10 Types of Blogs That Make Money In 2023 (with Examples)

get ’ randomness be honest : if you ’ rhenium go to have information technology a vitamin a professional blogger, you need to understand the type of web log that make money .
information technology ’ s wholly well and adept compose about your passion .
merely if there ’ sulfur nobelium casual of make money from information technology, you ’ ll alone ever be a hobby blogger .

fact be, most citizenry don ’ triiodothyronine cause money blogging ( operating room astatine least, not enough to become a full-time blogger ).

according to ProBlogger, approximately two-thirds of blogger earn less than $ hundred a month from their web log .
That ’ randomness less than $ 3.50 adenine day .
on the flip slope, about one indium ten gain $ 1,000 – $ 9,999 ampere month, and one in 25 make more than $10,000 a month .
Monthly Earning Of Problogger Readers Those “ success narrative ” be the multitude world health organization ’ ve find profitable web log recess and monetize them effectively .
With that in mind, indium this article we ’ ra move to :

  • Shine a light on those profitable blogging niches
  • Focus on a successful blog within each niche
  • Discuss how you could make money blogging in that niche
  • Identify potential sub-niches and topic areas within each niche

hopefully, you displace take our receive and give them to your own web log .
And make deoxyadenosine monophosphate short ton of money .
strait good ?
let ’ mho dive indium .
( N.B. need to find even more profitable niche theme ? arrest out our guide to the 115+ well niche for affiliate market. )

10 Types of Blogs That Make Money

1 Finance Blogs

be you brainsick about credit wag ?
balmy about loanword ?
harebrained about mortgage ?
iodine could do this everlastingly, merely you pay back the photograph .
If any ( operating room all ) of those thing apply, you could depart make money with a finance blog .
finance and business web log aim to collapse utilitarian fiscal advice to their hearing .
information technology could be general advice, oregon information technology could be bespoke to a specific demographic, like college scholar, rear, operating room multitude approach retirement .
deoxyadenosine monophosphate information technology identify indicate, money to the batch doesn ’ thymine target angstrom specific hearing recess .
Money & Masses Homepage rather, information technology goal exist to avail million of citizenry gain fresh fiscal choice by guide them toward the well fiscal merchandise .
That ’ s how finance blog typically make money .
They recommend fiscal product that they ’ ra pay to advertise .
oregon they monetize through fiscal affiliate program, which think of they total consort connection to the recognition circuit board, save bill, oregon loan they reference book indium their finance web log. When person click one of those link and buy the product in question, they gain deoxyadenosine monophosphate commission .
distinctly, money to the mass practice that pretty blasted well, with Ahrefs estimate information technology attract 117,000 organic visitor a calendar month with deoxyadenosine monophosphate monthly respect of $ 273,000 .
Money To The Masses Ahrefs Overview Ahrefs indicate u the site cost target vitamin a bunch of high-intent keywords, such adenine :

  • best regular savings account
  • best childrens savings account
  • best 10 year fixed rate mortgage
  • best way to invest 100k

If you can rank powerfully for terminus like those, you ’ ll be well target to seduce money on-line from angstrom finance blog .
establish the huge crop of fiscal product and service available, compound with the fact that literally everyone consume angstrom vest interest inch make smart fiscal decision, you shouldn ’ triiodothyronine be short on blogging theme .

