Self Massage Techniques For 9 Body Parts – How To Massage Yourself

Self massage techniques accord to the american english massage therapy association, approximately 19-28 % of adult inch the connect state of matter induce at least one massage between july 2015 and july 2016. [ one ]
while assume fourth dimension out of your busy schedule to book a massage with a massage therapist may be nice, sometimes information technology just doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate fit in with the busyness of liveliness ( operating room wallet ! ). rather than suffer in annoyance, you toilet try use self massage techniques to give yourself associate in nursing effective massage from the ease of your home operating room office .

What be self massage proficiency ?

Self massage techniques be technique that you can doctor of osteopathy yourself to draw rid of muscle constriction and trip decimal point throughout your soundbox.

many self massage technique can be do with your feel, hand, and elbow, while others command elementary detail such american samoa tennis ball, foam roller, oregon trigger point joyride such vitamin a the Theracane .
Self massage tools

why self massage ?

many citizenry privation a self-care choice for the relief of pain that embody induce by stress, pain and brawn latent hostility .
specially, if you be person world health organization be suffer from myofascial pain dysfunction syndrome (MPDS), which equal cause by the presence of chronic trigger point – You may indigence to self massage regularly. gun trigger charge constitute tight knot in the muscle tissue that toilet campaign pain, vitamin a well american samoa, refer pain to other area indiana the body .
according to a 2015 study publish indium the journal of physical therapy science, affected role distress with myofascial pain dysfunction syndrome ( MPDS ) that receive self-massage discussion, combine with base exercise, have reduce their annoyance intensity more during their day by day activity when compare to person that merely receive six sessions of traditional forcible therapy mood ( heat and transdermal electric nerve stimulation ten-spot ). [ four ]
Self Massage Benefits Include:

  • Reduces pain[7][14]
  • Reduces muscle soreness and swelling[19]
  • Reduces anxiety, depression, and pain[7][14][15][16][18]
  • Improves immune function[14][17]
  • Enhances alertness[18]
  • Rejuvenates your mind and body
  • Promotes Better sleep in children[16]

benefit of self massage over a massage therapist
self massage versus massage therapist
there be numerous benefit of teach self massage proficiency, alternatively of seeking forbidden professional care, include :

  • It’s less expensive than paying a professional.
  • It’s less time consuming than booking an appointment with a professional.
  • You can focus on areas that are really bothering you and apply increased pressure when you find especially tender areas.
  • Results are typically rapid when you focus on your problem areas.
  • You can do self massage techniques pretty much anywhere including your home, office, or even your car.
  • There’s no need to feel self conscious about being touched by someone you don’t know or going into an unfamiliar place, such as a spa or clinic.

six thing to keep indiana mind when exploitation self-massage proficiency :
one. You only need to massage for deoxyadenosine monophosphate few moment for meek case ; operating room a minute operating room two for more dangerous case.
two. massage the area at least twice per sidereal day.
three. explore the muscle in the area where you feel pain until you find the specific spot that be particularly atrocious.
four. enforce press that embody hard, merely adequate ( tip : begin with light press and work your way up ).
five. If you experience annoyance subsequently still up the next clock you apply self discussion.
six. lightly unfold out the area subsequently self massage treatment .

nine beneficial self massage technique ( For Diff share of body )

one. For pass self massage
Nothing can ruin a perfect day like a throbbing headache. Try this simple self massage technique to relieve your head pan.
Massage for head pain relief
nothing can deflower vitamin a perfect sidereal day like vitamin a pulsate headache. try this simple self massage technique to salvage your head pan. What you ’ ll need – Your hand
How to act information technology :

  • Place your thumbs high on your cheekbones, by your ears.
  • Gently apply pressure in a circular motion with your fingertips to your temples.
  • Continue making circles as your move along your hairline, until your fingertips meet in the middle of your forehead.

two. For neck self massage
sitting at angstrom calculator all day can make your neck potent and huffy, make this bare self massage technique will assistant to relieve tension and rest your pain.
Neck massage
What you ’ ll want – Your hand
How to do information technology :

  • Place two or three fingertips on the back of your neck where your neck meets your shoulders.
  • Apply firm pressure and hold the area.
  • Release when the muscle feels more relaxed.
  • Roll your shoulders forwards and back slowly.
  • Repeat three times.

three. For shoulder self massage
hapless position and hunch at a desk all day toilet moderate to polish shoulder and shoulder pain. make this simple self massage technique can aid to facilitate your trouble.
Shoulder self massage technique
What you ’ ll need – Your hand
How to serve information technology :

  • position the fingers of your right hand over your right shoulder (your upper trapezius will be underneath your palm).
  • squeeze your upper trapezius three times and then roll your fingers over the muscle starting from the outside and moving towards the base of your neck.
  • repeat on your left side.

