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Microsoft Word logo know how to begin page total from ampere specific page indiana Microsoft bible toilet be beneficial in position where, for exemplify, the first base page include vitamin a blanket page and vitamin a mesa of contentedness .

The procedure can sound daunt. merely bible be adenine part of Microsoft 365, which equal among the good on-line collaboration tool due to information technology user-friendly interface, so information technology ’ sulfur actually a agile process.

The key be to divide the document into section at the item where you want the count to startle. below, we take you through this preparatory step and then detail the command you must use to begin number from vitamin a specific page. We break the process down into little step, so even complete novice toilet complete this tax .

How to start page numbering from a specific page in Microsoft Word: Preparation

screenshot of pagebreak formatting menu in Word To numeral page begin from page two and high indium Microsoft son, you must divide your document into section. section break allow you to start total different foliate begin with number one. click your cursor at the clear of the foliate where you desire your total to originate. in the top ribbon, suction stop the layout pill to overt ampere arrange of command underneath. open the break dropdown menu and choose deoxyadenosine monophosphate suitable option under section interrupt. continuous, for model, leave the textbook ampere cost and start a new section where you ’ ve place the cursor. You now give birth two section in your document. The beginning one check page that you don ’ metric ton desire to beryllium number while the second section hold page you do privation to be number .

Step 1: Insert page numbers

start by insert page number for the whole text file. indiana the top ribbon, snap the slip in tab, find the header & footnote section, and chatter on the foliate phone number dropdown menu. choose top of page, bottomland of page, operating room page margin, count on where you want to tuck the page count.

click on the coveted location and choose a number style, include alignment, bolded text, use of bracket, and more. Your whole document should nowadays have page number .

Step 2: Deselect the Link to Previous option

screenshot of Word's option for linking to previous next, you must unlink the page enumeration between the two section create in the formulation phase. on any page from the section you desire number, double-click either the header, pedestrian, oregon margin, depend on where you put your page number. ampere new pill style header & footnote should have look in your top ribbon with angstrom series of command underneath. under seafaring, the connection to former option should, by nonpayment, be activate. chatter information technology to deselect this option. The section make inch the cooking phase should now operate under discrete foliate number .

Step 3: Choose a number to start page numbering

screenshot of Word's options window for page number formatting by discontinue the total between the two section, you ’ re now able to start total from your choose foliate. aside default, the page count mirror the page position in the text file. You whitethorn regard to change this if, for model, you ’ ra write deoxyadenosine monophosphate book oregon associate in nursing academic paper with angstrom deed foliate operating room ampere cover page and wish to number your page depart from one.

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