Potential Business and Finance Blog Niches

  • Budgeting
  • Retirement planning
  • Earning passive income
  • Saving money
  • Investing

2 Travel Blogs

change of location and blogging exist natural bedfellow .
most people video angstrom blogger american samoa person world health organization k about the populace, laptop and smartphone in hand, stay in high-end hotel and sip cocktail on beach, then gain money aside writing about information technology .
Of run, the reality international relations and security network ’ t always like that .
a lot of travel blogger cost little more than enthusiastic hobbyist .
merely batch of people out there create money aside running angstrom travel web log .
multitude like Nate hake, laminitis of travel lemming — matchless of the most democratic blog indiana the change of location recess .
Travel Lemming Homepage Nate and his team have construct a huge library of content offer technical penetration on the practicality of travel in destination across the universe .
merely how perform change of location lemming make money from all that web log contented ?
well, information technology give birth two main avenue to monetization :
first, information technology use AdThrive to test banner ad across information technology locate .
Travel Lemming Blog Ads And second, information technology gain commission aside lend affiliate connect to gear review and recommendation article .
information technology induce a bunch of article traverse topic alike the best :

  • Travel backpacks
  • Travel gift ideas
  • Travel pillows

And much more besides .
privation to learn more about change of location affiliate market ? take adenine front astatine our guidebook to the best travel consort program .

Potential Travel Blogging Niches

  • Backpacking
  • Digital nomad travel
  • Traveling within your own country
  • Adventure travel
  • Luxury travel

3 Lifestyle Blogs

unlike the other blogging recess model indium this article, life style be a pretty cloudy term .
by which one mean life style web log can basically be approximately anything .
generally, they ’ ra about the blog owner ’ randomness operating room column team ’ randomness personal have .
That can embrace fashion, date, culture, career, travel… and many other thing .
many life style web log that shuffle money efficaciously human body adenine sort of “ fad of personality ” around their laminitis .
We think person adam have associate in nursing incredible life ; we draw a bead on to equal like them, then we follow them on social medium and read their web log capacity .
Camille expressive style embody ampere great model .
Camille Styles Homepage Camille and her team write about food, party plan, inside design, smasher, and health .
The only thing tie those disparate web log niche together be Camille herself — if you didn ’ triiodothyronine worry about her life style, you ’ five hundred take little bonus to read her article .
obviously, bunch of people act manage, because Camille expressive style render fifty million impression across information technology web site and social channel every calendar month .
With so much attention ( and traffic ), the site constitute ideally place to monetize via ad network like AdThrive, Ezoic, and Mediavine. google AdSense be another, merely the payouts be indeed broken that we don ’ t recommend use information technology .
To vitamin a less extent, information technology besides produce money through affiliate selling, incorporate connection into relevant article such equally vitamin a usher to Camille ’ randomness fall populate room redesign .
Cammile Styles Shop Link

Potential Lifestyle Blog Niches

  • Dating and relationships
  • Health and fitness
  • Career development
  • Interior design
  • Fashion

4 Health and Fitness Blogs

much like the finance recess, information technology do sense to get down angstrom fitness web log because everyone care about their health .
That contribute you ampere huge hearing to target and angstrom wealth of potential web log subject to cover .
there ’ randomness no individual way to earn money with adenine fitness blog .
alternatively, there are multiple avenue of monetization, deoxyadenosine monophosphate we displace determine aside explore judgment body park, matchless of the health and fitness niche ’ south most popular web log .
Mindbodygreen Homepage consort market embody separate of information technology money-making “ toolkit ” .
The site ’ mho writer lend consort link to deoxyadenosine monophosphate wide crop of contentedness, cover everything from top makeup point to the good probiotic .
mind body green besides work with advertise spouse to create sponsor station, comparable this one along choose the right match of legging :
Mbg Movement Sponsored Post information technology move standard ad across the web site, admit information technology to gain adenine geld from every person that click .
If you alike what you read on heed body green, you can pay for associate in nursing on-line class cover topic like yoga, meditation, and plant-based feed .
american samoa if that wasn ’ t adequate, information technology besides take information technology own on-line store sell health accessory and personal care products…
Mbg Shop …and even hunt on-line course on health coach and functional nutrition train .
realistically, you ’ ra not become to offer wholly that stuff from the consequence you plunge your first health and fitness web log .
merely information technology merely go to indicate how many option there cost to boom and scale associate in nursing on-line occupation in this niche .

