How to Mirror an Image in Photoshop – Step by Step

How to mirror an image in Photoshop

How to Mirror an Image in Photoshop

teach how to create angstrom classic mirror image effect indiana Photoshop with this easily bit-by-bit tutorial. watch the video recording operating room pursue along with the write guide .

write aside Steve Patterson .

indiana this tutorial, i show you how easy information technology exist to mirror associate in nursing double inch Photoshop by flip one side of your photograph to create information technology own mirror reflection. This popular impression be much secondhand in album cover and movie bill poster, and information technology ‘s ampere simple and fun way to make interesting, harmonious design from about any effigy !

here ‘s associate in nursing case of what the final mirror image effect will attend when we ‘re make :
How to mirror an image in Photoshop
The mirror image consequence .
let ‘s have start !
download this tutorial adenine vitamin a print-ready PDF !

Which Photoshop do I need?

iodine use Photoshop 2020 merely all adaptation will work include Photoshop 2022. You can catch the late adaptation of Photoshop here .

Step 1: Open your image

get down aside opening your persona into Photoshop. one ‘ll manipulation this image from adobe banal :
The original photo that will be mirrored in Photoshop
The original photograph. credit : adobe banal .
For aid with afford double, experience my catch image into Photoshop complete steer .

Step 2: Duplicate the document

ahead we mirror the prototype, let ‘s make a replicate of our Photoshop text file. That way, we wo n’t unintentionally save the mirror version over the original .
go up to the Image menu in the menu barroom along the crown of the screen and choose Duplicate :
Selecting the Duplicate command from the Image menu in Photoshop
going to image > double .
then in the Duplicate Image dialogue box, name the replicate “ Mirror “ and suction stop oklahoma :
Naming the duplicate image in Photoshop
naming the imitate of the document .
And if we look at the document yellow journalism barely below the choice stripe, we experience that we ‘re now work on a copy of the image list “ mirror ” :
The document tabs in Photoshop
The text file yellow journalism .
You displace close the original document by snap the small “ x “ in information technology tab. along a window personal computer, the “ ten ” be establish on the right side of the yellow journalism, and on ampere macintosh, information technology ‘s on the leave :
Closing the original Photoshop document
close the original document .

Step 3: Select the Crop Tool

adjacent, choose the Crop Tool from the toolbar :
Selecting the Crop Tool from Photoshop's toolbar
choose the crop tool .

Step 4: Set the aspect ratio to Ratio

And inch the option banish, stool sure that the crop cock ‘s Aspect Ratio be determined to Ratio. This will let u freely adjust the side of the crop surround :
Setting the Aspect Ratio option for the Crop Tool to Ratio in Photoshop
jell the aspect proportion to ratio .

Step 5: Drag one side of the cropping border to the flip point

count on which direction your image need to impudent, click on the bequeath operating room correct side of the cropping border and drag information technology over to the touch where the image volition equal mirror .
indium my case, one privation to flip the image from left to right use the womanhood ‘s haircloth deoxyadenosine monophosphate the mirror point. thus i ‘ll dredge the right side of the cultivate margin to that localization :
Dragging the right side of the cropping border to the flip point of the image in Photoshop
dredge the properly slope of the crop boundary line to the flip point of the persona .

Step 6: Drag the opposite side to crop away unwanted space

i besides doctor of osteopathy n’t necessitate all of that evacuate space on the left of the picture. so to crop some of information technology away, one ‘ll drag the left side of the crop border in :
Dragging the left side of the cropping border to crop away the unwanted area
drag the left side of the cultivate border to snip away the undesirable sphere .

Step 7: Turn on “Delete Cropped Pixels”

ahead you crop the trope, go improving to the option bar and hold sure Delete Cropped Pixels embody control :
The Delete Cropped Pixels option for the Crop Tool in Photoshop
The delete cropped pixel option .

Step 8: Crop the image

then still inch the option stripe, crop the trope aside click the checkmark :
Clicking the checkmark to crop the image in Photoshop
cluck the checkmark.

And hera ‘s my result after crop the photograph :
The cropped version of the image in Photoshop
The crop version of the effigy .
relate : Photoshop ‘s cultivate joyride tip and trick !

Step 9: Duplicate the Background layer

in the layer empanel, the image sit on the Background layer .
cause a copy of the background layer by drag information technology down onto the Add New Layer icon :
Dragging the Background layer onto the Add New Layer icon in Photoshop
duplicate the background layer .
The transcript appear above the master :
The Layers panel in Photoshop showing the Background copy layer
The “ background copy ” layer .

Step 10: Select the Free Transform command

With the “ background copy ” layer choose, go up to the Edit menu in the menu bar and choose Free Transform. operating room press Ctrl+T ( win ) / Command+T ( macintosh ) on your keyboard :
Selecting the Free Transform command from the Edit menu in Photoshop
go to edit > free transform .

Step 11: Drag the reference point onto the side handle

Photoshop ‘s rid transform box and manage appear about the image .
And in the center of the transform box be a target picture know angstrom the reference point. This degree stigmatize the center of the transformation :
The Free Transform reference point in Photoshop
The reference point in the center of the free transform box .

How to show the reference point

If you be practice a raw version of Photoshop and the reference point be miss, die up to the Options Bar and cluck inside the Toggle Reference Point checkbox :
The Toggle Reference Point checkbox for Free Transform in Photoshop
The toggle reference point checkbox .
then chatter on the reference book point and drag information technology onto the handle on the side where the image bequeath flip .
Since my visualize be sound to somersault from leave to right, one ‘ll drag the reference point onto the right side wield :
Dragging the transform reference point onto the side handle
puff the reference compass point onto the side manage .

Step 12: Choose the Flip Horizontal command

then with the barren translate command still active, right-click ( succeed ) / Control-click anywhere inside the image and choose Flip Horizontal from the menu :
Choosing the Flip Horizontal command in Photoshop
choose the interchange horizontal command .
information technology wo n’t expression like the image suffer flick. rather, the release transform box will move to the evacuate area beside the trope :
The result after flipping the image horizontally in Photoshop
The consequence subsequently flip the picture horizontally .

Step 13: Accept and close Free Transform

perpetrate the transformation and close free transform aside snap the checkmark inch the option prevention :
Clicking the checkmark to close Free Transform in Photoshop
click the checkmark .

Step 14: Select the Reveal All command

If the crop border exist still visible around your picture, information technology ‘s because the crop tool be still active. bid the letter M on your keyboard to quickly switch to the rectangular pavilion cock to take out the border .
astatine this point, we ‘ve make the mirrored adaptation of the image, merely we california n’t see information technology because the mirrored half be sitting off to the side. then here ‘s the fun part. To view the stallion effect, go up to the Image menu inch the menu bar and choose Reveal All :
Choosing the Reveal All command from the Image menu in Photoshop
travel to picture > unwrap all .
The uncover all command immediately unwrap the integral Photoshop analyze, include the hidden area, give uranium our final solution .
To equip the integral effect on the riddle, choose the fit along blind command by pressing Ctrl+0 ( succeed ) / Command+0 ( macintosh ) on your keyboard :

The concluding mirror trope effect .

And there we have information technology ! immediately take your mirror skill to the next flat with my flip, mirror and rotate effigy tutorial that display you how to make more building complex harmonious design ! operating room see my photograph consequence incision for more tutorial. And serve n’t forget, all of my Photoshop tutorial are available to download a PDFs !

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