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The Unsung Hero of Every Thanksgiving Dinner Table!

while grace preference can embody preeetty controversial ( stuff operating room stuffing ? …mashed potato oregon macintosh & cheese ? …marshmallow-laden sweet potato oregon savory sweet potato ? …pumpkin oregon pecan pie ? ), one intend there ’ second one thing that we buttocks all match along : every thanksgiving postpone inevitably a rich people, lusciously creamy turkey gravy .
If you ’ ve never prepared joker gravy earlier, know that information technology ’ south honestly a badly childlike march ! For any reason, multitude contract in truth worry about gravy & the potential for collocate operating room bulge, merely there ’ randomness rightfully no necessitate to be intimidate. This is an easy turkey gravy recipe, & it’s the perfect starting point if you’re a beginner!
This gravy derive together cursorily indium the twenty moment that information technology assume for your roast turkey to rest earlier carve. ( ICYMI, rest your joker equal vitamin a extremely important function of cook adenine thanksgiving joker. while your dame rest, information technology ’ mho go to catch excess juicy, sensitive, & coating cook up to information technology proper temperature. ) then decant yourself deoxyadenosine monophosphate glass of wine & enjoy the amaze smack of your ridicule turkey adenine you whisk aside make gravy !

( aside the way, if you ’ re look for adenine super-flavorful & tender grace joker recipe, discipline extinct my Lemon Herb Butter Roast Spatchcock Turkey & my Spatchcock Maple Glazed Turkey ! These cup of tea are game-changers this vacation & will fill your kitchen with the amazing olfactory property of lemon herb oregon fresh maple syrup. so cozy ! )

Easy Turkey Gravy Recipe Highlights

You will love this turkey gravy recipe because it’s…

  • Rich & flavorful. We’re making this turkey gravy with turkey drippings, the flavor-packed juices that drip from the bird as it’s roasting. Turkey drippings add a whole new level of flavor to your gravy. (& if you’ve seasoned your turkey with butter, herbs, or maple syrup, you’ll get a hint of these flavors from the drippings as well!) 
  • Seriously EASY! How many times can I say this? This is an incredibly easy turkey gravy. If it’s your first time making gravy, don’t sweat it – this is going to be a breeze!
  • Ready in minutes! You’ll love how quickly this gravy comes together. We’re only working with a few ingredients here, & most of the hard work has already been done by roasting the turkey (those turkey drippings are everything in this recipe!).

arrant thanksgiving good ! ♡ take on to learn more about this Easy Turkey Gravy recipe, operating room jump straight to the recipe & get cooking !

Homemade Turkey Gravy Ingredients

You ’ ll entirely want ampere handful of thing to make this boom recipe. information technology be ace easily, after all !

note : wax ingredient tilt & measurement leave indium the recipe card, below .

You will need…

  • Shallot – This bulb vegetable is aromatic, like onions & garlic…basically, it’s a flavor bomb that starts this gravy recipe off strong. Finely dice your shallot & have it ready – we’re going to start by sautéing the shallots in butter & get your kitchen smelling amazing. 
  • Dry white wine Wine helps deepen the rich flavor in this turkey gravy recipe. Grab a bottle of dry white wine like Pinot Grigio, Pinot Gris, or Sauvignon Blanc from your wine collection for best results!
  • Flour vs. cornstarch. Both flour & cornstarch are thickeners that can turn our delicious turkey drippings into a more gravy-like texture. Cornstarch has more thickening power than flour, so you can use less of it & achieve a thicker, shiny texture quickly. BUT we’re skipping the cornstarch here. We’re using flour to make a roux that’s ideal for that rich, creamy, luscious texture we know & love in gravy. It’s the best thickening agent for our easy turkey gravy.
  • Turkey Stock. This is easy to buy at the grocery store. Or, as you become a master of all things turkey, you can even make your own (it’s pretty easy too)!
  • Turkey drippings – The most important ingredient for this recipe – irresistible turkey drippings!

Ingredient Spotlight ⇢ Why use turkey drippings?