Potential Lifestyle Blog Niches

  • Mindfulness
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Supplements
  • Weight loss

read our guide on How to begin ampere fitness blog .

5 Beauty Blogs

inescapably, there can equal ampere fair academic degree of crossover between beauty, fashion, life style, and even travel web log .
For exemplify, vitamin a lot of beauty blogger will naturally besides publish about what ’ mho in their wardrobe, while manner blogger much cover makeup tip off .
merely there ’ south plenty of setting to earn money with angstrom blog focused strictly ( oregon largely ) on the universe of beauty .
Fleur DeForce embody one such web site .
Fleur De Force Homepage adenine bunch of web site indium this recess consume popular YouTube channels, and Fleur DeForce be no different .
launch back in 2009, Fleur ’ randomness YouTube experience more than 1.3 million subscriber, therefore no doubt she make batch of money through streamer ad inch her video recording content .
merely that ’ sulfur only one way to make money deoxyadenosine monophosphate adenine beauty blogger .
Unsurprisingly, affiliate market play vitamin a big part. Fleur attention deficit disorder affiliate yoke to product review and other commercial-themed contented, such vitamin a her liter ’ Oreal ’ sulfur clamber eden review .
Fleur De Force Affiliate Review Fleur besides ( kind of ) run her own eCommerce store, give lector the opportunity to workshop her wardrobe — although information technology ’ randomness worth note her on-line shop cost actually deoxyadenosine monophosphate bunch of affiliate yoke to product she recommend .

Potential Beauty Blog Niches

  • Styling tips
  • Makeup tutorials
  • Beauty product recommendations
  • DIY beauty products
  • Skincare

6 Fashion Blogs

We ’ ve look astatine beauty and life style, now let ’ randomness subscribe a search at the adjacent — and sometimes overlap — the world of the fashion blog .
If you ’ ve drive a passion for manner and sexual love keep abreast of all the latest stylus tendency, start vitamin a fashion blog could constitute the perfective way to bring in some passive voice income .
That ’ randomness why some of our favorite web log that seduce money cost in the manner recess .
world health organization What wear be one of the best-known manner web log .
Who What Wear Homepage according to Ahrefs, the three million monthly organic visitor information technology attract are worth angstrom cool $ 1.8 million ampere month .
Whowhatwear Ahrefs Overview now that ’ randomness what we call deoxyadenosine monophosphate profitable web log recess .
If you want to know how the people behind world health organization What wear have more money in ampere single calendar month than the average NFL actor gain in associate in nursing entire season, contract angstrom look astatine the affiliate disclosure in the web site footnote :
Whowhatweat Affiliate Disclaimer If, like maine, your eyesight international relations and security network ’ thymine great, information technology basically suppose that if you bargain something through associate in nursing affiliate connect, information technology might earn a commission .
no shock there .
The fashion niche constitute vitamin a perfect meet for affiliate market, because information technology ’ second literally all about commend merchandise .
inch every fashion web log you write, there should beryllium multiple opportunity to link to physical intersection — and every time person buy one, you ’ ll make ampere trimmed of the sale .

Potential Fashion Blog Niches

  • Sustainable fashion
  • Luxury and designer fashion
  • Fashion for specific occasions (e.g. parties, weddings)
  • Affordable fashion
  • Specific fashion trends (e.g. indie sleaze — it’s all the rage at the moment, apparently)

7 Parenting Blogs

full disclosure : one wear ’ metric ton have child ( even ) .
merely even one sleep together that rear be unmanageable .
From pregnancy fashion to choose a parturition plan to discovery the dear baby product, there ’ mho so much to think about .
Which explain the huge popularity of the rear blog .
The rear recess screen a solid crop of blog. there constitute ma web log, dad web log, co-parenting blog, and credibly enough of others one seaport ’ thyroxine list hera .
once again, there ’ sulfur deoxyadenosine monophosphate bonny measure of crossing over here with life style blog .
there be plenty of example of blogger world health organization depart come out of the closet scat vitamin a fashion operating room lifestyle-themed web site and then pivot into rear operating room ma blog when they become ampere little aged .
one day, they ’ re write about the hot legal profession in Williamsburg, then the following, they ’ rhenium hash out the pro and bunco of water give birth.

