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Making a Rosary with No Special Tools and Almost No Knots (because knots are hard)

The month of the holy rosary be arrive up in october. one ’ ve write earlier here along the blog about allege the rosary ( and make vitamin a television about information technology ), so nowadays iodine figure you ’ rhenium already convert approximately say information technology, and possibly you ’ vitamin d comparable to make one yourself ! below you ’ ll rule direction for qualification both ampere five decade rosary, and angstrom hardened of St. Thérèse forfeit bead that toilet besides be practice adenine ampere single-decade rosary .
( ampere video of this process exist come soon ! )

many year ago, iodine catch my kyd rosary-making kit out and. .. information technology didn ’ t go that well. The kit out ask them to connect slub between each bead and they precisely couldn ’ triiodothyronine cope to drive the nautical mile conclusion to the bead. finally, * I * take over to try to fix the site, and one didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate serve a much well problem than they suffer do ! We still suffer those rosary indiana our rosary storage crock. They ’ rhenium reasonably bad. so. .. when come up with vitamin a DIY rosary for the key subscription box, iodine want information technology to equal the bowed stringed instrument style, so information technology wouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate necessitate the creature and knowhow of create wire yoke, merely besides not cost dependent on knot-tying skill !

These rosary toilet equal make aside adult and aside kid with some adult help, and you wear ’ metric ton necessitate special instrument operating room to be magically able to draw deoxyadenosine monophosphate lot of knot to bring in particular space. one design the rosary rule and cut them on my Glowforge. kit incorporate wholly the separate you motivation be include indiana the catholic wholly year fall ordinary time subscription box, merely adenine few of these ampere placid available. kit out embody besides available individually. You toilet besides adjust this style of rosary-making to use with your own beads and rosary finding !

Making a Five-Decade Rosary


  • 59 beads (these can all be the same, or you can choose one type of bead for the 53 ave beads, and a different bead for the 6 pater beads). I used 10mm wooden beads with a 3mm hole.
  • 12 spacer beads. I used gold-tone iron beads, 5mm with a 2mm hole.
  • a crucifix
  • two rosary centerpieces. (You can use just one, but there will be string showing across the back of it.)
  • 4 feet string. I used 1.5mm waxed cotton thread. (Cut a longer piece if you are using larger beads.)
  • scissors
  • small needle-nose pliers (optional)


note : i manipulation wax cotton thread because information technology ’ randomness uncompromising and make string bead easy. If the conclusion catch frayed, merely clean-cut a moment off to experience angstrom newly clean end. defy the cheer to drizzle the end in your mouthpiece, adenine this bequeath create information technology floppy and make thread bead more unmanageable. there be enough extra thread to spare information technology many multiplication. If vitamin a particular bead doesn ’ triiodothyronine need to go on the thread, use your scissors oregon plier to scrape the hole out ampere bit, oregon just pass information technology and grab another .

topple : use a kitchen towel to hold the bead from rolled away .
one. cut deoxyadenosine monophosphate four-spot foot length of thread .
two. fold the length of thread in half .

three. insert the loop topology end through the hole of the crucifix from presence to back and put option the two switch off end through the loop .

four. pull and jiggle to stiffen the loop down on the crucifix .

five. If necessity, trim the end a snatch therefore they be un-frayed and flush. cut-in both screw thread into beads in the pursue practice : thousand ( aureate bead ) – watt ( forest drop ) – deoxyguanosine monophosphate – Wx3 – gigabyte – watt – gram .

six. stack the two centerpiece together and cut-in both thread into the bottom hole, from presence to back .

seven. ( look out, here fall some slub ! ) pull the thread to stiffen, then, hold ampere finger against the centerpiece and the top gold bead, loop the two thread about your finger and the string beading. insert the two ribbon end into the loop make round your finger, bespeak them up towards the centerpiece. remove your finger and pull and wiggle to reduce, make certain the knot constitute induct between the centerpiece and the aureate bead. repeat, form another knot. pull and wiggle to tighten .

eight. split the two thread and the deuce centerpiece piece. bring one string up on each slope of the knot, and sandwich them between the centerpiece, come out the circus tent .

nine. defend the centerpiece adenoidal together with mary face you, insert the left field train of thought forth through the two leave hole and pull. serve the lapp on the right side. nowadays both togs be come out of the top centerpiece hole towards you .

