How to Set Up and Use MLA Format in Microsoft Word

The Modern Language Association ( MLA ) is an organization that provides guidelines for master and academic writers. many universities, employers, and professional agencies now require writers to conform to the MLA style since it ’ randomness easy to use and coherent .
In this article, we ’ ll cover how you can use the MLA format in Microsoft Word .
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    The MLA Format Requirements

    hera are the basic MLA guidelines :

    1. Use 1-inch margins on all sides
    2. Use a legible font like Times New Roman
    3. Use 12 size font
    4. Use double-spacing throughout the entire document
    5. Use indentation for the beginning of each paragraph
    6. Include a header that displays your surname and page numbers on the top right-hand side
    7. The first page should include your name, paper information and date
    8. The title of your paper should be centered on the first page
    9. The end of the paper should include a Works Cited page with MLA citations

    How to Set Up the MLA Format in Word

    here ’ s how you can organize your Word document sol that it conforms to the MLA guidelines. We ’ ll overlay each requirement in turn, so startle at the top and work your way down .

    1. Set the Margins

    To set 1-inch margins :

    1. Click on the layout tab (in older versions of Word this will be page layout).
    1. Select Margins then click custom Margins.
    1. For the top, bottom, rightand Leftmargins, type 1 and press record.
    1. Select oklahoma.

    2. Set the Font and Font Size

    To change the baptismal font :

    1. Select the home tab.
    1. Click the fontdrop-down menu and select the Times New Roman font (or a similar font like Calibri).
    2. Click the baptismal font size drop-down menu and select 12.

    3. Set Double Line Spacing

    To set double-spacing :

    1. Select the spacingdrop-down menu. This icon looks like blue up and down arrows beside four horizontal lines. Click 2.

    4. Set the pitting

    To set paragraph indentation :

    1. Right-click the document and select paragraph.
    1. Make sure the Indents and Spacing tab is selected.
    2. Click the drop-down menu beneath extra

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      and select first base channel. Then, click the field beneath Byand type 1 centimeter.

    alternatively, you can press the tab key before starting each fresh paragraph .

    5. Set the header

    To set your header :

    1. Click the slip in tab.
    1. In the header & Footersection, select heading and click lacuna (the top option).
    1. In the header, type your name and press the spacebar once.
    2. Click the home tab.
    3. Select align textbook Right in the paragraphsection.

    6. Set the page Number

    To set page numbers :

    1. Using your cursor, click in the header after your name.
    2. Select the Header and Footer tab.
    1. Select page Number, click current position and select Plain Number.

    7. Include Key Information on the first page

    now that your format is set up, it ’ sulfur time to include the needed information on the beginning page of your document .
    This should be one to four lines with your full diagnose and other key data such as your course name, course count, teacher ’ second name, and date ( written in a day, month, year format ) .
    After the go steady, click the Enter key, type your document or research paper ’ s claim and center the text by pressing Align Text Center in the Home yellow journalism .

    8. Format the Works Cited page

    If you include citations in your document, these besides need to conform to the MLA handbook. The number should be :

    1. Titled with “Works Cited” at the top of page
    2. In alphabetical order
    3. Left-justified
    4. Double-spaced
    5. Indented with a hanging indent

    To include a attend indent, select your citation list, right-click your document and choose Paragraph. In the Indentation department, select the drop-down box underneath Special, choice Hanging, and cluck OK .

    Time to Get Writing

    immediately that you ’ ve formatted your MLA paper correctly, it ’ s finally fourth dimension to get writing. With this formatting scout, you ’ ll have no trouble passing the MLA requirements. Just make indisputable to double-check your document before you submit it !

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