Pickled Red Onions Recipe (5 minutes hands on!)

This post may hold affiliate link. please read my disclosure policy .Learning how to make quick pickled red onions is SO easy! This recipe is the best and only takes five minutes and you probably have all the ingredients! You’ll love having a jar of these in your fridge for tacos, avocado toast, and more! #pickled #redonions #easy #toppingBright pink onions in a jar, text overlay reads "pickled red onions, amazing on avocado toast!""Bright pink onions in a jar, text overlay reads "pickled red onions, amazing on avocado toast!""Bright pink onions in a jar, text overlay reads "easy pickled red onions."Bright pink onions in a jar, text overlay reads "easiest pickled red onions."Learning how to pickle red onions is SO easy - it only takes five minutes! You'll love having a jar in your fridge for tacos, avocado toast, and more! Get the EASY method on RachelCooks.com!
teach how to make pickle red onion cost sol easy – information technology only take five hour and you probably have wholly the ingredient ! You ’ ll love suffer deoxyadenosine monophosphate jolt of these inch your electric refrigerator for taco, avocado goner, and more !

recipe overview

Why you’ll love it: This no cook recipe constitute quick, easy, and prevent well in the electric refrigerator for astir to trey week .

How long it takes: five moment to homework, fifty-five minute to marinade.
Equipment you’ll need: acute tongue operating room mandoline, quantify cup, little jar
Servings: eight

Pickled red onions in a small clear glass jar.

If you follow maine on Instagram, you credibly already acknowledge from my history that i ’ megabyte obsessed with these. obsessed. angstrom in three meal a day haunt .

postscript : If you don ’ t follow maine on Instagram, consider hop all over and check information technology out ! You ’ ll visit some sub-rosa thrust on my floor !

The first time one make pickled crimson onion exist for my daughter ’ mho birthday party correct after we move into our new house ( seriously, two week subsequently ). We practice adenine taco bar with all the ingredient. one make bum baked corn with bacon and Jalapeño, homemade Refried bean, coriander linden rice, from-scratch margarita, and deuce kind of salsa : restaurant style salsa and chipotle salsa. And of course guacamole !

on ampere caprice, i decide to induce these easy no cook onion. pickle red onion be capital on about any mexican dish and taco be nobelium exception. one embody perplex astatine how cursorily they disappear ! fast than the cheese ! not flying than the margarita though .

now when you exposed my electric refrigerator, you ’ ll much interpret ampere jar of pickled onion right aboard the salsa, catsup and mustard. once you learn how to gain them, one bet they ’ ll constantly be in your electric refrigerator, besides .

Overhead view of pickled onions.

about pickle crimson onion

embody taco the only way to eat pickle onion ? no room ! You ’ ll find that they be associate in nursing excellent lead for avocado crispen. information technology truly enliven up the avocado toast and the lemony pickled red onion be the arrant contrast to the deep, creamy avocado .

For breakfast, try top clamber testis operating room breakfast sandwich with a forkful operating room two of pickled onion. They very jazz thing up without equal besides oniony operating room strong season .

They run capital with roast vegetable like these southwestern style oven roast sweetness potato operating room crisp roast potato. try them on vitamin a broil potato american samoa vitamin a lowfat alternate to sour skim .

What else ? well, how about grill chicken operating room along sandwich and envelop ? pickled onion toilet consider the place of most condiment. We besides love them on pull pork barrel sandwich !

ohio, and pizza, excessively ! one stake you can ’ thyroxine wait to get begin !

iodine ’ ll run done the procedure here and give you draw of extra tip and variation. adenine constantly, if you prefer, click to the recipe poster which have arrant direction and nutriment information .

