Paper Airplane Flight Challenge

diffident about a new design ? Scientists and engineers frequently start with a exemplar. With a model, you can test modern ideas on a minor before going bigger. They are besides cheaper, easier to produce, and much queer any design flaws .
For us at home, the newspaper airplane continues to serve as a popular model to explore physics, aerodynamics, and mastermind. Discover what makes a paper airplane vanish long, far, and higher with this design challenge—all you need is a piece of paper !
a piece of paper folds itself into a paper airplane then flies away

Gather Materials

  • Recycled paper (try to get a bunch of different types)
  • Tape
  • Ruler
  • Paper Airplane Data Collection Worksheet

Before we start building, we need to prepare to test all of our designs. Find a space in your family where paper airplanes can fly safely. Grab a ruler and practice tape to mark every 12 inches along the shock. Use the Paper Airplane Data Collection Worksheet to record the distance of multiple airplane flights .

Build A Base Design

Using recycle materials from around your dwelling, fold a “ basic dart ” paper airplane.

How far does your basic dart airplane fly ? Do you have ideas for how to make your flat fly farther ?

Test Out Some Variations

Like all planes, composition airplanes experience four forces : gravity, push, lift, and drag. simple changes, like wing size, soundbox weight unit, and throw world power can significantly alter the forces your plane experiences .
Dart airplane with arrows showing impact of thrust, lift, drag, and gravity.
Get creative and adjust assorted aspects of your plane. here are a few ideas to get you started :

#1: Increase Lift

As the plane travels, air travel moves quickly over the top of the wings. This creates lower blackmail over the wings, allowing the eminent imperativeness under the wings to lift the plane up. Try making wide-eyed wings or wings that curve up or toss off at the ends .

#2: Limit Drag

Air molecules advertise against the front man of the plane as it travels, slowing it down. Make surely your flat ’ second nuzzle is pointed and the body is lightweight .

#3: Change The Thrust

When you throw your plane, you provide thrust, which pushes the plan forward through the air. This fore motion causes air molecules to travel over the top and bottomland of the wings. Does the force or the lean at which you throw your plan have an impact ?

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#4: Try A New Material

The weight of the plane can pull it downward. How does a heavier or lighter paper switch your flat ?

Design Your Own Airplane

Put your design skills to the test with a newspaper airplane flight challenge ! After creating so many test planes, you should have a good theme of what goes into making a paper plane that can travel long distances .

The Challenge

Gather members of your family and see who can produce the model plane that flies farthest. Remember to consider the forces your plane will experience when designing your plane .

Reflection Questions

1. Are there other ways to define paper airplane success besides distance ?
2. What changes did you make to your original plane design ?
3. How did members of your family design their planes differently ?
4. What was most surprise to you about your plane tests ?

What’s The Science?

All airplanes, whether in your house or 35,000 feet in the flip, fly because the forces that tug and pull them are balanced. It may sound simple, but many crucial design choices contribute to successfully keeping a plane in the air .

flush though more than a hundred has passed since humans achieved powered trajectory, new plane designs are distillery emerging. Researchers are specially concern in ways to make planes more environmentally friendly. Over the years, NASA has developed and tested new flat technologies, including ways to reduce fuel pulmonary tuberculosis and noise befoulment. recently, Airbus revealed a fresh airplane design that promises to release zero emissions into the air .
A new Airbus plane design shown in motion from multiple angles.

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