Easy Fried Rice

Fried rice is the ultimate family-friendly cup of tea that yields maximal relish without bustle. Loaded with tender saute veggies and delectable bits of beat testis, this top-rated recipe makes it easy to recreate a takeout favored from base in merely 20 minutes .

Over a thousand home cooks agree — this dim-witted, savory recipe is a winner. But what if you do n’t have a wok on hand ? Learn the best methods for making electrocute rice at home plate, from a griddle to Instant Pot planning .

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Fried Rice Restaurant Style

What Is Fried Rice ?

Fried rice is a traditional chinese cooking of cook rice, vegetables, protein, soy sauce, and aromatics. The ingredients are stir-fried in a large pan or wok for even season distribution. An ideal use for leftovers, electrocute rice is quick, customizable, and fabulously simple to put together with whatever is in your electric refrigerator .

How to Make Fried Rice

Making fry rice is a breeze with the recipe you ‘ll find below. The procedure is dim-witted — preheat your pan before swirling in oil and aromatics, then add uncooked proteins if applicable. Add in rice and vegetables, vigorously tossing ingredients for that toasty, golden-brown color that signals big relish .

Best Methods for Cooking Fried Rice


This ancient cooking vessel is the most normally used ( and convenient ) method for cooking fried rice. The bombastic, high-walled pan allows for rice and other components to be tossed and combined with seasonings at high heat. Preheat your wok until a bead of water evaporates after contact, then add petroleum and coat the surface by swirling .

Standard Pan

A basic fry pan or frying pan can besides produce tasty fried rice in a pinch. approach this method the like direction you would a wok — high heat is identify. Use the largest pan at your disposal to prevent food from flying out of the pan during the stir-fry process .


Using a griddle to make fried rice is an clever way to cook unlike elements all at the like time. Start by sauteing the vegetables and aromatics, then add cook rice and eggs to another part of the griddle ‘s come on for a quick and comforting meal .

Instant Pot

day-old rice is transformed into a deeply savory enchant in a coerce cooker. Use the Instant Pot ‘s saute mood to get the garlic to a golden-brown color, then stir in rice, veggies, and eggs. Mix well and serve piping hot .

Variations of Fried Rice

One of the best things about this top-rated cup of tea is how easily it is to customize. Whatever you have on hand goes — chicken, runt, salmon, and kimchi all make mouthwatering additions to fried rice. Play and create one-of-a-kind fry rice dishes whether you ‘re a vegetarian or kernel lover .

Allrecipes Community Tips and Praise

” Great way to use up a bunch of leftover white rice from our chinese take-out ordain, ” shares home cook heidird. “ I equitable added shred carrots and the frigid peas to the rice concoction. Scrambled up the eggs foremost, then added a sting of oil and rice and fried it for several minutes. ”

” Easy and simple recipe ! ” raves Erika. “ I wish I had taken a picture of how my electrocute rice turned out but my husband and I ate it all ! ”

” Fried rice is thus comfortable and versatile — you can add or delete ingredients as needed to suit your taste, ” says Steve .

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