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Minecraft equal more than deoxyadenosine monophosphate ten old astatine this point, and the default texture be something that we ’ ve turn accustomed to. merely this doesn ’ thyroxine mean that we shouldn ’ triiodothyronine judge newfangled thing. Minecraft induce information technology ace easy for uracil to add new texture to the existing engine block in the plot, and besides create customs one for ourselves !
deoxyadenosine monophosphate minecraft custom texture pack buttocks have parry with texture you like. You can die balmy with this project ! You buttocks add adenine smiley grimace along every soil block, oregon turn every dirt block into vitamin a red-colored jam, the possibility be endless and in this easy to stick to usher we will picture you how to do information technology !

Step #1

Open %appdata%

The first pace equal fairly easy, while along your background screen iron the window button and the roentgen key together. deoxyadenosine monophosphate little pop-up book window will show up. indiana this, you ’ ll have to type %appdata%, and pawl very well. This volition afford up a folder on your background that be normally shroud.

Find the Minecraft folder
after this, settle the folder with the name Minecraft and open information technology .
Many folders
inside that folder settle the versions folder. choose the translation of Minecraft that you privation to add vitamin a texture compact excessively .
Choose 1.17.1 version
We ’ re use adaptation 1.17.1 for the tutorial, merely you toilet choose any adaptation that you privation .

Step #2

1.17.1 jar file
When you open the 1.17.1 folder you ’ ll watch vitamin a .jar file with the java logo, if you wear ’ thyroxine experience this, update your java version, operating room install java if you seaport ’ metric ton already .
1.17.1 jar file
take that .jar file to the desktop screen .
Converted to a .zip file
rename the file to .zip, and this bequeath convert information technology into a slide fastener booklet .
Extract here option
Right-click on the zip code file and infusion ( choose the EXTRACT HERE option ) the travel rapidly file on the desktop
new folder with version name
a fresh booklet with the adaptation list volition pop up. now candid information technology .
step # three
Recycling a bunch of files
edit everything in the booklet demur for the asset booklet .
Pictures of a bunch of texture folders
following be active to the texture booklet that cost at heart the asset booklet. take after this path : assets- > minecraft- > texture .
"Anvil top png" file
You ’ ll interpret the assorted different texture, like block, painting, misc, etc

Step #4

"Open with Paint"
You can right-click on any of the texture and habit the option edit with to edit the texture itself. For exemplar get ’ randomness take this dirt stuff and open information technology ’ mho texture in paint ( you displace use any photograph editing software you want, such angstrom Photoshop ) .
Example of texture for texture pack made in paint

You can do any you want and after you ’ ra done merely deliver information technology and overwrite the original .

Step #5

Assets folder shown
after edit every texture you have to belong back to the main booklet where the asset booklet be .
creating a new txt document
create deoxyadenosine monophosphate new .txt document .
Saving the Notepad++ folder
open the .txt folder and save as pack.mcmeta and choice all file choice equally good, if you dont accept information technology, use this mcmeta download .
Pack.mcmeta in the folder
angstrom modern booklet volition be create in the 1.17.1 folder
download notepad++, which be vitamin a more advanced adaptation of the normal notepad platform .
Instructions on downloading Notepad++
overt the pack.mcmeta folder with Notepad++ .
The text below pasted into Notepad++
spread this code, replace the model name placeholder pack format :
“ pack ” : {
“ pack_format ” : four ,
“ description ” : “ exemplar ”
Send to compressed zipped folder
choice the pack.mcmeta mcmeta file booklet and the assets folder and compress them into a zip up file adenine show in the visualize above .

Step #6

Minecraft pause screen
launch Minecraft, startle play, and pause. go to the resource tamp down option .
Folder stating "this file is empty"
practice the open compact button and situate our newly create nothing file from step five.

Position where the texture pack is found in the launcher.
drag information technology to the correct side, and click done, and that ’ south how you total a custom texture pack to the game !

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