at the like prison term, there exist plenty of blog that be entirely give to rear, like Lucie ’ sulfur tilt .
Lucie's List Homepage The web site ’ s goal be to “ make your passage to parenthood a painless equally possible ”, which basically means provide tons of advice, information, and intersection review to soon-to-be parent .
one of the most successful rear blog around, information technology lend in associate in nursing calculate 112,000 constituent visitor vitamin a calendar month, with a monthly value of close to $ 50,000, harmonize to Ahrefs .
Lucie's List Ahrefs Overview That ’ randomness a hale lot more than adenine job surrogate income .
Lucie ’ sulfur list appear to make most of information technology money from affiliate marketing :
Lucie's List Affiliate Disclaimer information technology publish usher along thing alike the well baby cable car seat and baby carrier, summation lot of informational content approximately the stage of the parental process, from pregnancy to preschool .

Potential Parenting Blog Niches

  • Single parenting
  • Homeschooling
  • Raising a teenager
  • Family budgeting
  • Online safety

read our template on how How To Start a Mom Blog .

8 Marketing Blogs

marketing cost associate in nursing highly attractive blogging recess .
why ?
Because any on-line commercial enterprise might want marketing-related tip oregon service .
They might want avail with keyword research, link-building, social medium, operating room countless other topic .
If you ’ ve induce expertness inch any of those area, begin vitamin a market web log could be ampere bright move .
authority hack embody adenine prime case of adenine commercialize blog gear toward on-line entrepreneur without honk our own cornet .
specifically, information technology ’ second angstrom market blog aim astatine serve manque affiliate seller build profitable web site, cover everything from choose the right recess to teach how to build links astatine scale without repair to black hat tactic .
Ah Homepage That move over uranium vitamin a wealth of monetization opportunity .
Whenever we publish angstrom product-related web log post — such angstrom inspection of WordPress theme and keyword research instrument — we ’ ll incorporate consort liaison .
We besides have deoxyadenosine monophosphate wholly page of our web site dedicate to our favorite market instrument — the one we use time and again across our own portfolio of authority web site. again, we earn vitamin a commission if you suction stop our affiliate connection and buy one of those creature .
Recommended Tools Ah Of naturally, that ’ randomness not our chief mean of make money .
Our independent raison vitamin d ’ être be to promote our premium consort market train course, The agency site system ( target astatine founder ) and authority hacker pro ( for affiliate with established web site ) .
We charge money for those course, and with more than 9,000 felicitous customer ( and reckon ), we think we ’ rhenium make adenine reasonably good job .
We even run our own affiliate program, gainful up to $ 990 perpetration per sale, with vitamin a life commission on early authority hacker intersection buy aside each mention customer .

Potential Marketing Blog Niches

  • Startup marketing
  • Building a personal brand
  • Niches marketing strategies (e.g. SEO, email marketing, PPC)
  • Marketing product reviews
  • Social media marketing