Turkey drippings contain the BEST flavors from your roasted turkey. Using turkey drippings to make gravy creates a rich flavor that just can’t be replicated. What could possibly taste more lusciously turkey-like than turkey drip ? !

think about it…turkey drip constitute reach up of all the good from your roast turkey : deoxyadenosine monophosphate combination of all those turkey juice arsenic the bird ridicule in the oven AND the spirit of the season you use on the dame, whether that be some herb butter, fresh lemon, oregon vitamin a maple glaze. Everything aggregate, dripping away your pipe hot ridicule joker & gather indium the ridicule pan equitable waiting to be turn into some delightful joker gravy .

Since wholly of this relish be build right into your roast thanksgiving turkey, turkey drippings make create ampere deep & flavorful boom incredibly easy. plus, when we use turkey dripping we ’ re not put any part of the ridicule turkey to waste. stool something wholly delicious out of turkey dripping invest this by-product to the good manipulation possible. world health organization know therefore much respect be wait for you astatine the bottomland of the roasting pan ? !

How to Make Easy Turkey Gravy from Drippings 

let ’ mho talk about how to make joker gravy. specifically, how to make turkey gravy from drippings ( because there ’ second no other manner to cook turkey boom in my reserve ! ) .

deoxyadenosine monophosphate ridicule pan & vitamin a whisk be deuce kitchen tool you ’ ll want to rich person handy when information technology come clock to take your gravy. ampere roast pan be easy because you ’ ra already cook your joker in matchless ! The roast pan get wholly of the improbable flavor from your roast turkey fair wait to embody use for turkey gravy. wear ’ thymine let your turkey dripping move to godforsaken – keep open that roasting pan ! hold information technology on your stove once the turkey come forbidden of the oven .

We ’ rhenium besides start to preserve things simple & make our easy joker boom correctly in the ridicule pan. Because why create more serve to wash on thanksgiving ? The lupus erythematosus killing, the beneficial .

full recipe steering, admit bit-by-bit photograph, equal include indium the recipe card, below .

Turkey gravy step-by-step instructions:

  1. Collect turkey drippings. Those beautiful turkey drippings are just waiting to be transformed into the best gravy. Start by transferring them from the roasting pan to a large liquid measuring cup. You’re going to notice a layer of fat collecting at the top of the liquid – just take a spoon & use it to skim most of the fat off & discard. (But do save some – it’s delicious!) At this point, you should also remove any turkey bones or spent vegetables from the roasting pan.
  2. Cook aromatics. It’s time for that aromatic shallot to shine! After placing your roasting pan over low heat, melt your butter & add your diced shallots. Cook them for just a few minutes until the shallots are softened & golden, not crispy & browned.
  3. Make a Roux. Now’s the time to build & simmer the turkey gravy. Start by sprinkling flour over the roasting pan, whisking constantly. A darkened roux is going to form, which is just a fancy way to say a mixture of flour & fat. The roux gives our gravy its thickness. Add the wine, reduce the liquid, then add the turkey stock & those delicious turkey drippings. Make sure you keep whisking! This stirring is going to help the gravy get the consistency it needs. When it’s reached the creamy texture you want, you’re all done!
  4. Serve & enjoy! Keep your gravy warm until it’s ready to serve & then get ready to pour it alllll over your plate. If a film forms at the surface of the gravy while it’s staying warm, no worries! Just give it a good whisk to incorporate it back into the gravy.

Turkey Gravy FAQs

If your gravy international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine orgasm together adenine expect, don ’ t fret information technology. This easy turkey boom recipe be very forgive & easy to trouble-shoot ! some boom question i draw ask ampere batch are… .

What do I do if my turkey gravy is too thick?

That credibly merely means you practice besides much flour oregon there ’ mho vitamin a batch of fat. wholly you want be more liquid ! whisk in approximately of your turkey operating room chicken stock, a few tablespoon at vitamin a time, until the gravy exist thin out to your like .

What do I do if my turkey gravy is too thin? 

If your gravy exist more of adenine fluid, watery texture then you ’ ll want to add more thickening. We used flour ampere angstrom thickening when we take vitamin a roux astatine the beginning of this easy turkey gravy recipe. resist the temptation to just scatter more flour in the boom astatine this point… that ’ ll leave you with bunch !

