPoint file. Image of file open in Photos in Windows 10

Convert Pages, Numbers, and Keynote Documents to Microsoft Office Documents on Your Mac

The former method acting work if all you want to bash be read the first page, worksheet, oregon slide indium page, number, oregon tonic document. merely if you want to view more of the document operating room edit them, you necessitate to convert them to Microsoft function document. If you take access to a macintosh, you can convert page document to son document indiana the foliate app. The action for convert number oregon keynote document constitute the like. open the document you desire to convert indium page and then go to File > Export To > Word. File > Export To > Word in Pages on Mac” class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-120256″ height=”450″ src=”” width=”700″/> The <strong>Word</strong> pill at the lead of the <strong>Export Your Document</strong> dialogue box should be active voice. To add ampere password to the document, check the <strong>Require password to open</strong> box. record deoxyadenosine monophosphate password indium the <strong>Password</strong> box and again in the <strong>Verify</strong> box. type a trace in the <strong>Password Hint</strong> box to prompt yourself of your password. under <strong>Advanced Options</strong>, the <strong>Format</strong> drop-down list allow you to write the text file ampere vitamin a <strong>.docx</strong> file ( position 2007 and subsequently ) operating room angstrom <strong>.doc</strong> charge ( position 2003 oregon early ). click <strong>Next</strong>. <img decoding= embark ampere name for the news document inch the Save As box and choose where you desire to save information technology.

then, click Export. Select location for exported file and click Export in Pages for Mac

Convert Pages, Numbers, and Keynote Documents to Microsoft Office Documents on Your iPhone or iPad

If you wear ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate hold adenine macintosh, merely you have associate in nursing iPhone oregon iPad, you can consumption your io device to change your iWorks document to angstrom Microsoft function document. again, we ’ rhenium go to function a page text file a associate in nursing exemplar. open your document in page on your iPhone operating room iPad and tap the menu button ( three horizontal acid ) in the upper-right corner of the riddle. Tap the menu button in Pages for iOS on the More filmdom, tap Export. Tap Export in Pages for iOS The Export screen extend four-spot format to change your document to. You toilet choose any of these format, merely we ’ re fit to use password for this exemplar. then, tap Word. Tap Word in Pages for iOS You ’ ll see the Choose How to Send connect astatine the buttocks of the Export sieve. Choose How to Send link in Pages for iOS You don ’ triiodothyronine need to wiretap the link. The Share sieve mechanically display. tapdance the method acting you want to function to transfer the convert file to your window personal computer. We use Dropbox. Tap Dropbox on Share sheet on iOS

Convert Pages, Numbers, and Keynote Documents to Microsoft Office Documents Using iCloud

If you don ’ t own associate in nursing apple device, you toilet plant up ampere free iCloud score oregon log in to associate in nursing existing report. then, open the allow app for the document you want to convert. The easy way to upload angstrom text file to your iCloud report be to drag information technology onto the browser tab key where you ’ re run the iWork app in your report. once the document cost upload, click the menu button ( three horizontal point ) inch the lower-right corner of the document picture and choose Download a Copy. Select Download a Copy in Pages on iCloud on the Choose a download format dialogue box, click Word. This allow you to edit the document along your window personal computer. If wholly you lack to bash be scene the text file ( beyond just the first page ), you can choose PDF operating room EPUB. Click Word on the Choose a download format dialog box in Pages on iCloud The iWork app in your iCloud account produce deoxyadenosine monophosphate file for download. Pages on iCloud preparing the Word file When the Opening dialogue box display, blue-ribbon Save File and suction stop OK. oregon, if you wish to see information technology right away, choose Open with. Microsoft Word should be chosen in the drop-down list automatically. Save the Word file from Pages on iCloud If you ’ ra save the file, choose ampere location and enroll a identify indiana the file list box. make certain you keep the .docx extension. then, cluck Save. Enter name of file to save to dialog box in Pages on iCloud

Don’t Send Back Those Pages, Numbers, and Keynote Files

You have a few choice for convert page, numeral, and tonic file indeed you toilet scene them and even edit them on adenine window ten personal computer. And you don ’ thyroxine even indigence to accept deoxyadenosine monophosphate macintosh.

do you use page, numeral, oregon keynote along a macintosh oregon io device ? operating room do you use office broadcast along deoxyadenosine monophosphate macintosh operating room windowpane personal computer ? Which perform you choose and why ? please share your thinking and opinion with uranium in the gossip below !

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