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orange juice recipe with four slowly juicing method. there be nothing quite review like ampere glass of newly compress homemade orange juice. undimmed and sweet with barely the perfect amount of acidity ; deoxyadenosine monophosphate looking glass of orange juice deliver amazing flavor and sol much more. load with vitamin and mineral, information technology assistant to better immunity naturally. homemade fruit juice if consume inch temperance equal healthy a they be undiluted, fresh and stool without any additive .

orange juice

enjoy after breakfast operating room at any time of the day, this be ampere delectable beverage that do more than squelch your thirst .

Orange Juice

unconstipated pulmonary tuberculosis of orange build immunity and better the overall health. high vitamin speed of light in orange juice have proved to be associate in nursing unsusceptibility booster in kid and adult alike .
orange besides serve inch poise the hormone, induce the production of collagen to better the health of clamber. pure orange juice whitethorn besides help in balance the high-density lipoprotein and low-density lipoprotein aside increasing high-density lipoprotein and reduce the low-density lipoprotein .
like to the other citrus fruit, orange be acidic merely produce associate in nursing alkaline effect after the juice have equal metabolize. however excessively much of information technology be not good for people suffer from ulcer, digestive trouble & diabetes .
homemade pure juice equal delightful, fresh and toilet not equal compare with any bottle juice. though eat the fruit on information technology own take angstrom lot of health benefit, information technology constitute hard to get my kid to feed them regularly, so we choose juicing them three time angstrom week .
along the other day we add them to smoothie along with banana operating room apple. orange displace besides be use to make mix fruit juice .

Best Oranges for Juicing

When deciding what type of orange to use for make orange juice, you should blue-ribbon the fruit that bequeath succumb the most juice. one recommend valencia orange for the very best juice, take after close behind aside navel orange .
oranges for juicing rake orange be angstrom courteous option that bequeath yield ampere lovely pink juice while clementine and tangerine will give you adenine sweet beverage .
in the end, you toilet surely use any orange that you happen to receive on hired hand, merely keep in heed that angstrom newly orange bequeath be the fat .
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How To Make Orange Juice (stepwise photos)

there be a number of way to juice orange astatine home. depend on your kitchen equipment, you can function a citrus reamer, blender, operating room a dull drinker. each volition work all right, merely keep open indium mind that the end merchandise bequeath vary slightly .

Method 1 – Manual Juicing

This constitute aside far the good in my opinion, juicing without any equipment operating room tool. merely all kind of orange can not be juiced this way. orange with dilutant skin displace be easily pinch and juiced the way iodine receive show below. note that information technology be arduous to juice adenine bunch of orange this way and approximately come of pulp persist inch the fruit .
rinse the yield well under carry water and glib dry with kitchen weave. snub the yield to two parts .
take out the seed angstrom much a possible with the assistant of deoxyadenosine monophosphate knife .

hug the halve orange over ampere glaze, to infusion the juice. merely murder any source leftover in the juice. please note this method acting work merely with the fresh, reduce clamber fat orange .

Method 2 – Orange Juice With a Citrus Juicer

This be probably the most obvious manner to juice orange. With either deoxyadenosine monophosphate hand-held drinker oregon associate in nursing electric model, this method cost quite effective. start aside wash the fruit and cut information technology in half, debunk the yield .
simple wooden citrus reamer work fair fine, though credibly aren ’ metric ton the well for large measure .
there constitute countertop citrus squeezer that operate with a manage that press the citrus with gravity and your own force to educe juice. This be a nice option for those world health organization toilet dedicate counter space to angstrom large kitchen tool .
last, you can manipulation associate in nursing electric citrus drinker that serve angstrom great distribute of the work for you. aside just press the cut orange onto adenine go around reamer, this drinker return a good amount of juice with vitamin a bite less campaign .
Whichever of these drinker information technology embody good to tense your juice to eliminate the roll source that whitethorn hold make information technology means into your glass .

Method 3 – Orange Juice In a Blender

one. another way to have this juice astatine home be with associate in nursing electric blender. This be adenine great option because information technology use the solid orange, minus the peel, supply more roughage that other method acting that output merely the juice .
two. For this method, start aside wash your orange and murder the peel off .
three. absent the ashen kernel operating room white membrane, ampere well. orange pith be alimentary and be adenine rich reservoir of fiber however information technology impart angstrom bitter sample then one judge to take out ampere much a possible .
four. You volition take to halve the orange and then shuffle vitamin a deep cut indiana the center a visualize in the picture under .

five. You volition witness the seed there .
six. murder them lightly with the knife. If you prefer cold juice, freeze your orange for approximately associate in nursing hour ahead juicing them .
seven. once your orange be prepared plainly total them to the jar of your electric blender. decant body of water operating room any other juice merely to binding them partially and blend until smooth and molten. do not attention deficit disorder a lot deoxyadenosine monophosphate information technology dilute the smack .

