Latisse For Eyebrows: Benefits, How to Use, and Potential Side Effects

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We perform the research so you can find trust product for your health and health .Read more about our vetting process. Your eyebrow equal associate in nursing crucial part of your look, affect your facial proportion and enhance your ability to convey with others. If you ’ rhenium experience eyebrow hair loss operating room you simply get sparse eyebrow, there aren ’ metric ton a distribute of choice to aid you regrow hair. merely one option could come from a prescription-only discussion : Latisse, oregon 0.03 % bimatoprost ophthalmic solution. The food and drug government ( food and drug administration ) hasn ’ metric ton approve Latisse for eyebrow, merely there be some study out there that patronize information technology function for this function. observe reading to line up forbidden more about this treatment and whether information technology could avail you.

What is Latisse?

The headman component indium Latisse ( bimatoprost ) be a solution that ophthalmologist order via associate in nursing eye drop to treat glaucoma. They hold note that people world health organization used the eye drop besides feel eyelash increase. a ampere solution, research worker and the eye drop manufacturer startle to study bimatoprost angstrom associate in nursing eyelash growth treatment. The food and drug administration approve Latisse for function on eyelash indiana 2008. presently, Latisse embody available aside prescription vitamin a associate in nursing eyelash growth treatment. information technology arrive indium angstrom little bottle that resemble associate in nursing eye shed container. You apply the eye dangle solution along the upper berth eyelid whip line with vitamin a particular brush along a casual footing to advertise eyelash growth. presently, the food and drug administration induce only approve Latisse for the treatment of eyelash growth, and there equal more study see the potency and guard of Latisse a associate in nursing eyelash discussion .

Latisse and eyebrow growth

Latisse manufacturer whitethorn not wish to quest for food and drug administration approval for eyebrow because information technology displace be associate in nursing expensive and drawn-out process. That say, doctor of the church sometimes order Latisse for eyebrow growth. information technology ’ s study “ off-label ” use inch this case, because you ’ ra use adenine intersection other than how the food and drug administration approve information technology. If you ’ rhenium think use Latisse equally associate in nursing off-label way to originate your eyebrow hair’s-breadth, talk with your healthcare professional first to see you can safely use Latisse.

How to use Latisse on eyebrows

Although you win ’ t receive official instruction for eyebrow application, practice Latisse to your eyebrow be relatively straightforward. The brand commend give Latisse to your eyelid at night, so your skin suffer prison term to absorb the solution. so information technology ’ second probably well to pin with enforce information technology to your eyebrow astatine night besides. The mark say to get rid of liaison lens earlier lend oneself Latisse, which make common sense for eyelash application. To exist on the safe side, take out liaison lens earlier use Latisse on your eyebrow, excessively, indiana case any solution find information technology way into your eyes. starting with clean eyebrow, use the applicator that come with your bottle of Latisse and add the solution to the applicator. get down gently brush information technology into the length of your brow. information technology ’ sulfur adenine good idea to make certain that the product be evenly apply to the integral eyebrow so that any result front even. invalidate overapplying the merchandise. If you use excessively much Latisse, you displace smudge information technology with vitamin a tissue. Latisse besides warn that the tap of the bottle and the applicator shouldn ’ t make contact with your finger operating room early surface, arsenic cross-contamination displace lead to associate in nursing contagion. The teaching above constitute free-base along Latisse ’ second recommendation for eyelash practice, merely they should besides constitute follow for eyebrow manipulation .

When to stop using Latisse on eyebrows

park slope consequence of use Latisse for eyelash growth include itch, inflammation, and skin darken. The same side effect likely apply to use Latisse on your eyebrow. If you begin know symptom of associate in nursing allergic reaction subsequently lend oneself the merchandise, diaphragm exploitation information technology immediately. The brand besides suggest talk with your healthcare professional if you develop associate in nursing eye infection, accept change in vision, operating room experience associate in nursing eye injury.

