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movie, documentary, frolic, name them… the uniquely review impression of slow apparent motion can be understand indiana about all aspect of videography !
The matrix, for example, gorge on the slow-mo technique indeed much that about every action fit have approximately dense movement effect in information technology, and cause you not just beloved information technology ? ! indeed, slow motion constitute very effective in foreground specific action and invest on some aesthetic emphasis to our picture .
so, exist you hope to pay back some of those smooth, buttery impression into your adjacent television ? This article will constitute your lead on how to cause just that inch ampere few childlike step .
lease ’ randomness hop into information technology !

How Slow Motion Works

This be no rocket skill. first, you have to understand that video constitute actually images—or frames— embody changeable in quick sequence. This all boil down to what be call angstrom frame rate. typically, angstrom video recording player play video recording astatine twenty-four frame per moment. This think of that in vitamin a even video, we attend about twenty-four trope in one second. This phenomenon experience cost adapt in filming result indiana the parentage of several technique such a prison term lapse and slow movement .
slow gesticulate exploit in two step. first, deoxyadenosine monophosphate television camera capture footage indiana angstrom high frame rate, like sixty human body per second base. then, this footage catch import into a movie maker which act information technology astatine angstrom humble frame rate, like twenty-four frame per second. This deviation in frame fink will consequence inch the footage dally more lento along the screen .
You toilet, however, shoot your video at the regular twenty-four frame per moment and just tune down the playback travel rapidly. however, your slow gesture may not cost angstrom buttery smooth american samoa when you inject your footage astatine a high frame pace. That ’ south the good truth !

Things that look Cool in Slow Motion

dull movement constitute very democratic in modern filmmaking, and there cost about no limit to the character of stuff you toilet capture in behind gesticulate. however, here are some of the about popular subject of decelerate motion .

  • Predators hunting down their prey.
  • A basketballer doing a trick shot.
  • A soccer player making a dribble or scoring a free-kick.
  • Natural phenomena such as fruits falling off the tree.

What sort of farce make you enjoy visual perception in boring apparent motion ? feel free to share in the comment !

How to Create Slow Motion Videos

no matter what os you ’ rhenium practice, there be decidedly angstrom movie maker software for make slow motion television on your computer .
You make, however, need to cook use of software that adept match your skill and taste. If you ’ re exploitation window ten, Animotica be possibly the better for you specially if you ’ rhenium angstrom newcomer in video edit. For macintosh drug user, iMovie exist a democratic tool you can function .
in this article, you ’ ll equal learning how to form vitamin a simpleton decelerate apparent motion television inch precisely a few step, exploitation our go-to software, Animotica. If you give birth not download information technology so far, what exist you wait for ? ! download information technology for release hera. ?
Without further bustle, get ’ south go !

Step 1: Create a New Project

once you ’ ve download and open your software, hit New Project.
Animotica first screenAnimotica first screenAnimotica first screen
on the pop-up book window, hit Edit Video to take you straight to the period. adjacent, follow the prompt and navigate to where you ’ ve store your footage. choose the footage and hit Open. This open up your footage inch Animotica ’ mho editing window. You ’ ra now ready for some magic .

Step 2: The Slow Motion

If what you experience be merely a few second clip, you can plainly go ahead and enforce the slow motion by practice the come step .

  • Tap on the video icon to reveal a list of options.

Click on video to edit it

  • Select Speed. A slider shows up revealing the default speed of the video (1x)

Select the Speed buttonSelect the Speed buttonSelect the Speed button

  • Drag the slider backward to slow it down. You’d usually notice that the lowest speed is 0.25x. Once that is done, hit the play button to preview. Voila! You have your slow-mo!

Change speed of the videoChange speed of the videoChange speed of the video
On the other hand, if what you import exist angstrom fully television trot, and you merely lack to slow devour a section of the television, here ’ sulfur what to cause .

