Here’s How to Measure a Lamp Shade in Easy Steps

Whether you ’ re looking to update your existing fixtures or have just purchased a gorgeous antique lamp basis, it ’ mho important that you know how to choose a lampshade that will complement your existing frame and your room .
Lampshades are effective at transforming the vibration of an interior space ( in your subject, hopefully for the better ) .
Want to know how to choose a lampshade ? Choosing a lampshade involves consideration of shape and size, materials used, and the overall effect a lampshade can have on your décor. You’ll need to specifically measure your lamp base and find an option that works with the style of your room.
In this guide, we ’ ll show you how to measure a lamp shadow in comfortable steps.

Choosing the Right Lampshade for Your Lamp

There are a count of considerations you ’ ll want to keep in mind when choosing your following lampshade .
Because lampshades can affect the atmosphere, light, and overall invoke and functionality of a room, it ’ second crucial you know what these considerations are .

Things to consider when purchasing a lampshade :

– Shape

Lampshades come in a kind of shapes, from basic squares and circles to more matter to octagons, drums, empires, and barrels. Though this may seem intimidating at beginning, the beneficial news is that your lamp base will decide the shape of your shade .
Square lamps get square shades, round lamps get orotund shades, etc. The basic goal is to keep the geometry the same throughout (straight lines with straight lines and curvy lines with curvy lines) for a more unified and attractive look.

– Balance

You ’ ll besides want to consider balance so that your lamp base and lampshade do not clash. Elaborate lamp bases, therefore, demand simple shades, while plain lamp bases require more detailed and eye-catching lampshades.

– Materials Used

The material your lampshade is made of will influence both the look of your lamp and the light it is able to give off.
Translucent shades, crafted from newspaper or framework, are capital sources of light, while opaque shades, made from materials such as laminate cards, thick parchment, and even silk, are excellent at creating a more sophisticated atmosphere in your room .

How Do You Determine What Size Lampshade a Lamp Needs?

Of course, you ’ ll besides want to consider lampshade size. It ’ s this childlike : a lampshade that is too big or too small can throw off the vibes in your room ( and even affect your lighting ) .
For this cause, let ’ s take a front at some specific lampshade sizing information .
If you ’ re working with fair a lamp base, you ’ ll need to do more than simply estimate to find the right size lampshade. fortunately, a lamp al-qaeda is all you need to determine the allow dimensions of your future nuance .

The lamp basal rule

here ’ south why : lampshade adjustment follows a basic principle. namely, lampshades should be double the width of the lamp base, and they should be one-third of the total height of the lamp. You can easily take these dimensions with a tape measurement .
Let ’ s examine a practical exemplar :
Say that you have a four-inch lamp free-base that ’ second twenty-one inches tall. If that ’ s the case, you ’ five hundred need a lampshade that ’ mho eight inches wide ( 4 ten 2 ) and seven inches tall ( 21/3 ).

This elementary rule will help you determine the size of your lampshade no count the shape you are going for .

What Type of Lampshade Gives the Most Light?

Looking for something to brighten up your room ? If so, you ’ ll want to go with white ( or at the very least light ) shades .
While opaque options are great at mood setting, they tend to channel light in an up-and-down steering, making them less functional. This means you ’ ll want to settle for a translucent option that best fits the shape of your lamp foundation .

Do Lampshades Need to Match in a Room ?

If you can ’ metric ton find or don ’ triiodothyronine want to use multiple lampshades of the like blueprint, preceptor ’ triiodothyronine worry. While you can certainly use identical lampshades throughout your room, this isn’t necessary to craft a refined and visually appealing interior space.
With that being said, however, it ’ sulfur important that your lampshades relate to one another in some noticeable way .
You may consider choosing lampshades that are made from the like material, are the like shape or color, or play off each other in terms of design and tinge system .

lampshade Styles and Shapes

Finding the mighty lampshade for your home involves understanding the different styles and shapes out there .
Let ’ s take an in-depth front at some of the most popular options, what lamp bases they pair with, and their light characteristics :

– Rectangle

modernist and contemporaneous, rectangle lamp shades can help give a room serious eminence and are best paired with rectangle bases. These lampshades emit fall from both the bottom and the top of the shade .

– Bell

Bell lampshades are everlastingly popular .
With their distinctive bell shape ( pin down at the clear before curving down to the bottom ), these shades have been staples in many homes for years. They emit light from both the bottom and top of the shades and work best with more intricate bases.

– Empire

Empire lamp shades are among the most easily recognizable, with their wide bottoms and narrow tops.
These omnipresent shades can make a board appear more traditional but besides bring in more modernist settings. Empire shades provide light from both the bottom and top of the invention and should be paired with cylindrical or round bases .

– Coolie

classifiable and conic, these classical lampshades work well with cylindrical bases. Coolie lampshades give off modernist vibes and provide light from the bottom of the tad.

– Square

Another modernist option, squarely lampshades are adequate on all sides for a bang-up geometric attend. They work adept with public square bases and emit both top and bottom light .


This simpleton guide makes buying the arrant lampshade easier than ever. The advice here can help you understand how to choose a lampshade that works for your specific needs .
If you ’ re looking to buy a lampshade that complements your existing lamp foundation, boosts the atmosphere of your room, and helps pull other elements of your décor in concert, make sure to use this guide as your character .

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