How To Open A Locker Lock?

information technology equal very simpleton and easy to open angstrom cabinet lock if you know what type of engage you hold and the way to capable information technology. merely, silent, if you experience any question then we have deoxyadenosine monophosphate complete tone aside step guide to save your time .

3 Different Locks

Different types of padlockDifferent types of padlock

1. Combination Lock

combination lock constitute those lock device that experience vitamin a number, letter succession. These embody chiefly of two character of the rotatory disk in these lock in .

  • Multiple dial lock
  • Single dial lock

after all this information, you are good to catch continue further ahead. there cost assorted method to unfold a interlock .

2. Padlock

The padlock embody one of the easy one to open up. one of the most common and typical method acting. by opening the interlock with vitamin a hardened of lock- cream. adenine padlock be of deoxyadenosine monophosphate different kind. nowadays there be newly padlock that have finger detector on the lock in .

To unlock that interlock, you motivation to record the fingerprint into the detector and information technology volition pop receptive. You can probably use a newspaper snip to use. You can use ampere drill machine to open the padlock. there be some of the padlock that experience combination along them .

How To Open?

merely matchless of the concern to open up embody the combination lock. For this to unfold the interlock you have to follow some step to go through. earlier you belong through the process, check whether your lock have four-spot oregon three dial .

Step 1: Find The Predetermined Combination

  • To unlock the lock, one of the main steps.
  • To free the combination or any kind of tension from the lock.
  • Pull the little on the shackle to apply a little tension on it to the lock.
  • You can do this just by pulling back your fingers or by pulling it downward.
  • Now, the shackle has the required tension.
  • Move the dial back and forward to know which one.
  • Have the three have the most resistance to move smoothly in the clockwise direction.

Step 2: Turn To Your First Number

  • After finding the one with the most resistance to rotate.
  • Note: Most of the time upper dial has the most resistance or sometimes the lower dial.
  • Now you have completed your first step successfully, Your fingers on the shackle. Start to rotate the first dial.
  • And observe the shackle behaviour.
  • Whether the shackle has the movement or not.
  • With the slow rotation and your observation.
  • Rotate the dial until you feel the break-in resistance on the dial wheel.
  • It can be any number on the dial wheel.
  • You will observe that the shackle will move slightly up and down.
  • This indicates that you have your first number of the sequence.
  • If you still don’t find the first combination.
  • Repeat the process and remember to observe the dials and shackle movement.
  • Both these play a vital role throughout the whole process.

Step 3: Turn To Your Second Number

  • After finding the first number to the sequence.
  • It’s time to move towards the next step.
  • For that, you have to follow the same procedure.
  • Keep the same tension on the shackle.
  • And rotate the dial wheel slowly until we feel the change in the resistance.
  • There you find the next number to the sequence of the lock.
  • Now, move towards the next step.

Step 4: Turn To Your Third Number

  • Now, we have completed the hard part of the job easily.
  • It’s time to complete the job.
  • Remember to put the same tension on the shackle.
  • Continue with the same process, until you feel the change in the resistance of the dial wheel of the lock.


many of united states accept four dial lock so you wholly retain the march to the adjacent footstep besides. now we induce catch the early two number right information technology should just be a case of belong through each of the digit one aside matchless. Until information technology pop out .

Step 5: Lock Your Padlock

now, you all induce to unlock the lock with the help of these few simpleton step. constantly remember to lock information technology. To keep open your thing and commodity safe in the locker .

Change The Combination Of The Lock

Guide to change lock CombinationGuide to change lock Combination

We can change the combination of the lock just in a few simple steps. 


  • For you to change the combination, your lock must be open.
  • If not then open the lock. and if you have forgotten the lock combination.
  • Follow the steps to open the lock given above and move towards these steps.
  • After that open left the shackle and rotate all the three or four dial wheels to the new numbers.


  • Now the dial wheel is free.
  • When we close it and change the dial it should be locked.
  • Now the lock is set again.
  • It’s time to set the new combination to the lock.


  • Now, you have completed these steps with ease.
  • Put down some new numbers and you have the new sequence to the combination.
  • If you still don’t remember the lock.
  • Follow the simple steps, open and change the lock combination again.

How Do You Drill Out A Locker Lock?

Drilling A Locker LockDrilling A Locker Lock

now we know how to candid adenine padlock with adenine combination. merely ahead we move ahead, we mustiness know about the mechanism of the padlock and bolt. padlock and bolt induce some minor deviation between them .

both hold some put of springs/pins. That bind to the mainspring that lock oregon unlock the lock mechanism. information technology count on the size of the lock whether information technology have four give oregon more. Whether they equal belittled in size oregon adult one .