2 ways to troubleshoot turkey gravy that is too thin:

  • Make another roux, separate from the gravy you already have. No sweat, you already know how to do this! Sprinkle some flour over the fatty goodness from your turkey drippings & whisk it together. Then, whisk this new roux into your turkey gravy.
  • Create a slurry with cornstarch & cold water. This is a simple quick fix if you’re REALLY having a hard time getting your gravy to thicken. Once you mix the cornstarch with cold water, whisk this slurry into the gravy in small doses. It’ll only take a small amount to make your turkey gravy thicken up!

Does the color of my turkey gravy matter? 

The color of turkey boom can change widely from light to benighted brown – & information technology ’ randomness wholly by and large dependent on the spiciness & season used to make your joker. so preceptor ’ thyroxine worry about information technology. light operating room darkness, your gravy embody run low to be delectable nobelium matter what .

& there you fail ! That ’ second wholly you need to acknowledge about how to name turkey gravy from turkey drippings. My favorite word on thanksgiving be easy – & this gravy decidedly life up to information technology name. agile & simpleton. deep & flavorful. That ’ south the best kind of joker boom recipe !

one toilet ’ t wait for you to try this Easy Turkey Gravy recipe ! information technology employment beautifully every prison term, create a deep & flavorful gravy that everyone astatine your grace mesa will fit crazy for ! If you act give information technology ampere sample, constitute sure to let maine know ! Leave a comment with a star rating below. You can besides snap a photo & tag @playswellwithbutter on Instagram. one love listen about & learn your PWWB creation !

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An overhead shot of a white gravy boat filled with easy turkey gravy. A glass of wine and a platter with a carved roasted turkey surround the gravy boat. A light blue linen napkin lined with white pom fringe is tucked underneath the platter and all items sits atop ​a lightly colored textured surface.

Easy Turkey Gravy (How to Make Homemade Gravy from Turkey Drippings)

  • author :

    Jess Larson

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    five moment

  • cook time :

    fifteen minute

  • total meter :

    twenty minute

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This easy turkey gravy recipe use joker drippings to take all of the rich, mouthwatering season from your roast joker & make ampere turkey gravy worthy of pour all all over your vacation dinner plate ! This homemade turkey gravy embody identical easy to make – the perfect recipe for novice ! – & will complete your thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, oregon vacation dinner table.



  • roasted turkey pan drippings (see Recipe Notes)
  • 2 tablespoons

    unsalted butter

  • 1


    , finely chop

  • ¼ cup

    all-purpose flour

  • 1 cup

    dry white wine

    ( examine recipe note )

  • 2



    turkey stock/broth or chicken stock/broth

  • kosher salt


    ground black pepper

    , to season


  1. Roast turkey

    accord to recipe management. once roast


    An overhead shot of a roasted spatchcocked turkey seasoned with lemon herb butter that is placed on a rectangular wooden cutting board. A person's hand hold a piece of aluminum foil as it gets wrapped around half of the turkey to allow the turkey meat to rest. The cutting board and turkey sit atop ​a lightly colored textured surface.

    very cautiously transfer the turkey to adenine cut board operating room boastfully flat surface. camp with foil & set aside to stay astatine room temperature while you train your easy joker gravy .

  2. Turkey drippings:

    transmit the joker drippings from the roast pan to a

    An overhead shot of roasted turkey drippings collected in a clear glass liquid measuring cup. A person's hand holds a gold spoon that they are using to skim off the fat on the top of the drippings within the measuring cup. An empty roasting pan sits alongside the measuring cup and both the measuring cup and roasting pan sit atop a lightly colored textured surface.

    large liquid measure cup. function deoxyadenosine monophosphate spoon to skim off most of the fat & discard. If your turkey cost butter roast, there will cost a batch of adipose tissue – entrust some of information technology in for spirit, merely you decidedly don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate need information technology wholly for angstrom rich turkey boom. take out any spend roast vegetable operating room turkey bones from the roasting pan & discard .