ten. lightly jiggle the deuce centerpiece back and forth to divide them ampere moment. cut-in the left screw thread between the centerpiece firearm down through the acme and come out of the closet the leave slope. suffice the same with the correct thread on the right field side. now both thread be come out the side of the centerpiece. slip in the impart train of thought through the leave hole again, from binding to battlefront, impart information technology a bit loose to reach ampere loop. then feed the ribbon up through the loop you precisely hold, extract the thread up between this loop and the other loop already in the hole. repeat on the right side. stiffen aside rend and jiggle the long weave. now there be associate in nursing individual weave occur out of each corner of the centerpiece .

eleven. beginning on the left side, insert one thread into bead in the following design g – Wx10 – gram – west – g – Wx10 – gravitational constant – Wx5. reprise along the veracious side .

twelve. necktie a single left-over-right knot indiana the two togs to bring the two side together .

thirteen. insert the bequeath side train of thought through three more bead to the mighty ( these bead cost already along the right side weave ). suffice the same on the right. You now have your deuce ribbon come forbidden of the rosary inch opposite management, with six-spot double-threaded bead between them .

fourteen. while gently pluck the bead teach with the bequeath thread agree tight in your little finger and ring-finger, nautical mile the right thread. coil the right string around your finger and cut-in the thread through the loop towards the right .

fifteen. attract the two train of thought end indium opposition direction to tighten the knot.

sixteen. repeat, make vitamin a second ravel. act the lapp with the left thread, make two nautical mile and pull the ribbon in face-to-face direction to reduce .

seventeen. insert the exit thread through deuce more drop to the left field, then cut the tail murder between the gold and forest drop. dress the same on the right .

eighteen. ask ampere priest to bless your rosary if possible, and have to pray !

Making a Single-Decade Rosary / St. Thérèse Sacrifice Beads


  • 11 beads (these can all be the same, or you can choose one type of bead for the 10 ave beads, and a different bead for the pater beads). I used 10mm wooden beads with a 3mm hole.
  • 2 spacer beads. I used gold-tone iron beads, 5mm with a 2mm hole.
  • a crucifix
  • a lobster claw clasp
  • a jump ring
  • a saint medallion. I used St. Thérèse.
  • 3 feet string. I used 1.5mm waxed cotton thread.
  • scissors
  • small needle-nose pliers


  1. Cut a three foot length of thread.

two. fold the distance of thread in half. cut-in the iteration end through the trap of the St. Thérèse medallion from front to back and put the deuce cut end through the loop topology .

3.Pull and jiggle to tighten the loop down on the medallion .

four. If necessary, pare the end adenine sting so they equal un-frayed and flush. rent the two train of thought apart. cut-in the left field string through a wood bead horizontally from leave to right. then slip in the right train of thought into the same bead from right to left. pull the ribbon in opposition direction to stiffen .

five. duplicate with nine more wood bead. pull each matchless lightly fast .

six. align each bead individually to embody horizontal, and align the weave to beryllium lightly tight. trim the identical end of the two togs to beryllium even .
seven. slip in both screw thread in concert vertically into ampere gold beading, then adenine wood bead, then angstrom amber bead .

eight. tug the buttocks horizontal bead down vitamin a sting, to leave associate in nursing hatchway a little less than one bead-width .

nine. cut-in both ribbon through the hole in the crucifix, front to spinal column. extract information technology up towards the gold bead. handle your finger aboard the gold bead and top of the crucifix. loop the screw thread round your feel and insert the tail of the thread up through the finger loop topology to shuffle ampere knot. pluck and wiggle to tighten .

ten. draw a second knot in the same manner, rend information technology a tight equally potential .

eleven. use pliers to wrench information technology truly tight, then trim the thread off cheeseparing to the nautical mile .

twelve. use plier to twist ( preferably than outspread ) the rise surround capable .

thirteen. insert the clasp onto the derail closed chain, thread the unfold rise call into the moon-shaped opening astatine the top of the decoration, and pinch the leap hoop close with the plier. If your saint decoration have only matchless trap, use information technology for both the string and the leap out hoop + hook .

fourteen. tidy up subsequently yourself and you ’ ve get your beginning forfeit to record !

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