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How to Make a T-Shirt Quilt Tutorial

This tutorial will walk you through the bit-by-bit summons of creating a DIY jersey quilt. We ‘ll parcel the equipment and materials you ‘ll need, instructions for making your jersey quilt, and some of our own tips and tricks to help you create a truly fantastic blanket you and your class will enjoy for a life.

Be certain to check out our full survival of jersey quilt tutorials and patterns and use them to personalize your quilt to preserve memories .

How to Make a T-Shirt Quilt in 7 Steps

#1 Planning For Your T-Shirt Quilt:

Before getting started on your quilt, ask yourself the adopt questions :

  • How many t-shirts have you chosen?
  • Will you be using the backs of the shirts as well? If so, include them in the number of panels/shirts.
  • Will you be able to cut each shirt panel into the same size?
  • What size will your quilt be? Are your shirts large enough, and do you have enough shirts to make a quilt that size?
  • How much additional fabric will you need to fill in the space between the t-shirts to make your desired quilt size?

#2 Prepare Your T-Shirts to Make a T-Shirt Quilt

Cut out the front panel of your t-shirt For your first step, you ‘ll need to wash, dry, and iron the t-shirts so that they ‘re clean and free of wrinkles.

Cut out the front panel of your jersey using a sharp match of scissors. Be indisputable to cut vitamin a close to the seams as possible to get the most useable fabric – you ‘ll trim the excess late.

Once you ‘ve separated the front from the back, remove the sleeves, connecting seams, the bottomland hem, and the neck band. The result empanel should be slightly orthogonal. Repeat these steps on the back of the shirt if you intend to use it.

Perform this step on the remaining t-shirts.


Attach Your Fusible Interfacing

To prevent your t-shirts from shrinking or stretching, you ‘ll need to back each panel with weave fusible interfacing. Follow the manufacturer ‘s instructions and do your best to center the blend on the back of your panel. Be very careful of wrinkles as they wo n’t come out after the shirt and fuse have cooled.

Pro-tip : parchment newspaper is besides helpful to protect your cast-iron against fusible material adhering to it .Attach Your Fusible Interfacing Parchment paper to protect your iron against fusible material adhering

#4 Make a T-Shirt Quilt Design

Have fun with this depart ! It ‘s time to mix and match your shirt panels on a flat surface until you ‘ve created a design that you like best. If you ‘re using a jersey quilt pattern, follow the design guide.

This is besides the arrant time to cut any extra framework pieces that you ‘ll use to fill in the gaps in your arrangement. Remember to leave enough fabric for a 1/4 ” wrinkle allowance on all sides .Create Your T-Shirt Quilt Design

#5 Trim Your T-Shirts

Trim Your T-Shirts In this step, you ‘ll be trimming your t-shirts so that they ‘re the correct form and size for the blueprint you created in the first place. As a rule of flick, quilters will normally use between 12 ” and 14 ” feather panels.

Before you begin cutting, make sure to leave enough excess framework around the edges for a 1/4 ” seam allowance on all sides. Grab your synchronous converter stonecutter to make some clean cuts.

Try to center the jersey graphic in this cut, and don ’ thyroxine worry if you need to trim some of the graphic off in this footfall .

#6 Cut the Fabric For Your Border and Sashing

If you would like to add sashing and/or a surround, follow this step. Cut adequate sashing strips to achieve your hope quilt size. A common width to cut for sashing is 2 ½-inches wide. They ‘ll be about 2 inches once sewed.

then, cut the boundary line fabric to the allow size of your quilt.

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Cut the Fabric For Your Border and Sashing

#7 Sew Your DIY T-Shirt Quilt

Sewing this quilt is reasonably simple, but you ‘ll have an even easier time if you do it on a sewing machine. Pin your jersey blocks, then sew them using a 1/4 ” seam allowance and 1.8 to 2.0 stitch distance along with your sashing strips to create a row.

Once you ‘ve completed all of your rows, press your wrinkle allowances as desired and join your rows together.

Next, cut your batting and backing to fit the size of your quilt. We recommend cutting your bat and backing fabric 5 ” larger on all sides.

Place your batting between the quilt lead and backing framework, and pin the three layers together. Sew the layers together using a sew and thread color of your choice, trim off the surfeit cream and bet on, and then sew the quilt binding strips around the perimeter of your quilt with a ¼-inch seam allowance. Check out our How To Bind Your Quilt Tutorial if you have any questions .Sew Your T-Shirt QuiltCompleted T-Shirt Quilt

Enjoy Your T-Shirt Quilt

Congrats you ’ ve learned how to make a jersey quilt ! You ‘ve finished your visualize and now have a cosy quilt that is full moon of the big memories that you ‘ve made with each one of your particular tees. We hope you found this guidebook useful. happy quilting !

Video Tutorial

If you ‘re more of a ocular learner, check out our How to Make a T-Shirt Quilt Video Tutorial on YouTube. This playfulness and informative video tutorial is full of tips and tricks to help you create an incredible jersey quilt.

T-Shirt Quilting Supplies

Need some supplies for your jersey quilt visualize ? Visit our T-Shirt Quilts Shopping Page for a wide choice of patterns, books, and jersey quilt supplies including fusible interfacing and special rulers. jersey Quilts Shopping page

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