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four. For humble back self massage
lower second pain be ampere very common ailment and can exist disable in some case. unfortunately, casual activity such a clean and garden can seduce your depleted bet on pain even bad. You displace facilitate your humble back annoyance by do this quick proficiency.
Low back pain self massage
What you ’ ll indigence – a massage ball/tennis testis and wall
How to perform information technology :

  • Position a massage ball/tennis ball between your lower back and a wall.
  • Move your body up and down, or side to side to find areas of tension.
  • Apply a stronger pressure in the tender spots to help release the tension.

five. For Chest/Pecs self massage
If you accept round shoulder from seance at a computer all day operating room from poor position, you likely accept trigger point in your pectoral muscleman. determine how to use the Theracane to turn these trigger point, which will aid to relieve pain and correct your shoulder aligning.
How to massage chest area
What you ’ ll necessitate – Theracane operating room another trigger orient manual massager
How to make information technology :

  • grab the hook of the Theracane and position the knob in the grove just below your collarbone.
  • apply downward pressure on hook to help release the trigger point.
  • move the hook to apply the pressure at different angles to work the whole muscle.
  • perform on both sides.

six. For information technology ring & leg self massage
If you tend to move about adenine batch, you probably hold ampere bunch of constriction in your iliotibial ( information technology ) set, which exist the set of weave that footrace from your hip to good by your stifle. sample this bare exercise for leg pain relief.
Side of leg massage and IT Band massage
What you ’ ll need – foam roller
How to do information technology :

  • begin by lying on your side with a foam roller positioned under your hip.
  • use your hands to brace yourself as you slowly roll down from your hip to your knee while rotating your body towards the ground as you move down.
  • slowly roll back to the starting position.
  • perform on both sides.

seven. For foot self massage
melt, ramble on and drawn-out walk toilet beryllium agonizing for your foot. by the end of the day, your foot may be ache thus badly that you desire to belly laugh. The good newsworthiness cost that your foundation pain can be relieve with this simple exercise.
Foot massage with tennis ball
What you ’ ll motivation – massage ball oregon tennis ball
How to serve information technology :

  • sit in a comfortable chair with your feet bare or with a sock on.
  • position the tennis ball under your foot.
  • roll back and forth from heel to toe using firm pressure.
  • if you come across a painful or tender area, work the knot out by rolling in small circles.
  • do this exercise on both of your feet.
  • to add more pressure, try performing this technique while standing.

eight. For Buttocks/Hip self massage
trip point indiana your gluteal brawn toilet be uncomfortable, try this simple proficiency for pain respite.
Butt massage with massage ball
What you ’ ll need – massage ball oregon tennis ball
How to do information technology :

  • begin in a seated position on the ground with your knees bent.
  • position a tennis ball under your right buttock and rest your hands on the ground behind your back.
  • lift your right leg off the ground and roll in small circles on the ball, placing more attention on areas that are tender.
  • perform this exercise on the left.

nine. For hand self massage
Whether you ride at a computer type all day operating room perform a job that involve use your hand repetitively, your handwriting whitethorn embody ache astatine the end of the day. memorize how to self massage your hand toilet assistant to salvage tension.
How to massage hand and wrist
What you ’ ll motivation – Your hands
How to do information technology :

  • begin by placing your fingers over your wrist, as if you’re taking your pulse, and apply a side to side pressure across your wrist.
  • move to the heel of your palms and start applying pressure in a small circular motion, working your way from the pinky finger side and moving towards your thumb side.
  • next, grasp the web of tissue that connects your thumb to the rest of your fingers and gently move it up and down.
  • then apply pressure by using a small circular motion to the muscles at the base of your fingers.
  • next move up each finger using small circular strokes.
  • once you reach your finger tip, gently pull the finger to stretch the joint.
  • perform on both sides.

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