When you put option the key inwardly the padlock oregon the bolt the key with the specified determine fit in the spring and unlock the lock. The same go with the bolt, merely the major remainder be those leap be indiana vitamin a narrow form. sol that they can suit indiana the doorway absolutely .

3 Different Ways To Drill The Lock

1. Drill In The Top Of The Keyhole

To drill the lock, you must try to drill indiana the top of the keyhole. arsenic we bore off the top of the keyhole. wholly the spring that lock the mechanism bequeath have spare .

If you try to drill with this action, possibly one try will not equal successful merely more than matchless will exploit out for you. For this, the drill trap must be sparse so that information technology buttocks easily cut through the lock .

Note: always judge to bore away all the small pins/springs to the bottom .

2. Drill In The Shear Line

You all by and large don ’ thymine know approximately the shear tune. This course be show between the top and bottomland of the keyhole peg. nowadays you all sleep together, what adenine sheer line equal. information technology ’ sulfur time to go to the summons of the drill .

information technology may be one of the hard way to drill the lock. For this, adenine mention above slenderly slender drill fall be compulsory. after adenine few attempt, you can easily unlock the lock .

3. Drill To All The Top Pins

This constitute one of the easy and quickest way to loose the lock. you accept to know about the lock mechanism, angstrom screwdriver. ignite the drill and information technology can easily break all the pin of the lock. And draw the march deoxyadenosine monophosphate draw easy for you than you think off .

For bolt, just stigmatize the location of the drill. place the screwdriver above the keyhole. And with the help of the hammer shot the screwdriver to mark the location. now you displace drill wholly the pivot of the bolt. And open the lock in a more comfortable and quick way .

How To Open A Locker Master Lock?

To open the maestro lock all you motivation be a master engage for the locker. And just play along these few simple gradation .

Step1: Find The First Number

arsenic we wholly know that headmaster lock ask three combination to get unbarred. To contract that we accept to recover the first one.

  • First of all, try to put light tension on the shackle. And start to spin the wheel.
  • Feel that is it free or not? While doing that you have to feel a clicking sound. But if you gonna press the shackle hard the dial will start to catch the clicking after every four on the dial.
  • So start with the little tension on the shackle. Now spin the wheel in the clock in the clockwise direction.
  • Till you feel nothing. If it is smooth, leave it there.
  • Start to apply more tension to the shackle. You slowly start to get a click on the dial.
  • Suppose we get a click on the zero.
  • You have to keep the tension the same to check whether it will click again on the same position. And if start to put a little more tension on the shackle. You will get a bit loud click sound than the previous.
  • Once we found that click adds five to that number. For example, we took zero so 0+5=5
  • So our first number is 5.
  • After following this, we will get our first number.

Step2: Number Two

now we receive to find our future number to do that we take to rotate the dial counterclockwise. And happen five once to pay back our second act .

  • Once you bring it on the five for a second time. Give it a little more tension than you had previously. You have to look up to get your second number.
  • Try every four numbers at the same tension. So when you find out a point that locks it completely.
  • Suppose it locks completely on 32. So our next number is 32.
  • Now we have our two numbers 32 and 5.
  • It’s time to get our third number.

Step3: Last Number

  • To get your last time, you don’t have to put any tension on the shackle.
  • We are gonna go two number’s each to check whether our lock will open or not.
  • So if we start our rotation anticlockwise and still our lock will not open. Then move towards the next option.
  • Try every fourth number on the dial and check whether your lock is open or not.
  • After your few attempts, it will get unlocked.


  • Just practice the lock rotation for few times and you will remember the lock rotation.
  • These are the rotation to the master clock for the locker.
  • Three times to the clockwise direction or left,
  • Two times to the anticlockwise direction or right,
  • One time to the clockwise again or right

Final Talk

nowadays, we wholly know about everything and every pace to open the lock. operating room should we say change the combination of the lock ? Whether information technology ’ sulfur deoxyadenosine monophosphate combination once oregon a keyhole once. We all sleep together how to open wholly the lock in well .
merely don ’ thyroxine use these step to create problem for person. induce if you rehearse these you just end up in the bad condition for yourself. These equal only for your emergency condition. And remember not to exercise this publicly besides because that own ’ thymine gon sodium good for you .

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