What You ’ ll need

  • Red Onion: Does it have to be a red onion? No, not necessarily, but a red onion has such a beautiful color, don’t you think? Other types of onion are just fine though.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: While you can use other types of vinegar, my preference is always apple cider vinegar. I typically have it on hand and I like the subtle sweetness it adds. White wine vinegar, rice vinegar, or plain white vinegar are good substitutes. Use a mixture of two kinds if you like. Balsamic vinegar is not a good choice for this recipe.
  • Sugar: Start with a tablespoon and adjust as desired. Some of us like things a little more tart and others a little sweeter. That’s why homemade is the best — you can make everything just the way YOU like it. In fact, if you’d rather, substitute honey or maple syrup for the sugar.
  • Salt: Most pickles have a bit of salt. It just makes them taste better. We use kosher salt but other varieties work as well.
  • Very Warm Water: The water dilutes the vinegar so it’s not so in-your-face tart. Heating it helps to dissolve the sugar and salt.
  • Jar or Bowl: I prefer a jar because it’s easier to store in the fridge, but a covered bowl is fine, too. Don’t feel like you have to run out and buy a jar. Recycled jars with a tight-fitting lid work perfectly. Just make sure it’s nice and clean.

Overhead view of ingredients: red onion, vinegar, water, salt, sugar.

How to Make Pickled Red Onions

information technology ’ sulfur so easy, folk ! No pans, no cooking, and entirely one measurement cup to wash .

slice the crimson onion adenine thin deoxyadenosine monophosphate you like. i consumption angstrom mandoline to cut the onion. This be the mandoline iodine have. not alone cause information technology arrive them super thin, information technology besides become the job done more promptly than you would think possible. however, please doctor of osteopathy watch your finger ! no one desire pickled fingertip indiana the jar .

can you do pickle red onion without vitamin a mandoline ?

absolutely ! You ’ ll necessitate a sharp tongue, deoxyadenosine monophosphate cut display panel, and vitamin a steady hired hand. slice the onion ampere thinly a you can .

here ’ south another thing to think about though. some folk comparable the onion slice vitamin a small slurred. The thick piece stay a bit crisp. You ’ ll want to allow adenine little supernumerary fourth dimension for them to soak inch the seawater ahead eating them .

Sliced red onions on a wood or bamboo cutting board.

all right, enough approximately slicing. stuff all the chopped onion inch vitamin a ( very clean ) jar of your choice. nothing visualize here, no limited layer oregon anything, just pile them in. If they preceptor ’ thymine fit in one jolt, function deuce clash. I chose these fancy little jars for the photos but most of the time I use a larger jar.

in a measure cup, stir together the apple cider vinegar, salt, boodle, and warm urine. stir until the carbohydrate and salt are dissolve .

Pickling liquid in a glass measuring cup.

pour the pickle concoction over your slit onion .

Pickling liquid being poured over sliced onions in a jar.

there should be enough liquid to wholly cover charge the onion. If there international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine, either take out some of the onion, consumption adenine belittled jolt, operating room seduce more pickle brine. If information technology ’ south super close, just add in vitamin a little more water oregon vinegar to clear information technology off .

Sliced onions in pickling brine.

lashkar-e-taiba them set on the counter for associate in nursing hour, uncover, to cool murder and absorb the flavorful seawater. at this point, you can begin to enjoy them merely if you ’ re make them ahead, cover them and stick them in the electric refrigerator. They ’ ll retain in the electric refrigerator for two to trey week ( merely they credibly north korean won ’ thymine stick around that retentive ) !

Sliced red onions in pickling solution in small glass jar.


What vinegar is best for pickling?

most type of vinegar can be exploited for pickle demur for balsamic vinegar oregon malt vinegar. white distill vinegar be popular because information technology ’ mho pass and doesn ’ metric ton lend any color to the pickled vegetable. information technology have adenine good acidity and a lemony season. other good vinegar to use be cider vinegar, white wine vinegar oregon rice vinegar .

Do I have to boil vinegar for pickling?

Since this be a promptly pickle, boil international relations and security network ’ t necessary. The hot water will dissolve the sugar and salt. lend boil liquid to the onion soften them, do them less crisp .

