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subsequently you determined up a sheet, you may find that approximately of the information—cells, row, operating room columns—needs to be move operating room reorganize. here ‘s a drumhead of what you can move and how you buttocks move information technology .
tip : You buttocks go row automatically with associate in nursing automated move row work flow. For more information, see mechanically move oregon copy row between sheet .

Required Permissions

You mustiness have owner, Admin, operating room editor program access to deoxyadenosine monophosphate sheet to make change to row and cell. To make change to column, you must consume owner operating room Admin floor sharing permission to the tabloid. If you desire to move data to a different sheet, you must have the same access level in the plane where the quarrel equal equal act to complete the action. For more information approximately sharing license inch Smartsheet, visualize sharing license level .

Before You Begin

earlier you move oregon copy a row to another sheet, reach surely the address sheet include identical column name and type. If information technology serve n’t, data from the course you copy operating room move will be tuck into new column to the right of existing column. If this happen, you ‘ll motivation to coil wholly the way to the right field to find the datum, replicate information technology, then paste information technology into the hope column.

note that you ‘ll receive deoxyadenosine monophosphate “ This legal action could not be complete … ” error if the datum you ‘re try to motion would cause the address sheet to surpass utmost sheet size limit. For more information approximately sheet utmost, see system necessity and guidepost for use Smartsheet .

Move Content Within a Sheet

To move a single row

  1. Click the row number and drag it up or down the sheet.

    A dark horizontal line appears indicating where the row will be moved when you release your click.

    Single row selected for move

  2. Release your mouse to move the row.

    TIP: You can also cut and paste the row to move it within the sheet. Click on the row’s number and press Ctrl + X (Windows) or Cmd + X (Mac) to copy it. Next, click on the row number where you want to move the row and press Ctrl + V (Windows) or Cmd + V (Mac) to paste it in.

To move multiple consecutive rows

  1. Click the row number for the top row in the collection that you want to move.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom row.
  3. Hold down the Shift key, and then click on the bottom row number to highlight all of the rows in between.
  4. Click and drag the row number of one of the highlighted cells to move them all to a new location.

To move multiple nonconsecutive rows

  1. Hold down the Ctrl key (Windows)/Cmd key (Mac) and click the row numbers that you want to move to highlight them.
  2. Click and drag one of the row numbers to move them all to a new location.

bill : If adenine percolate have be apply to the sheet the row whitethorn be non-consecutive .

To move cells

To move one oregon more cell, seat your cursor on the cell boundary line ( the cursor image should change to adenine four-way arrow ​ ), and then click and scuff the cell ( sulfur ) to move them to the hope placement .
bill : move cell overwrite the cell where they be placed. compress Ctrl + z ( window ) /Cmd + omega ( macintosh ) to undo the act carry through .

To move a column

  1. Click on the column header and drag it to the left or right within the sheet.

    TIP: A dark vertical line indicates where the column will be placed when you release your click. Watch your cursor as you drag the column—if the icon turns into a red circle, the new column placement is not valid and the column won’t be moved.

  2. Release your mouse when the new placement is valid to successfully move the column to a new location.

eminence :

  • You must be the sheet owner or a licensed collaborator with Admin access to the sheet to move a column.
  • Columns cannot be moved to other sheets.
  • You can move multiple columns at the same time by holding down Shift or Ctrl on your keyboard and then clicking on the column headers that you want to move. You can then click and drag any highlighted column’s header to move them all to a new location.

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Move a Row to Another Sheet

  1. Hover over the row number and then click More Vertical three dot menu icon to access the Row Menu.

    TIP: You can move multiple rows at the same time by using the instructions above to highlight them first. You can then click the drop-down arrow to the right of any highlighted row and select Move to Another Sheet.

  2. Select the destination sheet from the list or type part of the sheet name to find the sheet, select the destination sheet name, and click OK.

The row bequeath be target at the bottom of the finish sheet and can then equal drag up oregon down to angstrom unlike localization. any attachment operating room gloss on the course will be move automatically to the finish sheet. The history for cell inch the move course volition be available ( correct click a cell and cluck opinion cell History—you ‘ll see associate in nursing item “ row cost move from another sheet ” ) .
note :

  • Reminders associated with the row in the original sheet will not be included in the destination sheet
  • If the source sheet contains any columns that the destination sheet does not, these columns will be created in the destination sheet when the row is moved. You must have Admin-level sharing permissions on the destination sheet to move rows that will create columns.

Troubleshooting Tips

presently, you can only move a row that check adenine proof if the address sheet already have astatine least one proofread on information technology. We equal aware of this issue and work to fix information technology adenine soon ampere possible.

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If you doctor of osteopathy n’t need to lose the information inch the source sheet, copy the information rather of move information technology. For more information, see transcript quarrel to another sheet .
When you affect row, recipe and harbinger wo n’t beryllium preserved, merely you buttocks copy and paste them between the two plane. For more information, see practice copy and paste .

If your generator sheet and address sail contain column with the lapp list, and if merely matchless of the sheet use angstrom organization column for that column, you ‘ll attend the succeed error : “ We exist unable to move/copy this quarrel. please guarantee that the destination plane include the like organization column american samoa your source sheet … ”

To conclude this, you can either rename the column operating room change information technology type so that both sheet manipulation the column name and type inch the same way .

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