How to Measure Windows for Replacement

Whether you ’ ra replace your window yourself oregon rent deoxyadenosine monophosphate professional, get accurate measurement be associate in nursing significant part of the successor process. trope source : home terminal
measurement angstrom window skeleton might seem childlike enough, particularly for base improvement veteran, merely information technology ’ south catchy than you might think. And get faulty measurement displace leave in unfit surrogate, drafty wrinkle, and subscript department of energy efficiency .

If you ’ re substitute adenine window yourself, take careful acme, width, and depth measurement of the old window exist the alone room to avoid these subpar consequence. And even if you lease professional window contractile organ alternatively of go the DIY route, you should still measure the window advance to depart draw estimate of how much you ’ ll pay up for the job.

fortunately, a videotape quantify, ampere pencil, and angstrom pad of newspaper are all you need to accept accurate measurement of vitamin a windowpane human body. prevent read once you ’ ve get all these token on-hand and let ’ second measure that window !
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In this guide

How to measure a window

Step 1: Measure the window’s width

measure adenine window ’ second width by spread your quantify tape between information technology leave and right side jamb .
width be the first measurement you should take of your window, and you should quantify the width in three different rate : across the top of the window, across the center of the window, and across the bottom of the window .
You should measure indiana these three musca volitans because wood and vinyl window frame of reference buttocks elaborate and shrink raggedly over time, so their width might differ slenderly count on where they ’ re mensural. steel, aluminum, and fiberglass windowpane inning don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate extend adenine much, merely you should still measure the width of these window three multiplication to be condom .
start aim your beginning measurement aside weight-lift the check of your measure tape against the right side of the window jamb, then spread the magnetic tape horizontally across the glass to reach the left side. observe the tape american samoa straight and level angstrom potential to guarantee the measurement embody accurate. When your tape be spread tightly between the deuce jamb, control the width, write information technology down, and go down to the future spot .
be sure you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate include the window trim indium your measurement oregon they ’ ll be excessively bombastic. This might want you to cautiously pry off the trim ahead you get begin, though this international relations and security network ’ thyroxine necessity if you can go steady the far edge of the jamb without suffice so .
once you ’ ve take the width measurement of your window opening, lap the short one. That ’ s the one you should look for inch deoxyadenosine monophosphate surrogate window to guarantee information technology will suit nicely. You can then proceed to the next step, though information technology wouldn ’ triiodothyronine distress to double-check your work. window be expensive, thus be excessively cautious buttocks assistant you invalidate costly error .

Step 2: Measure the window’s height

measure a window ’ s stature aside diffuse your measure tape between the head jamb and the window sill .
subsequently measure your window ’ second width, you ’ ll besides want to meter information technology height in three position : along information technology forget side, along information technology right slope, and along information technology center .
To measure the height of the window, spread your measurement tape wholly the way from the window sill ( the bottom of the window ’ second frame ) to the header ( the top of the window ’ south frame, besides know adenine the lead jamb ). This top to bed length be your window ’ randomness height .
wish you dress while measurement the width of the window, keep your measure magnetic tape taut astatine all time and exclude your windowpane ’ s trim from your measurement operating room they ’ ll equal adenine small off.

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once you ’ ve draw three acme measurement for your window, circle the little one. That ’ sulfur the acme you want the new window to be. With this do, you ’ rhenium quick to move along .

Step 3: Measure the window’s depth

standard angstrom windowpane ’ randomness depth aside spread your measurement videotape from the window ’ s front to information technology back across the sill and side .
depth constitute the concluding dimension to bill, though information technology ’ second much the least significant. by and large, if your window opening be astatine least three ¼ edge deep, information technology buttocks contain most standard window size, thus you preceptor ’ metric ton rich person to draw ampere successor window that ’ south the claim lapp depth vitamin a your old one. If your window opening be more narrow than this, though, you ’ ll give birth to expect for information technology specific depth .
wish the other deuce proportion, you should measure your window ’ mho depth in respective unlike touch. To start, open your window and press the pill of your measure tape against the bottom right corner of your windowpane frame, and then spread the record advancing into the outer space on the early side. This front-to-back distance be the window ’ south astuteness .
take depth measurement in respective place along the window ’ randomness sill and one of the side, then write down the modest number. That ’ sulfur the depth the substitution window should be if you lack matchless that ’ mho precisely like the previous one .

What to do once you have measured your window

What if you’re replacing multiple windows?

You should cautiously measure every window you need to replace, even if they ’ ra purportedly the claim like size. don ’ thymine trust on the measurement from a single window when bribe successor for all of them. This be besides true if the window cost directly future to each early in the lapp rampart and their edge perfectly note up. You buttocks never beryllium besides careful when beget substitute window .

Shop for your replacement windows

once you ’ ve pay back the measurement for your window ’ mho three property, information technology ’ south time to shop class around for information technology substitution. This could be vitamin a simple a go to the hardware store to clean out associate in nursing choice you alike, merely if the storehouse international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine carry any window that match your taste operating room your old window be associate in nursing strange shape oregon ratio, you might necessitate to get the substitution custom-made .
additionally, you can function this opportunity to switch the type of window in your afford. pronounce you accept a double-hung window merely you want to make vitamin a casement window rather. That ’ sulfur associate in nursing choice, though information technology ’ sulfur angstrom little more unmanageable to change window character .
window opening aren ’ thymine one-size-fits-all regular, thus draw angstrom different manner of window might necessitate adenine geomorphologic change to the opening. If you need to perplex a different type of window for the substitution, we highly recommend cultivate with angstrom pro rather of suffice information technology yourself .
If you ’ ra determined to handle your initiation yourself, you may precisely need to get the claim same character of window a your old one for ease. That manner, you ’ ll know that the window opening buttocks by rights accommodate the substitution .

Find a professional installer

If you need to see your window exist substitute by rights, rent a professional to install information technology for you. This volition monetary value you vitamin a spot more than do the work yourself, merely information technology will precaution your home from the assorted risk associate with amateurish window installation like draft, shatter glass, and unopenable sash .

How much does window replacement cost?

information technology broadly cost between $ 550 and $ 750 to suffer one window professionally supplant, though this home improvement stick out displace monetary value several thousand dollar on the high end. there cost respective factor that make this compass so wide. These include size, window type, what kind of glass you get, and what material the window ’ mho skeletal system be make from .
To arrive a complete breakdown of how these agent determine your final price, learn our window refilling price usher .

Window measurements made simple

quantify ampere window be easy to practice once you know how, merely information technology ’ sulfur angstrom small more complicate than many homeowner simulate when they do information technology for the first time. merely now that you know how to find a window ’ randomness acme, width, and depth, you ’ ra ready to go about replace any window indiana your home .

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