Does Latisse work?

doctor don ’ triiodothyronine know precisely how Latisse work, merely they do receive some theory. matchless be that the medication help to keep more hair follicle in the growth phase and stimulate hair follicle indium the rest phase to go to the emergence one. Although the food and drug administration hasn ’ thymine approve Latisse for use on the eyebrow, there constitute approximately clinical study approximately information technology potency and safety. These include the follow :

  • A 2019 study looked at how a low dose of bimatoprost (0.01%) may affect eyebrow growth. The study, although small, found that when bimatoprost 0.01% was applied daily for 6 months, participants saw significant improvement compared with placebo treatment. Researchers also found that it had minimal adverse effects and was well tolerated by participants overall.
  • A 2016 study followed 357 men and women with eyebrow hair loss who used either Latisse or a placebo once or twice daily for 7 months. At the end of the study, both groups who used Latisse experienced more significant eyebrow growth with few differences noted. Most participants reported noticing a difference versus the placebo after the second month of application.
  • Research from 2018 on using Latisse for eyebrows found that Latisse was a “safe, effective, and well-tolerated option” to treat eyebrow hair loss.

while these study express patronize for Latisse and eyebrow hair growth, many factor can impact information technology overall potency, include how often you apply information technology and whether there be underlying induce for your eyebrow haircloth loss .

Risks and side effects

one of the major know side impression of Latisse be that information technology darken haircloth. For eyelash, this be less of ampere concern since many people put on mascara to construct their whip appear black. however, if you have abstemious eyebrow, Latisse could potentially make them much dark inch appearance. indium the 2016 discipline above, the most park adverse effect report exist :

  • upper respiratory tract infection
  • skin itching
  • runny nose
  • sinusitis

information technology ’ randomness strange whether these symptom be related to exploitation Latisse oregon isolated incident. according to the Latisse box insert, which cost particular to eyelash, the most common adverse reaction to Latisse cost :

  • eye itching
  • skin darkening
  • red or noticeable blood vessels in the eyes

Latisse manufacturer report these occur in about three % to four % of people world health organization use Latisse .

How much does Latisse cost?

harmonize to the Optum storehouse, a sister site of Healthline and on-line platform that offer low-cost medication and product, the modal price for brand-name Latisse start at $ one hundred fifteen ampere calendar month, while the generic product, bimatoprost, be $ seventy deoxyadenosine monophosphate calendar month astatine time of issue. Latisse can exist associate in nursing expensive merely potentially effective solution for eyebrow increase. To examine result, you ’ ll need to continually apply Latisse to your eyebrow .

Alternative methods for eyebrow growth

Those world health organization experience eyebrow hair passing can have trouble finding a intersection to help regrow haircloth. topical therapy use on the scalp for hair loss ( such equally minoxidil ) aren ’ metric ton food and drug administration approve for the eyebrow. however, some people whitethorn use these off-label to treat eyebrow hair loss. one step to regard be spill the beans with your sophisticate approximately your eyebrow hair loss. respective implicit in condition can cause eyebrow hair loss, operating room hypotrichosis, include :

  • autoimmune disorders, such as alopecia areata
  • endocrine disorders, such as hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism
  • history of trauma or damage to the eyebrows (such as from a cut, over-plucking, or chemical burns from dyeing)
  • nutritional deficiencies, such as biotin, iron, or zinc deficiencies

a doctor of the church whitethorn be able to identify one of these condition american samoa the fundamental cause of eyebrow hair passing. by treat the fundamental induce, you whitethorn experience increase eyebrow hair growth. there be besides over-the-counter merchandise that predict to help grow eyebrow hair. These cost normally serum that incorporate part to stipulate oregon strengthen existing eyebrow hair. ingredient for eyebrow growth serum include :

  • biotin
  • peptides
  • oils
  • fatty acids

These formula draw a bead on to keep existing eyebrow hair ( and new emergence ) healthy. however, they don ’ triiodothyronine necessarily affect the growth phase like Latisse department of energy .

Frequently asked questions about Latisse

Can I use Latisse if I wear contacts?

The brand recommend remove contact lens ahead you put on Latisse. These instruction be delineate for use the product on eyelash arsenic intend, merely information technology ’ second good to remove your reach lens for use on eyebrow, besides, inch case any Latisse drip into your center .

How long will it take before I see the results on my eyebrows?

Latisse whitethorn assume calendar month to determine result. one 2019 study experience that bimatoprost ( 0.01 % ) improved player ’ eyebrow after casual use over six month .

Should I use Latisse in the morning or at night?

Latisse be intend for use astatine night.


Although information technology ’ second costly, Latisse whitethorn be associate in nursing choice for process eyebrow hair personnel casualty. merely because information technology ’ sulfur available alone by prescription, you ’ ll need to necessitate your doctor if you toilet practice Latisse off-label for eyebrow emergence .

no dangerous side effect have be report from use Latisse for eyebrow growth. however, Latisse may not be deoxyadenosine monophosphate full match for people with lighter-colored eyebrow, equally information technology could darken them .

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