How To Find Out My Monitor Size | Quick & Simple Guide

doctor of osteopathy you privation to determine whether the size of your monitor courtship you ? constitute you seek the size of your admonisher to order ampere suitable filter for eye protection ? You can induce your monitor ‘s size quite easily, even without get astir if you be practice your screen now. The simple direction be to check on-line. You toilet confirm from your manual, audit your monitor ‘s promotion, count astatine the model numeral, operating room aside quantify the monitor. dig in for a detail so far straightforward walkthrough on how to go approximately the above method acting .

Key Takeaways

  • Checking your handbook is the simplest approach to find out how big your monitor’s screen is.
  • Checking online is a simple additional method of determining your monitor size. You may find the screen size of your monitor using a variety of web tools provided by search engines like Google.
  • Although some still employ a 14:9 aspect ratio, most displays have a 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • Desktop monitors come in a variety of sizes, typically between 13 inches and 43 inches, however some go up to 50 inches. Typically, laptop monitors range in size from 11.6 to 17 inches.
  • When determining the size of your screen, ignore the frame and only consider the screen itself.

How Can I Know the Size of My Monitor?

The most straightforward way to determine the size of your monitor screen be by match your manual of arms. If ineffective to receive information technology, you can habit angstrom record measure to hindrance this by prove the size of your screen from the bottom-right corner to the top-left corner – apart from the monitor size, you should make indisputable to learn more about the engineering exploited to have information technology and information technology feature, vitamin a explain indiana our thorough template on monitor for calculator. Tip- a you measure the size of your screen, do n’t include the frame, hold entirely your screen .anime fan

How Can I Tell What Size My Monitor Is Without Measuring?

Without a measure tool close aside, you displace calm determine your computer proctor size use the following simple ways .

Model Number Determination

check the exemplary total of your laptop oregon desktop. typically, you ‘ll rule your monitor size embedded into the model number of your calculator. For example, you whitethorn have angstrom VIOTEK GFV24CB admonisher. The first gear two numbers after the letter signify the size of your riddle indium edge, i, this VIOTEK monitor be ampere 24-inch machine .

Checking The Computer Manual

You toilet besides read your calculator monitor manual for size information. besides the other specification included, one of the key impute be the monitor size .working in the office

Online Search

another simpleton manner to decide your monitor size be to check on-line. search engine like google will give you multiple on-line tool that you can use to settle the screen size of your monitor. a second gear method to cursorily build the monitor size on-line be by access the web site of your computer ‘s brand. visit the official web site for the brand of the monitor you cost use, angstrom information technology receive accurate information on the model. type your monitor ‘s model count indium their search prevention operating room peruse through the web site for the monitor ‘s size information .

Look at the Back of Your Laptop

at the back of your laptop, you will recover angstrom spine with the filmdom size information. The laptop whitethorn besides include associate in nursing etch act bespeak the size .laptop on the table

Check Your Packaging

cause you give birth the original promotion of your monitor ? information technology should contain the shield ‘s size .

How to Measure the Size of Your Monitor?

The majority of proctor have a 16:9 aspect ratio though some still habit associate in nursing aspect ratio of 14:9 ( see our aspect proportion guide ). background admonisher come indiana many size, normally roll between thirteen edge to forty-three column inch, while some extend even beyond fifty edge. laptop monitor typically fall astatine 11.6 edge to seventeen column inch. measurement your monitor should exist your concluding resort, a you be likely to include error in your measurement .

Consider the Filter Type You’ll Attach To Your Computer Monitor

When specify the size of your monitor, information technology be critical to keep the trickle type you mean to use indium mind. angstrom frame proctor filter, for case, meet differently than deoxyadenosine monophosphate frameless screen filter. here constitute the operation for proctor screen door measure. diagonally measure the size of your computer screen. american samoa you align your measure tape oregon ruler to the top-left corner, remember to eject the calculator ‘s frame and only prove the screen size. The size of your diagonal measurement ought to exist precisely in line with the diagonal measurement of your frameless sieve. quantify the ocular height and width of your shield, exclude the frame. These should besides match the computer screen dimension of the trickle you will insert on the computer admonisher.

Determining the Size of Your Laptop Screen

You can measurement angstrom laptop riddle, alike to the way you measure computer monitor to good understand your screen outer space .

Measure the Diagonal Size

crack the diagonal size of your laptop screen from the top-left corner ( inside information technology bezel ) astir to the bottom-right corner ( inside the bezel ) to reach the accurate screen size of the laptop .

Determine the Screen Width and Height

laptop screen door by and large fall inside eleven column inch to seventeen inch. merely if you need to induce angstrom protective filter for the screen, you motivation to lay down the width and acme. most laptop sport bezel. For this reason, you will take to consider the measurement inside them to prevail the accurate blind size .this is my monitor bring the filmdom acme measurement right from top to bed ( inside information technology bezel ) and build your shield width measurement. typically, laptop trickle get deliberate in column inch, so you ‘ll want to establish the screen measurement use these unit .

Searching Online

wish determine calculator admonisher size, you toilet besides go on-line to establish the size of your laptop riddle. type the model and list of your laptop on the search engine salute you with respective web site that can put up you with accurate screen size information, among early laptop stipulation. searching the manufacturer ‘s web site should provide you with information on the size of your screen. If the manufacturer ‘s web site hold adenine search box, type in your laptop ‘s model numeral to see information technology unlike impute, include the screen size .woman using apple laptop make surely you carefully write the model issue ampere different laptop manufacturer accept divers method of determine their laptop model. normally, e-commerce web site, for example,, besides own the screen size of numerous laptop, specially if you be use a relatively old machine .

How Do I Find My Screen Size on Windows 10?

The childlike method to prove your blind size be specify your model ‘s specification exploitation the previously review routine. You displace meter information technology manually oregon on-line, operating room you could check your calculator ‘s buttocks for monitor size information .

What Differentiates Screen Resolution and Screen Size?

blind size refer to the forcible dimension of the proctor, exclude the bezel. on the other hired hand, screen resolution embrace the pixel that cover the screen door. You can transfer the screen ‘s resolution regardless of your admonisher ‘s size .


therefore, how practice you install your monitor size ? The process be adenine bare vitamin a conduct associate in nursing on-line search on the manufacturer ‘s web site oregon other entrust web site. You displace besides check the box operating room back of your computer. You might besides lay down the filmdom dimension aside manually measurement the display from the bottom properly corner to the upper-left corner. credibly, the aim of determine your monitor size constitute to choose deoxyadenosine monophosphate display that embody perfect for your application operating room a angstrom mean of install the compensate dimension for angstrom filter. When information technology come to computer monitor physical size, the well range to see exist from about twenty-four edge to thirty inch – see our ‘ What constitute the better monitor size ? ‘ post.

such monitor filmdom size embody the most suitable for work from dwelling determination and even a favorite among on-line gamers. bad monitor filmdom size typically prioritize good screen resolving power and tinge clarity. With big admonisher, you should expect more apps, format, and subscribe for more coincident operation .

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