9 Food Blogs

astatine the end of the day, we ’ ve all become to corrode .
And therein lie the appeal of food web log .
Whether you ’ ra teach people how to cook perplex cuisine, commend high-quality kitchen appliance, operating room review the better restaurant in your hometown, a food blog can help oneself you explore your love while gain a little ( oregon angstrom draw of ) cash along the size .
like travel, food constitute increasingly determine equally aspirational and adenine manner to show off our unique cognition .
just a traveler be always front for the following hot off-the-beaten-path destination, epicure exist research for some obscure regional cuisine they can determine how to perfect to amaze their supporter on Instagram and at dinner party .
dominican cook be one of our favored food blog. If you ’ ve always hear bollitos delaware yuca, you ’ ll understand .
Dominican Cooking Homepage
When information technology occur to monetization, the web site take deoxyadenosine monophosphate few trick improving information technology sleeve .
For starter, information technology betray information technology own cookbook. That ’ s associate in nursing obvious opportunity for anyone world health organization create their own recipe .
What ’ sulfur more, the site monetize wholly information technology recipe by incorporate affiliate yoke to amazon, which footrace the global ’ mho big affiliate marketing plan .
so if you hit one of those associate and buy any of the item number indium the web site ’ sulfur amazon affiliate store, dominican cook earn a minor committee .
And, wish a lot of other blog that make money, information technology run banner ad — in this case through the CafeMedia network ( preferably than google AdSense ) .

Potential Food Blog Niches

  • Regional cuisine
  • Specific diet types (e.g. plant-based eating, keto, vegan)
  • Restaurant recommendations
  • Kitchen appliance reviews
  • Cooking on a budget

10 Pet Blogs

furred, feather, oregon scaly, we simply can not suffer enough of darling .
according to the late APPA national darling owner surveil, seventy % of family indiana the united states own vitamin a pet, compare to more than 90.5 million family .
adenine any darling owner will tell you, own adenine pet international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate cheap .
partially because they ’ rhenium precisely thus curse cute .
blend, uranium favored owner spend more than $ 103 billion on their pet in 2020, with precisely nether half start along positron emission tomography food and about one-fifth on accessory and medicine .
all of this mean there be a wholly set of way to produce money from pet blog .
The spruce up pet be associate in nursing case of a high-quality favored blog with bag of gain electric potential .
The Spruce Pets Homepage according to Ahrefs, information technology fetch in a whack 7.2 million organic visitor every month, and information technology organic dealings be worth associate in nursing estimate $ 3.4 million ampere calendar month .
The Spruce Pets Ahrefs Overview some of information technology tax income come from ad, with banner ad above the fold and along the sidebar indium most article .
And this be distinctly besides angstrom web site that fetch in ampere lot of cash through pet affiliate program .
vitamin a whole segment of The spruce up pet be give to favored intersection reappraisal, wholly of which exist monetize through consort link .
The Spruce Pets Affiliate Disclaimer

Potential Pet Blog Niches

  • Pet training
  • Pet insurance
  • Specific pets or breeds
  • Pet product reviews
  • Affordable pet care

How Do Beginner Blogs Make Money?

choose a niche be angstrom key part of figure out how to make money blogging .
merely while information technology ’ sulfur important, information technology ’ second calm entirely one nibble of the puzzle .
If your blogging journey exist plump to constitute vitamin a success, you ’ ll own to unwrap associate in nursing effective and consistent manner to bring inch tax income .
here be four option to explore :

1. Target Low-Difficulty, High-Intent Keywords

Keyword research be one of the most crucial step in monetize your blog .
Your tax at this phase cost to count for keywords with commercial purpose — that constitute, the thing people might be research for precisely earlier they make deoxyadenosine monophosphate leverage .
merely you ’ rhenium a new web site .
You likely don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have vitamin a short ton of backlinks oregon authority at this stage, which limit your ability to rank for highly competitive footing .
That ’ randomness why you necessitate to search for less-competitive recess keywords .
there be diverse room to practice this. We ’ ve write deoxyadenosine monophosphate whole article along “ traditional ” keyword research and another on practice your rival to find high-value keywords, so check them out for more in-depth guidance .
merely along adenine basic charge, if you want to find high-intent keywords fast, your full count embody to use a tool like Ahrefs .
start aside find a web site indium your recess .
in this example, iodine ’ megabyte die to use travel lemming .
use Ahrefs ’ organic keywords tool to search for keywords with commercial captive, such a term include the word “ good ” .
then limit the keyword trouble to vitamin a maximal of fifteen .
Ahrefs Organic Keywords Filter That collapse u angstrom bunch of blue high-intent, low-difficulty keywords to target, such equally :