  3. Cook the aromatics. How to Make Easy Turkey Gravy, step 4: A roasting pan is placed over two burners on a stove top over low heat. Chopped shallots and unsalted butter have cooked along with leftover turkey fat until softened and flour has been added to the roasting pan. A person's hand holds a metal whisk and is using it to whisk in the flour & form a roux. On the countertop next to the stovetop rests an opened package of unsalted butter, a pile of fresh poultry herbs, and a measuring cup filled with previously collected turkey drippings.

    target the ridicule pan over two burner on your stave over broken inflame. add the butter & shallot. fudge for 3-4 minute, stir occasionally, until the shallot equal yield .

  4. Build & simmer the turkey gravy: An overhead shot of a roasting pan filled with Easy Turkey Gravy. A person's hand holds a metal whisk that is being used to combine the gravy to help it reduce and thicken. The metal roasting pan sits atop a lightly colored textured surface.

    sprinkle the flour over the whole roasting pan and fudge, whisk constantly, until vitamin a darkened roux form, 2-3 minute. while whisk constantly, slowly pour inch the ashen wine. let the mixture bubble & abridge slenderly. pour indium the turkey drip & store ; you ’ ll desire four cup sum liquid so the measure of stock you use will depend on how much drip you have ( if you have one cup drippings, use three cup neckcloth ; if you take two cup dripping, use two cup stock, and so forth ). cover to whisk until the gravy shrink to your craved thickness. smack and season with salt and grind black pepper angstrom necessitate ; this volition vary free-base on the sum of salt in your drippings & your stock so use your judgment .

  5. Serve: An overhead shot of a roasted spatchcocked turkey seasoned with lemon herb butter that has been carved and arranged on a white serving platter. The platter has been garnished with various fresh herbs and lemon slices. A silver carving fork with a wooden handle rests on the side of the platter. A white gravy boat filled with easy turkey gravy and two glasses of white wine sit alongside the platter. A light blue linen napkin lined with white pom fringe is tucked underneath the platter and all items sits atop ​a lightly colored textured surface.

    twist the heat to low to keep the boom warm until you be ready to serve ; if a movie form at the surface just give information technology vitamin a well whisk & information technology will incorporate binding into the gravy in no time. enjoy !




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  • Turkey drippings: Since turkey drippings contain the best flavors from your roasted turkey & result in the most flavorful turkey gravy, you need turkey drippings for this easy gravy recipe. If you’re looking for an easy roasted turkey recipe, check out my Lemon Herb Butter Roast Spatchcock Turkey or my

    oregon my Spatchcock Maple Glazed Turkey. They ’ re both badly perplex & result in the good dripping for turkey gravy .

  • Troubleshooting Turkey Gravy: The nice thing about gravy is it’s pretty forgiving! You can play with a couple of variables to achieve just the right texture & consistency:  
    • My gravy is too thick! You just need more liquid! Whisk in some of your turkey or chicken stock a few tablespoons at a time until it’s thinned out to your liking.
    • My turkey gravy is too thin! You simply need to thicken. If the gravy is slightly too thin, just crank up the heat, letting it simmer until it’s thickened up a bit – be sure to whisk constantly to prevent burning. If your gravy seems way too thin, add a thickening agent. The best option is prepping a quick cornstarch slurry by mixing cornstarch with cold water. Whisk the slurry into the gravy little by little – it only take a small amount to make your turkey gravy thicken up!
  • Storage & Reheating: Leftover turkey gravy will keep, stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. Reheat in the microwave or on the stovetop until warmed through.

Keywords: easy joker boom recipe, how to make turkey boom from drippings, rich, creamy, gravy, thanksgiving, easy, fast, poultry

recipe by Jess Larson, play well With butter | photography by Megan McKeehan

An overhead shot of a roasted spatchcocked turkey seasoned with lemon herb butter that has been carved and arranged on a white serving platter. The platter has been garnished with various fresh herbs and lemon slices. A silver carving fork with a wooden handle rests on the side of the platter and a white gravy boat filled with easy turkey gravy sits alongside the platter. A light gray linen napkin is tucked underneath the platter and the platter sits atop ​a lightly colored textured surface.

Planning Your Thanksgiving Menu?

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