How to mirror your Android phone to a TV

Samsung 98 inch NeoQLED TV Robert Triggs / Android Authority In an age where phones are mobile entertainment centers, with cameras that shoot 4K HDR video recording, the ability to view that telephone ’ randomness message on life-size television receiver screens rightfully takes the earphone ’ s functionality to the future level. Android phones and tablets have had this ability from translation 5 on. native Android screen door mirroring can be hit-and-miss if your television receiver ’ randomness brand does not match your earphone ’ s, though. so as you would expect, many apps are available to facilitate watching your phone on your television screen. They work particularly well with external stream devices. Let ’ s review how to mirror your Android phone to a television receiver .
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To mirror your Android call to a television receiver, swipe down on your filmdom to bring up the Quick Settings menu. Tap on Smart View ( or your call ‘s equivalent ). From the list that comes up, select the television you want to view your phone ‘s screen on. Orient your riddle to landscape to see the message full-screen on the television receiver .

  • How to cast your Android phone to a TV
  • How to stop casting your Android phone to a TV

How to cast your Android phone to a TV

Native Android mirroring

Every translation of Android since translation 5 has featured Android Mirror Casting that will allow you to mirror your telephone ’ randomness screen to a television if it features Miracast, a radio protocol made specifically for mirroring a mobile device. Start by dragging down on the exceed of your telephone ’ randomness screen door to get to the Quick Settings menu. You might have to search a little because each phone godhead calls this feature something different. On a Samsung phone, it will be called Smart View. When you find it, tap on it .Screen Mirroring Samsung Phone Kevin Convery / Android Authority In a moment, your TVs name should appear on the screen that comes up listing nearby device to which the phone can connect. Tap on your television ’ randomness diagnose and the earphone should connect to it within a few seconds. You will want to keep your earphone in landscape orientation so it will match the television. native Android shield mirroring will work best when the earphone and the television are from the like sword .cast android phone Screen Mirroring Select TV Kevin Convery / Android Authority

Mirroring with an app

There are a number of apps available at the Google Play Store that let you mirror your riddle on a television. Each app is different in its features and what devices it will cast to. The majority of Android screen-mirroring apps are designed to connect with cyclosis external stream boxes and not the television directly. If you do not have a cyclosis device, make indisputable your television receiver supports Miracast and the app you choose will work directly with it ( iMediaShare is a good app for this situation ). If you do use an external streamer on your television, make certain the app you choose is compatible. Google ’ s Chromecast is the most widely supported pour device ( for which the Google Home app is ideal ), followed by Amazon ’ s Fire channel ( try the BubbleUPnP app first ) and Roku ( the Cast to television app will work well with it ) .

Casting with a streaming device

If you have a stream device connected to your television, you should consider what kind of content you are watching. For television or movies, you are credibly better off using the banner to watch directly, rather than keeping your telephone running the unharmed time you are watching a film. If on the early hand, you want to watch a game from your call on your television blind, or display photos or videos, and your television receiver does not support Miracast, a cyclosis box is the only solution. All the major devices ( Chromecast, Fire, Roku, Apple TV, NVIDIA Shield, etc ) have apps that interface with them. Make surely your phone and the device it is connecting with are on the same Wi-Fi network. You may want to try more than one app to see which gives your equipment the best experience. See our link above for a list of appropriate apps. For all cyclosis devices, the procedure is exchangeable. You open the app and start the capacity you want to mirror. then find the Cast release ( it may be labeled Stream or Mirror ). Identify the television receiver to send the signal to, and select it. You should see the capacity on your television receiver in a few seconds .

How to stop casting your Android phone to a TV

When it is time to disconnect your phone from screen mirror, you can swipe down from the top of your Android screen. You will see the mirror action listed. Under the list of the connected television receiver, you will see a push button to disconnect from the television receiver. ( This button ’ second appearance and pronounce will vary from earphone to telephone. ) You may besides receive a notification when you connect with the television receiver that will contain a clitoris to break the connection .
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The reason either has to do with compatibility or connection. To check compatibility, make sure your television receiver is Miracast-capable and your Android system is adaptation 4.2 or higher. The joining is through your Wi-Fi network, therefore seduce sure your telephone and your television are on the same network. ( If your router does 2.4GHz and 5GHz, that ’ south two separate networks. Pick the same one for both devices. )
not without some excess equipment. A Google Chromecast and a piece of equipment called a distribution amplifier will allow you to mirror you telephone to many screens at once .
The owner of the telephone ’ sulfur Netflix subscription is the matchless being used, since it is the one sending the signal .

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