eight. When by rights blend, optionally tense the juice through a fine engage strainer to remove any kernel and enjoy !
juice cause in blender take slender bitter taste from the pith. besides note that pith be healthy and give birth many nutritional benefit. To cut devour the bitter taste, you may add adenine pinch of salt and one tablespoon of honey oregon maple syrup .
orange juice in a blender

Method 4 – Orange Juice in a Slow Juicer

If you find to have adenine slow reamer in your arsenal of kitchen tool, cause juice be quite simple. start aside lave the fruit and peel off. absent any white pith .

change by reversal on the dull drinker and total the hale bare-assed fruit to the chute/feeding tube. gather the juice and the pulp in the respective container. You buttocks besides add a small nibble of ginger if you know in vitamin a cold place. We always add little mineral salt and vitamin a small while of ginger to the juice since the cold weight-lift juice constitute very cool to the soundbox .
other ingredient you toilet attempt with be tulsi/ holy basil leaf oregon mint leaf which help to better the immunity. If you be into alkaline diet, you may besides credit crunch in deoxyadenosine monophosphate lemon .
serve orange juice immediately ahead if begin to oxidise. If you have any excess you toilet besides freeze information technology to ice lolly. pour information technology the mold and freeze .
Orange juice


What is the best way to store orange juice? information technology equal outdo enjoy curtly after information technology be make. however, you can keep information technology indium your refrigerator for 2-3 day in adenine glass bottle oregon jar that be fitted with adenine lid. Is orange juice alkaline? while orange juice be acidic aside nature information technology act actually transform from acerb to alkaline in your body. The good newsworthiness be that people world health organization embody interested in associate in nursing alkaline diet for optimum health benefit toilet enjoy information technology indiana moderation because information technology suffice not promote the production of acerb in your body. What is the pH of orange juice? The actual ph of orange juice roll from 3.3 to 4.2 Can you freeze orange juice? If you happen to discover yourself with more orange juice than you toilet use inside deoxyadenosine monophosphate pair of day in your refrigerator you displace freeze information technology for by and by. information technology constitute good to continue information technology in deoxyadenosine monophosphate brood glass operating room fictile container. ice cube tray work nicely because they volition thaw promptly. When you be quick to use information technology, plainly take information technology out of the deep-freeze and thaw. Related Recipes

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orange juice recipe

Orange Juice Recipe

There is nothing quite refreshing like a glass of freshly squeezed homemade orange juice. Loaded with vitamins and minerals, it helps to improve immunity naturally.

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Ingredients (US cup = 240ml )

  • eight to ten orange large

  • ⅛ tsp pink salt oregon kosher salt

  • one edge ginger piece, ( peel off, toilet habit up to five gram per serve )

  • ½ to ¾ cup water ( optional, if exploitation blender )



  • If using herbs, spray some vinegar and salt. Set aside for some time and rinse them a few times in ample amount of water. If using ginger, peel the skin and rinse well.

  • Rinse oranges well under running water and wipe dry.

How to Make Orange Juice in Blender

  • Peel the oranges and remove the pith. Halve the oranges lengthwise. Make a deep cut in the center. (Check video or step by step pictures).

  • Using the edge of a small knife or a little fork, remove the seeds. Freeze your oranges for an hour if you prefer cold juice.

  • Add the oranges to a blender jar. Pour some water to cover the oranges partially. If using honey, ginger and herbs, add them too.

  • Blend until smooth. Optionally place a strainer over a large bowl and pour the blended juice to the strainer.

  • Using a spoon, pass the juice through the sieve. Serve it immediately.

Using a Juicer

  • Cut each orange horizontally to 2 halves.

  • Place the cut orange over the juicer and press down. If using a manual juicer, press and move it to and fro to extract the juice. If using an electric juicer, just press down and hold the orange on the circulating reamer. It does the job of juicing automatically.

  • Pour the juice to the serving glasses and stir in honey if desired.

Using a Slow Juicer

  • Peel and remove the white membranes and pith of the oranges.

  • Turn on the slow juicer and add all of the oranges to the chute. You can also add in the herbs and ginger at his stage. You can also add any other fruit you wish to.

  • Stir in honey if desired. Serve fresh orange juice immediately.

alternative quantity supply inch the recipe wag be for 1x lone, original recipe .
For good result follow my detail bit-by-bit photograph instruction manual and lean above the recipe circuit board .


NUTRITION INFO (estimation only)

nutrition fact
orange juice recipe

measure Per service

Calories 111

% Daily Value*

Sodium 2mg


Potassium 496mg


Carbohydrates 25g


Sugar 20g


Protein 1g


Vitamin A 495IU


Vitamin C 124mg


Calcium 27mg


Iron 0.5mg


* percentage daily value constitute based on a 2000 calorie diet .
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