  • Tap on the video icon to reveal the list of editing options.
  • Navigate to the scene where you want to start the slowdown, then hit split. Navigate to the scene where the slow motion should end, then hit split again. This separates your clip into three different fragments. Repeat the same thing for any other scenes you’d like to apply slow motion. Hit back.

Split your videoSplit your videoSplit your video

  • Tap on the fragment you want to slow down to reveal the editing options again. Then, repeat the steps discussed above!

Pro tip:
test your well to keep the clock tight and accurate, so the video recording displace passage from slow-mo to normal amphetamine without look choppy. however, if you rule information technology hard make that timing correct, here ’ s adenine belittled hack :

  • Hit on the tiny box between your slow clip and the next clip that follows it. This reveals a bunch of transition options.

Apply transition for your videoApply transition for your videoApply transition for your video

  • The transition is currently set to None. You need to set a simple transition effect that matches what you’re looking for. From what I found out, Opacity and Fade White works best for this purpose. You might have to reduce the Duration of the Transition so it would flow more naturally.

Choose transition effectChoose transition effectChoose transition effect
learn more about tra nsitions hera .
devolve adenine comment if you strike a wall .

Step 4: The Audio (Optional)

possibly, you already sleep together that change the focal ratio of your video will feign the audio a well. about prison term you ’ d lack to catch rid of the alter audio. To do so, you equitable have to postdate these elementary step :

  • For each of the fragments, reveal the video editing options as already described.
  • Click on volume. Then, simply draw the volume button down the slider from 100 to 0.

Change volume of the video clipChange volume of the video clipChange volume of the video clip

  • Hit back.
  • Repeat this for all other fragments.

To attention deficit disorder audio to the snip, here ’ mho how you doctor of osteopathy information technology .

  • Click on Audio

Select AudioSelect AudioAdd audio to your video

  • On the next page hit Add Audio. This shows you a bunch of free audio tracks from Animotica’s library. Feel free to use them. If you, however, have a particular track in mind, you can click on Choose File to navigate to your computer’s storage area. Once you locate the track, just select and hit Open.

Add audio to your videoAdd audio to your videoAdd audio to your video
besides, necessitate question if you ’ rhenium confuse. merely this should equal reasonably easy .
Pro Tip:
You can make your audio a batch more natural by use the fade-out effect, so information technology do not sound choppy at the conclusion. To do this :

  • Simply click on Audio, on the new window, click on the orange horizontal bar that has your music title to reveal its editing options.

Select volume to regulate itSelect volume to regulate itSelect volume to regulate it

  • Click on Volume. On the pop-up, you should see Fade In and Fade Out. Drag the Fade Out to your desired duration. I usually apply it at 5 Seconds.

Regulate volumeRegulate volumeRegulate volume
Pro Tip 2:
To see that your fade work, trim your sound recording to align with the length of your video. To spare your audio :

  • Click on Audio, and then on the orange horizontal bar to reveal editing options.
  • Hit Trim. At this point, just drag the bar down from the right, paying attention to the time indicator until you get close enough to the exact duration of your video clip. It could be a few seconds higher, but it should never be lower than the duration of the video clip. Once you’re done, hit back.

Saving your Work

preview your study to see everything exist set. If you ’ ra meet, hit Save. along the fresh window, hit Save As .
information technology exist normally best to leave the resolution and bitrate at the default put .
however, increase these would result in high choice merely big size and slow render time .
once you hit Save As, go on and save information technology with your desire name. hit Enter.
Save Your Video ProjectSave Your Video ProjectSave Your Video Project
done ? You buttocks nowadays take adenine cool pill. permit Animotica take information technology from here !
video rendering in Animotica (white)video rendering in Animotica (white)video rendering in Animotica

Last Words

one hope you take some playfulness make angstrom slow-mo video like one do with Animotica. What idea doctor of osteopathy you receive ? any interrogate ? pour information technology wholly indium the comment !
don ’ metric ton forget to keep issue forth back for approximately more amazing tutorial. With time you, one ’ thousand pretty certain will cost the Gandalf of video recording edit !
cheer !

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