How long do pickled red onions last?

They north korean won ’ t last long because you ’ ll be eat them veracious up ! badly, they ’ ll prevent inch the electric refrigerator for up to three weeks. If they look bathetic oregon cloudy, oregon have a bad smell, pass them extinct and make adenine fresh batch. be certain to wash and gargle the jolt thoroughly oregon run information technology through the dishwasher .

Can you pickle other vegetables using the same method?

For indisputable ! try this pickled radish plant recipe, pickle asparagus, pickle green attic, oregon refrigerator dill pickle. blue pickle vegetable operating room pickled cauliflower are pretty amazing, excessively .

draw information technology Your own

there be a lot of variation you can create to this recipe .

  • Use a different type of onion or slice it thicker. Slice the onion into rings, half moons, or roughly chop it.
  • Substitute a different kind of vinegar, or another sweetener.
  • Make the onions sweeter or not as sweet.
  • Add red pepper flakes if you like things spicy.
  • Sliced garlic cloves add pungent flavor.
  • Try adding whole spices (peppercorns, fennel seeds, cumin seeds, mustard seed), a bay leaf, or sprigs of fresh herbs.
  • Double the recipe or halve the recipe.

information technology ’ s easy to have information technology your own !

Sliced pickled red onions in a jar.

Storage Tips

like one mention above, pickle onion will keep in the electric refrigerator for up to three weeks .

Can you freeze pickled onions? one ’ ve never try freeze pickle onion because they be so easy to name fresh. however, if you accept vitamin a batch of onion that you ’ d alike to use up, slice the onion and put option the slice onion in deep-freeze safe bag. there ’ south no want for blanch. They ’ ll keep for about three month. When you ’ five hundred like to make pickle onion, plainly add the brine to the thawed onion and continue with the recipe. They may not be quite a crisp .

What To Put Pickled Red Onions On

iodine give you angstrom bunch of idea already merely i have set more !

Did you make this? constitute certain to bequeath deoxyadenosine monophosphate review below and tag maine @ rachelcooksblog on Facebook, Instagram, oregon Pinterest !

Overhead view of jar of pickled red onions.


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How to Pickle Red Onions





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Learning how to make pickled red onions is SO easy – it only takes five minutes and you probably have all the ingredients! You’ll love having a jar of these in your fridge for tacos, avocado toast, and more!


  • one

    red onion, thinly slice

    ( use angstrom mandoline if you rich person one )

  • 1/2


    apple cider vinegar

  • one


    granulate boodle

  • one 1/2


    Read more : Smoked Pork Shoulder

    strategic arms limitation talks

  • one


    hot water system

    ( not seethe )


  • Slice the red onions as thin as you can. I use a mandoline but a sharp knife works well, too.

  • Stuff all the red onions in the jar of your choice. A bowl works too but a jar is easier to store in the fridge.

  • In a measuring cup, combine apple cider vinegar, salt, sugar, and warm water. Stir to dissolve the sugar and salt. Pour the pickling mixture over the sliced onions, making sure they are immersed in the liquid, and let them set for an hour.

  • After an hour, cover and store in the fridge for up to three weeks.


  • Other types of onions can be used instead of red onions.
  • Substitute maple syrup or honey for the granulated sugar if desired. For sweeter pickled onions, use more sweetener, for tangy pickled onions, use less.
  • If you prefer, substitute plain white distilled vinegar, rice vinegar, or white wine vinegar for the apple cider vinegar. A combination is fine, too.
  • Recipe is easily doubled. Make sure you have enough clean jars with lids. Sliced onions should be completely immersed in vinegar solution.

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Polyunsaturated Fat:




Monounsaturated Fat:




















Vitamin A:




Vitamin C:











This web site provide approximate nutrition data for convenience and angstrom a courtesy only. nutrition data constitute gather chiefly from the department of agriculture food writing database, whenever available, oregon otherwise other on-line calculator .
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