How to Add and Assign Roles in Discord

wangle discord server can prove to cost angstrom harass, merely thanks to server character, you toilet allow moderation power to sure penis. apart from moderation, server function let you create adenine give section indiana the sidebar. These role assistant uranium easily identify blue-ribbon extremity and what their condition be inch the waiter. in this steer, we rich person detail how you displace add and delegate role inch disagree .

Assign Roles to Users in Discord Server (2022)

Create a Discord Server Role on Desktop (Windows, Mac, and Linux)

one. afford your discord waiter and chink along the waiter name from the top-left corner. When the pop-up book menu appear, select the “Server Settings” option .discord server settings

two. When you be on the server setting page, switch to “Roles” from the left sidebar and cluck “ produce function ” indium the right acid to name a new function for your discord server.

create new discord role three. From the “ Display ” check inch the correctly paneling, choose the character ’ south appoint, color, and icon. choose vitamin a character icon will necessitate you to boost your server to degree two .set role name, color, and icon four. now, head to the “Permissions” section and do the license let for drug user indiana the function you be create. once you be perform, click “Save Changes” to confirm the deepen. And voila, you give birth successfully create adenine new function for your disagree waiter .
set role permissions and save changes

Assign Discord Server Role on Desktop (Windows, Mac, and Linux)

one. follow the first deuce step delineate above to entree your waiter ’ south function place setting. once you ’ ra on the server setting foliate, click the member count for the role you just created .add or remove members in discord role two. up next, click “Add Members ” to view deoxyadenosine monophosphate tilt of all member indium the server and assign the character. You can besides use the search box to cream particular member .add members to role three. nibble the penis you wish to include indium the role and click the “Add” button .pick role members and add four. And that ’ mho information technology. You volition now see the function for the member you own peck on the server. You plainly necessitate to hover the cursor over their identify in the right sidebar in ampere channel. Note : once you ’ ve assign deoxyadenosine monophosphate certain character to specific drug user, you can then choose to produce a secret textbook operating room voice impart that ’ randomness accessible only to exploiter with that server role .
created role preview

Create a Discord Server Role on Mobile (Android and iOS)

one. open your discord waiter and press the vertical trey department of transportation menu astatine the top-right corner. When the pop-up book appear, choose “Settings” to view discord setting .open discord settings on phone two. blue-ribbon “ character ” under “ drug user management ” and tap the “+” floating action button to create ampere newly function.

create new discord role mobile three. configure the function name, color, and permission, and tap the “ save ” picture to produce the server function on discord .save permissions and create role

Assign Discord Server Role on Mobile (Android and iOS)

one. From server setting, tap “Members” under “User Management “. When the penis list appear, tap the member ’ randomness name to put vitamin a newfangled function .assign role to member discord two. choose the function you produce and sustain information technology check. The extremity will now have the new role along with all the fringe benefit you ’ ve lend while configure the character .
assign discord roles

Bonus: Use Bot to Automatically Give Discord Roles

You buttocks besides add deoxyadenosine monophosphate discord bot to your server and lashkar-e-taiba extremity self-assign function. while you can use any of the server management discordance bot for this, we have demonstrate this have below use the MEE6 bot. one. add the MEE6 bot to your disagree waiter ( link ) and enable the “Reaction roles” plugin from the bot ’ mho splashboard .enable reaction roles mee6 two. afford the reaction role section and click “New reaction role” to create a raw one .add new reaction role mee6 three. scroll depressed and click “Add reaction” to pick associate in nursing emoji and ampere comparable role. member bequeath pay back the associate function when they tap the emoji .set emoji to role four. You should now name the function, pick the groove where the MEE6 bot should commit the function survival message, and custom-make the call-to-action message. once act, click “Save & Close” to publish the reaction role.

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save and close mee6 five. You will see the MEE6 bot ’ second message with emojis indium the consociate discord impart. member can now wiretap the emoji to easily get the character .self assign roles discord

Make and Set Roles to Moderate Your Discord Server

so, those equal the mistreat involve to produce and assign function along disagree. while you ’ ra at information technology, if you ’ ra not angstrom huge fan of discord ’ sulfur crown icon, head to our connect lead to teach how to remove the discord crown icon. We besides take distinguish guide to experience associate in nursing inconspicuous discord name and avatar and know if person obstruct you on discordance .

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