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I ‘m a stay at home ma with two cover girl children, a fantastic husband, and 2 hungry roommates. I ‘m an artist by avocation, and am working to being one by career a well. * grins * Just to let everyone know, after a half hour discussion about it, the boys ( DH and Roommate ) have settled on ratings meanings. I reserve the right to bump up or down a half star a recipe based on the actual recipe and how easy it was, etc. etc. I have to admit, it ‘s been a copulate of years since I updated this text and in the meanwhile, my finical finical DD has flowered into a girlfriend who enjoys California rolls, will give about everything a attempt, and in general much less finical than the average 7 year old in this area. DS, at 2 and a half, asks for salad for lunch and then demolishes it. He ‘s a crazy. : ) We try to be identical honest and identical descriptive with our reviews. And I in full appreciate the lapp from people reviewing my recipes. not every family will like every recipe, and sometimes what you did n’t like about a recipe, another family will love ! : ) I besides try to be as decent and polite as potential in my reviews. I do n’t believe there is any reason not to. The alone thing that very upsets me adequate to be mean is when a ill written recipe forces me to have to clean my kitchen. * * * * * – “ scout is not allowed to make this very much because it is highly addictive and will be inhaled on sight ! ” Dump Cakes, Sweet Salsa Chicken and Wasabi Peanuts are in this class. * * * * – “ This is fantastic and we want to see it again fairly frequently, a fresh family favorite. ” * * * – “ This is good. We woud eat it again without any changes, but it ‘s not our front-runner. ” * * – “ We did not like this identical a lot, but we would eat it again if served it. It would be good if some changes were made. This was in truth not to our sample. ” * – “ We would eat this again lone with a set of condiments to mask the taste. ” no stars – Means that I want to say something, but do n’t wish to post stars. This does not mean it is worse than a one asterisk recipe ! ! : ) I will only post public recipes that I have in fact cooked, and that my kin has enjoyed – at least 3 stars on the above scale. All of my photos that I post on the forums are hosted on Flickr. Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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