How to move a Picture freely in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a great Word march software developed by Microsoft. You can create and edit documents in Microsoft Word. It has many options to create a text file, like adding images, formatting the textbook, etc. sometimes, we need to adjust the position of an tuck image in Microsoft Word by moving it. By default, Word does not let users move an image. In this article, we will see how to move a picture freely in Microsoft Word .

Which option is used to move a picture?

In Microsoft Word, you can move a movie by using the Wrap Text have. Right-click on an trope and choice Wrap Text. After that, you will see a number of options. The In Line with Text option does not let you move an image. consequently, you have to select early options in the Wrap Text to move an image .

What is the Wrap Text feature in MS Word?

The Wrap Text feature in Microsoft Word enables textbook to wrap around the trope thus that the trope does not interfere with line spacing. The feature lets Microsoft Word users choose how to wrap the text wraps around the selected object.

Why can’t I move pictures in Word?

When inserting an double into a document with text, you can not move it around the text well due to it being in occupation with text by default. To freely move a picture in your Microsoft Word, you should use the Wrap Text feature .

How to move a Picture freely in Microsoft Word

Follow the methods below to move pictures freely in Microsoft Word :

Enable a picture to move freely in a Word document

Open a Word document file.

Insert a photograph into it.

Right-click the movie, hover the cursor over Wrap Text and choice In Front of Text.

now, you can move your movie freely around the text in your document .

Enable all pictures to move freely overall in a Word document

You can allow your future images to move freely in your document by customizing the Word settings. Click the File yellow journalism on the menu bar. Click Options in the wing view. A Word Options dialogue box will open. Click Advanced on the impart acid. In the section Cut, imitate and paste, click the list button for Insert/paste picture as. then blue-ribbon In front of textbook from the number box. Click OK.

Try to insert a photograph into the Word document and try to move the persona freely around the text. Read : How to add Templates and insert Videos in Microsoft Word. We hope this tutorial helps you understand how to move a picture freely in Microsoft Word .

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