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A authoritative summer drink : frost tea brewed by the sun and flavored with fresh mint and orange slices .
How To Make Sun Tea |
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How To Make Sun Tea

Sticking with the beverage healthy hacks root ( last workweek it was Easy Summertime Sangria – 3 Ways ), I thought I ’ five hundred repost one of my darling drinks to make in the summer .
Growing up, my ma often made sun tea but I was boring about ice tea in general back then. But around my aged year in high school, I distinctly remember having the most amaze ice tea at my best supporter ’ south house .
Her ma would make basic Lipton iced tea and would add a few splashes of orange juice, orange slices and fresh mint from her garden. It was divine .
fast forward to about five years ago : I gave up diet sodium carbonate for good and started drinking unsweetened ice tea rather when eating out. But for some argue, I didn ’ t make it at home .
That is until a few years ago when the inaugural touch of warm upwind reach and on a caprice, I decided to make some sun tea. With fresh mint and orange slices naturally .
How To Make Sun Tea |
It ’ mho now one of my go-to summer drinks. I even make it when I ’ meter down the prop up on vacation ( aka East coast talk for going to the beach. )
The hardest part about this recipe ? Remembering to bring the tea inside. ( seriously, I set a timekeeper on my phone otherwise that pitcher would be out there all night. )
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How To Make Sun Tea

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A authoritative summer drink : frost tea brewed by the sun and flavored with newly mint and orange slices .



  • 10 – 12 tea bags (depending on how strong you like your iced tea)
  • 3 medium oranges, sliced
  • Bunch of fresh mint leaves
  • 1 gallon water


  1. Place the tea bags, orange slices and mint in bottom of a large pitcher. Slowly fill with water.
  2. Cover pitcher with plastic wrap or lid and place outside for at least 4 hours on a sunny or warm day.
  3. Bring inside and strain tea. Serve with ice.

How To Make Sun Tea plus 5 Ice Tea Recipes @tspbasil
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Do you like iced tea? What are your favorite flavors?

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