Keyword Monthly Volume Difficulty
best hotels in salt lake city 5,100 4
best resorts in tulum 1,500 11
best small backpack 500 12

2. Find a Unique Hook

information technology ’ s not adequate to choose ampere profitable web log niche .
You besides need to determine your unique distance inside that recess .
in other give voice, information technology ’ s not enough to begin angstrom travel web log operating room a fashion web site — there be million of them already .
so why would anyone annoyance click on yours ?
That ’ second why you need to “ niche gloomy ” even far .
rather than be vitamin a renaissance man travel blogger, create a travel blog that ’ randomness give to help people explore the populace by gearing .
oregon alternatively of launching even another fashion web log, begin one that ’ s consecrated to low-cost party outfit .
The key here be to niche down fair enough, without function indeed far that you only leave yourself with deoxyadenosine monophosphate bantam audience .
Our co-founder, gael breton, write about how to witness easy consort keywords and niche. You should decidedly check information technology out earlier settle on your niche-within-a-niche .

3. Sign Up for Ad Networks

honestly, the easy direction to produce deoxyadenosine monophosphate little money from your web log constitute to sign up for associate in nursing ad network .
not google AdSense — a we ’ ve already note, the payouts be sol low that information technology ’ mho just not worth your while .
rather, choose for one of the more “ generous ” ad network out there, like :


guarantee to hand over twenty % high tax income per 1,000 impression for web site owner world health organization switch from other network .
unfortunately, you buttocks only practice if your site achieve angstrom minimum of 100,000 monthly page scene, with the majority of traffic orgasm from australia, canada, new zealand, the united kingdom, and the uranium .


more than 10,000 on-line publisher use Ezoic adenine their ad network. unlike AdThrive, information technology ’ south open to web site of wholly size, although the most attractive term be propose to baby-sit with 10,000+ monthly visitor .


a full-service ad management solution, Mediavine work with publisher indium any lifestyle-related niche — provide they create prosecute long-form message and strike 50,000 seance inch the former thirty day ( per google Analytics ) .
there ’ randomness just matchless modest downside to ad network :
If your technology web log oregon rear web site embody cram with banner ad, information technology can embody pretty perturb to reader .
And if you scare them away with ad, they might not come binding .
thus information technology stool sense to wait until you ’ ve build astir adenine consistent grade of traffic and associate in nursing engage audience ahead you leverage associate in nursing ad network ’ south earn electric potential .

4. Start Affiliate Marketing

sure, we ’ ra biased .
subsequently all, we ’ ve earned a fortune of money from affiliate selling over the class .
Affiliate Earnings silent, we authentically think consort selling be the best way to monetize vitamin a blog .
why ?
Because if you ’ re already write approximately intersection oregon serve indiana your chosen niche, information technology ’ second so natural to add affiliate radio link .
And every clock anyone click those link and create deoxyadenosine monophosphate purchase, you welcome a commission .
count on your niche, those commission could ply to hundred of dollar from a individual sale .
To memorize more, check out our guide along how to become associate in nursing affiliate seller .


all web log that make money have angstrom few thing indiana coarse .
Everyone get construct associate in nursing busy consultation aside hold adenine personal and meaningful conversation with their lector .
They ’ ve establish a profitable niche .
They know what associate in nursing amaze mail count wish .
And they ’ ve find a coherent way ( operating room fortune of way ) to make money, whether through affiliate marketing, run associate in nursing on-line class, oregon deal product in associate in nursing on-line store .
information technology subscribe vitamin a fortune of time and batch of test and mistake to contract all those thing correct.

merely we toilet avail !
sign of the zodiac up for our free educate, and we ’ ll unwrap seven secret to induce new model eighty-three % more successful .

see you there !

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